Saraidh ingen Guairi Saraidh ingen Guairi

New Regalia!

Greetings Northshield!

It’s Guenievre, your Regalia Minister, with super exciting news: we have NEW REGALIA!

I’m so pleased to announce that “The Mighty Fist of Siegfried” has been acquired – um, yeah, that’s it, acquired – for the kingdom to preserve and revere with proper, dignified awe. And reverence.

We actually had a tough time determining which item was the true, verified “Mighty Fist” because, as you all know, there have been several versions.

The first step in reviewing the eligibility of a relic is to verify its provenance (that’s a fancy-schmancy word I learned from Antiques Roadshow – shout out to PBS!), which is to say, where did it come from? Can we tell who made it? Is it the real thing or is it a fake (GASP)?

First, some documentation on the history of this object, as told by our renowned bards (YouTube videos of Master Dahrien and Mistress Kudrun):

Let me explain – no, is too much. Let me sum up: Siegfried and Bridei were crowned as the first King and Queen of Northshield in Anno Societatis XXXIX (that’s October 2004 by the common era reckoning). During their time as the Heirs to the Kingdom, they pondered the possibilities of our inaugural awards. There was much discussion – grave, serious discussion. Sober, dignified thought... one such proposal included “Siegfried’s Mighty Fist of (insert commendable quality here)”. While these worthy suggestions were not ultimately incorporated into our awards system, the concept has been ingrained in our History.

Now that we have a basic understanding of the antiquity of this item, let’s move on to identifying it. There have been several artistic representations of The Mighty Fist, but not all are true!

The two yellowish foamy ones in my garage were ruled out straight off – they’re actually based on Padruig’s fist and I knew that anyways. We learned of this specimen next:

While it’s an actual plaster cast of His Mighty Fist, it’s not THE RELIC. As they say, “It’s just a model.”

Then we have this item:

This mace is indeed formidable. It is apparently very heavy. But we happen to know that this was made after the real Mighty Fist made its appearance. And I’m told Bridei’s fist was used for the mold, so clearly this is not THE Mighty Fist, either.

No, the True relic is this one:

Made by Otes Mould MacKe (sometimes known as Toki inn blodauga Magnusson), the true relic had its debut at Gulf Wars XIV (Anno Societatis XXXIX, aka March 2005).

Crafted out of exemplary materials (a Hulk hand, spray painted gold), it was proudly displayed in the forefront of the Northshield contingent during the Opening Processional for all to see. I’m told a hushed silence of awe was heard as the Mighty Fist of Siegfried passed by the crowds. I’m sure it was awe, not that doggy-headtilty thing when they’re perplexed or confused. Definitely awe. And Reverence.

So there you have it folks, our newest item of Regalia for the Kingdom. I’m going to have a tough time with the Exchequer, putting a monetary value on this thing for our records, I’m tellin’ ya. It’s PRICELESS, but the IRS doesn’t recognize that as an actual dollar amount. Also, how do you depreciate such an artifact over time? It’s a real stumper.

Oh, also – I’m taking applications to create a proper reliquary for this item of regalia, so that it can be displayed at all our big events. Please submit your proposal, in triplicate, for any of these: a glass or plexiglass display case of sufficient size (dimensions available upon request), a pillow to rest the Fist upon, a box for the pillow, a box for the display case, a padded bag for the Fist itself, a padded bag for the box for the pillow, a padded bag for the display case, a box for the display case, and finally a padded bag for the box for the display case.

En Service au Reve,
Guenievre du Dragon Vert, CP CR
Regalia Minister

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Posted by: Guenievre du Dragon Vert Minister of Regalia (KLO) on 3/13/2018

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