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Minutes from 9-9-00 - A Day in the Meadow

Stallari Council Meeting Minutes, September 9, 2000

Meeting held at A Day in the Meadow

In the Shire of Lub Siochail

Attendance: HSH Eilika von Lutzen (Jennifer Duncan), Princess of Northshield, HE Saeric Scireham (Steve Traylor), Lord Heir of Northshield, HE Yasamin al-Hadiyya, (Stephanie Skaff), Lady Heir of Northshield, THL Lewina of Sussex (Lauretta Wenger), Seneschal, Lady Moira McVey (Mary Kay Roberts) Exchequer, and Lady Tatiana Marana Melville (Tonia Heng) Chirurgeon.

Minutes taken by Baroness Marisela the Vintner (Barbara White-Coenen), Stallari Council Secretary.

The meeting was called to order at 1:30 p.m.

  • Minutes from the July 7, 2000 meeting
  • Per Section IIA-1 changed "HE Saeric suggested the their Stellar" to read, "HE Saeric suggested that their Stellar.
  • The spelling of Jararvellir was corrected.
  • Moved, Seconded, Approved
  • Old Business
  • Straw poll
  • THL Lewina stated that once the committee is set up, the terms should be staggered to prevent all terms ending at the same time. There was discussion as to whether the chairperson for the committee as a deputy to the seneschal was supposed to be an applied for position. THL Richard asked if it was a position that we would have to accept applications for. THL Lewina stated that a request for applications has already been put out in the Northwatch.
  • HSH Eilika stated she wanted to talk about the parameters and specifics of what the committee is going to be and how it is to be populated. General discussion took place on how many people should be from each area, from shires vs. baronies, incipient, from the arts, chivalry, the Council of Nobles, etc. HSH Eilika stated if the council were too big it would not be productive and could become mired in bureaucracy. HE Saeric suggested that we define the mission, as it will give us a better idea of numbers. He also stated that the original committee might break down into goal-specific sub-committees.
  • HSH Eilika stated that the committee would need to identify the cultural and other requirements of becoming a kingdom. It would need to look at the specific legal as well as social aspects in order to resolve these issues prior to becoming a kingdom. They would need to come up with a plan to fix a specific problem and that the actual paperwork necessary to start the kingdom process is secondary. THL Lewina stated that part of this is already in the Stallari's previous minutes, that the committee is for the development of a plan and the education of the people on how to become a kingdom. HSH Eilika stated we should formulate the wording better and asked if we all agree with the general purpose of the committee. The consensus was yes.
  • THL Lewina stated that one thing that needs to be looked at is the fact that we only have one bid for coronet. HE Saeric mentioned that there are a lot of misperceptions out there. THL Richard stated one thing to think of is that in some respects, due to the size of Northshield vs. the Middle, peerages will be harder to come by.

Lady Moira asked if we need to change the whole scope of the committee from becoming a Kingdom to focus on just making it an educational thing. HSH Eilika said if just educational it might be perceived that we are stopping the paperwork process. HE Yasamin said that we need a committee that says Here's What's Needed and Here's What We Need to Do. HSH Eilika feels that if more people need to be brought into the committee or sub-committees, than the Stallari should make the decision. HSH Eilika said we need to write a financial policy, write a marshal's handbook, set up a fighter's database, get chirurgeons, etc. The focus needs to be education in addition to progress.

HE Saeric said it will be even more important not to disenfranchise the people and that 12 would not be unwieldy. HSH Eilika felt that shouldn't be the case in the beginning, as they would have to define what they want to do. THL Lewina stated that the committee meetings should be more of a review to share progress. HSH Eilika said that the committee would have to publish a monthly article in the Northwatch.

HSH Eilika said to recap; we will start with 12 committee members plus a chairperson.

THL Richard then asked how do we make up this council? HSH Eilika said that with her discussions with HSH Tristan they thought that Lady Ysolt Pais de cuer of Mare Amethystinum would be a good choice to chair the committee. Their feeling is that they don't want a bunch of veterans but need young, energetic voices that would be politically neutral. THL Lewina asked if this would be a deputy to the seneschal. HSH Eilika then said the Coronet in association with the seneschal would appoint the position. We don't want the perception to be that the individual Royalty is making the decisions or is the driving factor. HSH Eilika offered that the chairperson is a lesser officer rather than a deputy as a lesser officer serves a term while the deputy usually changes with the seneschal.

  • THL Lewina said the person must be able to facilitate the meeting and deal with the staggered terms of the rest of the committee. HSH Eilika said the term of office would be as any other officer and that the Stallari would need to have the ability to remove the chairperson. She felt that this would be a vote of the Stallari as a whole and not the coronet. That the Stallari would have the right to replace any member including the chair.
  • HSH Eilika stated that the populace would not vote on the members but could nominate. THL Lewina stated similar to the Board of Directors. HSH Eilika said that the populace would choose a certain number and a certain number appointed by the Stallari. That the nominations would need to come from different sources. THL Richard suggested 6 as nominations from the populace and 6 as appointees. The appointees would be used to balance the gaps left after the populace nominations. HSH Eilika said that if a committee person were appointed to the position then the position would be refilled by appointment. If filled by nomination, than refilled by nomination. HSH Eilika said that just like the BOD is should be OK to nominate yourself. Nominations should take place as terms come up. For example, we would need to replace a committee person from South Dakota with another from South Dakota, a Laurel with a Laurel depending on the nominations at the time.
  • THL Richard said that we need to avoid the current committee head from changing. That we need to set terms. HE Saeric said the first term should be one year to start just to make sure it's a good fit. HSH Eilika agreed that the first chair persons term should be 1 year and then 2 years for each term after that
  • HE Saeric stated that we need a mechanism for someone who can't complete a full term and perhaps we could pluck someone from the council at the option of the coronet. THL Richard said that if done like the BOD, the list of nominees are nominated through a specify date. Lady Tatiana asked if someone steps down, would the person replacing them just complete their term? HSH Eilika said the first group in the committee would have to be staggered terms with 1, 1 ½, and 2-year terms. After that the terms would be two years. THL Lewina stated that it is important to maintain the staggered terms. HE Saeric then asked if we would appoint someone to finish the term. HSH Eilika felt that serving out the term would work the best. HE Saeric said that if less than a full term is served, they should have the option to renew for the next year. THL Richard said if they serve less than a full year, they should have the option to renew for a full term.
  • HSH Eilika stated that the committee would not be able to make any decisions without Stallari approval and that maybe the Stallari could be used as the tiebreaker.
  • HSH Eilika brought back up again to discuss to the suggested chairperson. HSH Eilika asked if Their Stellar Highnesses should make her an offer. She said we would need to get the rules and regulations for the committee types up for approval and pass it by the King and the Kingdom Seneschal. THL Richard said that if this were to be a special deputy, would it need to be put into law. HSH Eilika said that Kingdom Curia is scheduled for coronation in two weeks and we could give it for comment at that time. THL Richard then asked if we want to talk about alternates in case Lady Ysolt chooses not to accept this offer. HSH Eilika said that anyone who has suggestions for any other chairperson candidates should put them on the GO list so we'll have a pool to choose from.
  • HSH Eilika then restated that the committee would be 12 plus the chairperson with 6 appointed and 6 nominated. THL Richard suggested the name for the committee as the Northshield Kingdom Steering Committee. HSH Eilika said the committee would be in charge of holding moots in many areas of the Principality in order to gather opinions and educate. HE Yasamin asked when are we planning on calling for nominations. HE Marisela suggested that the first moot should be held at Coronet in South Dakota. HSH Eilika stated that as soon as the guidelines have been gone through and approved we could proceed.
  • Scroll of honor
  • THL Lewina said that Mistress Margaret has confirmed she has the scroll and will look for it as she recently moved.
  • Fall coronet - HE Saeric stated that the rules for participation are on the web page and that one letter of intent has been received.
  • Northshield Encampment
  • HSH Eilika stated that Pennsic went very well.
  • The Principality events proposal
  • THL Lewina said that as this will need to be presented into law, she would review it with the Kingdom Seneschal. Lady Moira asked is the war college could be added to this? HE Saeric said that they could petition to be added to the list. HSH Eilika stated that HSH Tristan wants the war college to be a little more formalized as to its definition. HE Saeric commented that if we're drawing our Principality budget from dividend income, than we wouldn't have to interfere with the local groups. HE Saeric also asked if lunch would be considered a fundraiser and the general discussion was no. HE Saeric asked if we could change the wording from "all fund raisers are to be held to generate funds exclusively" to "no fund raiser can compete with a Principality Fund raiser at a Principality event. " HSH Eilika said that all money making specifically designated as a fundraiser is for the Principality at a Principality event. HE Yasamin restated the previous decision that the group will receive 50% of the profit from any Principality event and Lady Tatiana said that they could also petition if they have a loss. HE Yasamin expressed the feeling that she wasn't sure if the loss of a raffle would be a problem. Lady Moira stated that the assumption at a Principality event is that any fundraiser is for the Principality. More general discussion followed as to whether providing food for sale would be considered a fundraiser. HSH Eilika then suggested that we vote on VI-1050 as written. Moved, seconded and approved as written.
  • Change of Office Procedures
  • THL Lewina presented the written change of office procedures in written format. HSH Eilika suggested that everyone take them home and read them. Once read they should provide their thoughts to THL Lewina. THL Lewina stated that Section E of the procedures is directly from His Majesty, Dag.
  • New Comers Seminar
  • THL Lewina stated that one has been cancelled.
  • New business
  • Coronet
  • Only one bid has been received and the deadline is November 15th. HSH Eilika stated that we need to decide on this, as the date for the Known World Heraldic Symposium needs to be set. She suggested that we approve the Symposium to allow it to happen and limit the dates available for Coronet. Moved, seconded and approved.
  • Middle Kingdom Disabilities Dept.
  • No discussion
  • Licensing food handlers
  • THL Lewina stated that in Wisconsin the technical colleges provide a class on this on Saturdays. HSH Eilika asked what does this give us legally? HE Saeric stated that it gives us better insights but that he doesn't think we need to establish policy on this. HSH Eilika stated that we do need to investigate this by state.
  • Inter-kingdom Events
  • HE Yasamin asked if Royalty is required to attend Inter-Kingdom events. HSH Eilika stated no, but Royalty does negotiate these events especially due to differences in fighting standards. HSH Eilika said that we need the ability to hash out terms before an event so that all know what will be happening. The confusion arises due to having to rotate ownership of the event. We need to decide if this is something that we need to do remembering that ultimately Kingdom is always in charge. We would need to negotiate regarding the differences in fighting conventions. HSH Eilika suggested that negotiations be taken off Royalty and that THL Lewina and the Kingdom Seneschal discuss this with Calontir regarding Armorgeddon and Moorish Tavern. HE Saeric thought that maybe we can get a waiver on some of our conventions. HSH Eilika said she was told that we must then be specific and state that this is an Inter-Kingdom event.
  • Coronet Deadlines
  • THL Lewina said that there has been much discussion on the Northshield Hall regarding our deadlines for Coronet and asked if we need to revisit this. HSH Eilika stated that she thinks we decide too late for groups to nail down sites and that maybe we need to set up a specific timeline. She also suggested that maybe we should right this into policy. HSH Eilika suggested that a good target for submission of bids would be 9 months before the deadline for Coronet. HSH Eilika stated that THL Lewina should write this up as to when bids should open and close and when the decision should be made and that this should be part of policy.
  • Their Stellar Highnesses
  • Per HSH Eilika, HSH Tristan wants to put out more regarding the structure of War College.
  • HSH Eilika said that they have held many moots regarding the award structure changes and feels that they have been very successful.
  • HSH Eilika and HE Yasamin both stated that Pennsic was great and the Northshield Army outstanding.
  • Lord and Lady Heir
  • HE Saeric said that he will talk to the successor Webminister regarding adding an art page.
  • HE Yasamin said that they are working on a proposal to beef up the trust fund and that they will also be pushing combat archery.
  • Officer Reports
  • Seneschal
  • Information officer
  • THL Lewina stated that a proposal was made by the previous Principality Seneschal and brought up at two Stallari meetings regarding the position of Information Officer. HSH Eilika stated that we decided last time that we didn't need the position but Lady Tarja should stay on as a fundraiser.
  • Incomplete List for Previous Minutes
  • THL Lewina stated that after reviewing the minutes, there is a list of incomplete items that need to be looked at. She said that she will put this list back on the GO list and that she wants answers from the appropriate sources whether the items have been completed or not. She also asked for input from those people who completed the action.
  • Marshals Report
  • THL Lewina presented THL Julio's report, as he could not be in attendance.
  • Moorish Tavern
  • The border skirmish with An Tir went well.
  • Armorgeddon
  • In consultation with the Earl Marshal of Calontir there was a request to allow Calontir minors in the adults melees. The decision was appealed to HSH Eilika and the Middle Kingdom Earl Marshal and Kingdom Seneschal were consulted. It was decided that Armorgeddon would be held by Middle Kingdom rules.
  • Equestrian
  • It is slowly growing. Viscountess Kassandra Tenebrosa (Kristine Charron) will be stepping down at Boars Head and Lady AnnaZ Perstein will be the new marshal.
  • Rapier
  • Nothing to report
  • Clerk of the Roster
  • Cards
  • The new Uber card is required of all arts martial participants by the end of the year. All fighters will need to send SASE's to the Northshield Clerk of the Roster along with proof of authorization.
  • Due to the multi color nature of the new Uber cards I feel we should drop the idea of Northshield printing them with the risograph for now. It was suggested that a stamp for Northshield could be added.
  • Youth Combat
  • MidRealm has confirmed Lord Aubrey Swyftwater (Steve Monthony) as the Youth Fighter Coordinator for Northshield. The first youth event will be at Armorgeddon along with the first authorizations and a discussion class.
  • Minister of Arts & Sciences
  • THL Lewina presented the report as HE Fiona could not be in attendance
  • Reporting
  • Is about the same and the sheer volume of activity is amazing.
  • Northshield Craftsman's Faire
  • HE Fiona requested more discussion on this on the GO list.
  • She also stated that Svaty Sebesta has sent a bid for this.
  • Chronicler
  • THL Lewina present the report as Lady Ravenna could not be in attendance.
  • Bulk Mail
  • Lady Ravenna recommends that we go for bulk mail. Lady Tatiana asked if we are losing money if we go bulk mail. Lady Moira stated that the last issue cost $.79 to print and to mail it first class.
  • HSH Eilika suggested that going first class has a lot of advantages and that maybe we should go first class and do it as a controlled experiment for a period of time. That way we could see how we average out for the subscription amounts. THL Lewina asked if we should test for 6 months. Lady Moira offered another option of sending it first class and having the Principality pick up the difference. HSH Eilika said we need to see what our monetary situation is before making that decision. Lady Moira stated that if the Northwatch is sent 3rd class, she doesn't get it and if we can't provide a choice between receiving it 3rd or 1st class, then we should defer to 1st. HSH Eilika said lets this and then make a decision.
  • Size of Northwatch
  • Lady Tatiana suggested decreasing the font size.
  • HSH Eilika expressed concern that as an autocrat its difficult to get everything in the event announced. Lady Moira stated that we couldn't charge for event announcements as they do in the Pale. HE Saeric asked if we could charge for additional space to do event announcements. Lady Moira said no as we are an unofficial publication. Lady Tatiana asked if we could limit event announcements to ½ page as in the Pale. THL Richard stated that Seneschal flyers are for the complete information. HSH Eilika said to limit event fliers to 1 page.
  • Coronet Combatants
  • HE Yasamin asked that a list of the coronet combatants be put on the list. HSH Eilika said that Lady Ravenna should do it as a ½ page insert.
  • Webminister
  • Only one person followed the application guidelines. The other just wrote her. The deadline was August 15th. There was a general discussion on the qualifications of the applicants.
  • Exchequer
  • Web page
  • Lady Moira stated that we need to review the service contract on the list
  • CD's
  • One has come due and has been deposited into the checking account as a temporary measure. Master Price (Robert Kearns) is checking into one other that is coming due as he is the main signatory on it. She spoke with the Kingdom Exchequer regarding mutual funds and he spoke with the Society Exchequer. Society doesn't like idea and suggested a money market. The Society Exchequer would insist on account and investment advisors for investment into mutual funds. Money market is where the society funds are placed the advantage is that they are liquid. THL Richard stated that they are not FDIC insured. HSH Eilika stated she would think this over.
  • Regalia Minister
  • There is one applicant, Signora Giovanna Theresa Battista for the position. It was agreed to provisionally accept her for the position if no other applications are received. The deadline is September 15th.
  • Fund raisers
  • Lady Tarja will be stepping down in January at Nordskogen's 12th Night. Letters of application are being solicited.
  • Pavilion Poles
  • Bill received for center pole that was delivered to WW. It was agreed to pay this.
  • Suspension
  • Silfen Mere is under suspension until their two missing quarterlies and their 3rd quarter has been received. The 3rd quarter must be received on time.
  • Griffins Gate
  • Still waiting for the reconciliation but has been told some receipts are still coming in.
  • Every year Pennsic funds are used to purchase ropes, tarps, etc. These should be purchased by the Principality and put into inventory. They should be the responsibility of the Mayors of Griffin's Gate.
  • The risograph is paid for
  • Tabard kits are done
  • Reports were received from previous Chronicler.
  • Herald
  • Clerk of Precedence
  • There are two applicants for the Clerk of Precedence, Lord Gevehard and Lady Aldiana Dragonetti . The deadline is September 30th. Plan is to transition in November. THL Lewina asked that this be put on the GO list for discussion.
  • Minister of Protocol
  • No applications - THL Lewina asked for a repeat posting and if no response we should leave it open and make it more courts and ceremony.
  • Known World Symposium
  • Questions answered earlier in meeting.
  • Coronet
  • THL Richard stated that he will be unable to attend Coronet and is making arrangements for heralds.
  • Chirurgeon
  • Reports
  • Still an issue especially for event reports. Lady Tatiana stated she knows of injuries but reports aren't being filed.
  • Staffing
  • There are 22 warranted chirurgeons but doesn't know how many apprentices.
  • Next Meeting
  • HSH Eilika stated that she doesn't see a need for another meeting in this reign.
  • It was agreed the next meeting would be very early A.M. the day after Coronet.

The meeting adjourned at 3:35 p.m.

Posted by: Elaine de Beauchamp Council Secretary (KLO) on 9/9/2000

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