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Stallari Council Minutes, Warriors & Warlords, July 14, 2018

Stallari Council Minutes, Warriors & Warlords, July 14, 2018
King Yngvar inn Heppni
Queen Luce
Prince Vladimir Radescu
Princess Petranella Fitzallen of Weston
Seneschal Honorable Lord Eysteinn Meinfretr
Emergency Deputy Seneschal Master Ealdred of Malmesbury
Chronicler Mistress Isabella Beatrice della Rosa
Earl Marshall Duke Lars Wolfsblut
Exchequer The Honorable Lady Dyonisia Buleheued
MoAS Annetje van Leuven
Polaris Herald Bâro Iohannes Glenfidanus

1. Eighteen of 38 shires and cantons have completed their review of books. The distance to various shires is delaying reviews. Dyonisia is asking Society if Skype can be used for some of the reviews.
2. There was discussion of what to do with money from Kingdom events. Dyonisia suggested we put those funds into savings. Side note, if an event loses money the Kingdom will put in their half of the losses.
3. Petranella asked if we could put General Fund money into savings. Dyonisia said yes but the rates are low. Note, all CDs and other investments have been liquidated. Society is asking us to consolidate funds.
4. Lars asked if there was an algorithm or formula so that a certain percentage goes into savings when the general fund hits a certain level? There is not, but Dyonisia pointed out we should finish getting a good working budget. That will help us decide how much we should put into savings. The BOD recommends having 3 years’ budget in the general fund.
5. At this time Dyonisia recommends we that we take the $30,000 from the savings account and put it into CDs. Motion by His Majesty: We take the $30,000 and split it into thirds: $10,000 to a 6-month CD, $10,000 to a 2-year CD, and $10,000 to a 1-year CD. Motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
6. Other exchequer problems to be addressed include: Groups not collecting Waivers from visitors; no fees being paid; and the Society is not getting paid all the non-member surcharges.
7. The new wording for the comping policy was published in the Northwatch, and thus far there is no negative commentary. The proposed wording is:
Any person or position (ie., Society A&S minister, event and/or feast stewards, members of the Royal family) who is expected to be comp'd (complimentary pass to not pay gate and/or feast fee) to an event must be noted in either Group Financial Policy or that’ event’s budget.

8. The Society Exchequer is coming to Northshield for a review of our books. It was requested that Dyonisia make a budget for this. Based on her trip to the society BOD which cost about $800, a tentative budget of $1500 was approved. If more funds are needed Dyonisia will contact the Stallari and ask for approval.

Arts & Sciences
Annetje requested discussion on moving the Kingdom A&S Competition from February to April or May. After discussion it was decided to leave the event in February.

Other business:
The council reviewed the 3 kingdom events that were discussed on-line and confirmed the following: Fall Coronation in September will be held in the Barony of Nordskogen. Fall Crown in October will be held in the Shire of Orlova Dolina with help from Korsvag. SUN in November will be held in the Shire of Coille Stormeil.

After close examination of Society Law, it was pointed out that public demonstrations and other practices are not covered under our insurance. This means the following are not covered:
1. Public tours at events.
2. Giving the press free access at an event
3. Allowing members of the public to visit an event and wander around.
4. Demonstrations:
a. Discussion took place about Poor Man’s Pennsic, which is advertised as a public demonstration. Nothing decided as yet.

Discussion of Online Voting Policy: Eysteinn reported there is no policy for or against on-line voting. Princess Petronella requested that policy for on-line voting be codified.

Discussion of meetings of the Stallari Council: the Council must meet at least twice a reign. It has been suggested that one meeting be held in person and one via email. After discussion Prince Vladimir said that both official meetings are required to be held in person. After further discussion it was decided that having Stallari meetings during events is too limiting as far as time. It was decided the council needs to have in-person meetings, but not at events.

TRHs shared their goals with the Council:
1. When items are put on-line for voting; there should be one week allowed for commentary and one week for the actual voting.
2. TRHs are asking all officers to read through the motion and give commentary, even when the subject is from other departments. Reason given is that officers from other specialties might ask questions to help clarify and point out where the people who usually look these might have blind spots.
3. TRHs are asking the same procedure be followed for Kingdom bids.
4. Each officer is asked to write a job description.
5. One of TRHs’ goals is to streamline all offices.

The next Stallari meeting will be held the Sunday after Coronation, Sept. 9, at Vlad and Petranella’s home from 9am -1pm.

Submitted by Berenice Calvina, Council Secretary

Posted by: Berenice Calvina Council Secretary (KLO) on 8/2/2018

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