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June Missive


My predecessors started working on updates to the Kingdom of Northshield Youth Boffer Combat Handbook. I am continuing that process and hope to have the new handbook published soon. It contains some significant changes and others which are less significant. (Did you want a tease? You won't believe what's on page 14!) And hey, did you know that the Society Youth Martial Handbook was updated in July 2017? It's available at Changes there have been incorporated into the new handbook.

I am also working to clean up the roster of youth boffer fighters because, for instance, some of the youth combatants on the roster were full-grown adults. Those have been removed. Please check the website - if your youth combatant does not have a profile on the Northshield website but is authorized, please either contact me (you can send me email or send me a message on facebook) or create a profile. If your youth combatant has a profile and is authorized but that authorization is not listed on their profile, please also contact me. Please note, in some cases I have created blind profiles with the combatant's first name and last initial; for reasons of privacy no other information is available via normal channels on the website. Again, if you have any questions please contact me.

Boffer is available for kids between ages 6-17. We're trying to spread it to as many events as possible, so if you'd like to see it at an event or a practice near you please let me - or one of the other marshals - know. We can show you how to make armor and weapons, teach, and spar with the kids. If you'd like to become a marshal yourself, step one is to get a background check (contact the Kingdom Seneschal and fill out the form at or ), and step two is to contact me at or

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Posted by: Abelard die Elster Kingdom Youth Armored Combat Marshal on 5/11/2018

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