The wee dancers of TMT V The wee dancers of TMT V

E-list Stallari minutes 12/01/2017 - 2/28/2018

E-list Stallari minutes 12/01/2017 – 2/28/2018.

Outgoing Polaris Herald THL Merideth ni Shionniach submitted thePolaris Report.


Input on the color cover for the January Northwatch was requested fromand given to artist THL Hara Hana.  Itwas noted that a request for candidates for the Disabilities Issues Deputy positionneeds to be added to the ‘help wanted’ section.


The College of Heralds is requesting permission touse "Northshield " as part of the Kingdom Heraldic and Scribal Symposiumto be held in the Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr  on March 24, 2018.  Request approved.


The Stallari meeting agenda to be held at 12th Night in Nordskogen at11 am was discussed:

                Seneschal :  Discussion for officer limitations forgreater and lesser kingdom officers.      Exchequer:· Discussing potential Exchequer candidates and will give an update on theoffice and

 what he has done as the emergency KingdomExchequer.

                MOAS: Discussingthe Kingdom A&S Competition to be held in Feb and will give a report on the


                Webminister: ·Discussing potential Web minister candidates.


Baron Michael St Christianreported on the 2 savings accounts and the General Account; he advised he is steppingdown as Kingdom Exchequer.    THL DyonisiaBuleheued was approved as the new exchequer – she assumed the office at 12thNight in Nordskogen.

Master Abelard advised will bestepping down in April as Web Minister and will take a deputy position.  Mistress Teffan will resign as emergencydeputy and will step up as the new Kingdom Web minister at Haire Affair on2/17/18.

Mistress Eithni stepped down and THLAnnetje van Leuven took over as Kingdom MOAS at the Kingdom A&S Competition2/10/2018.

Baroness Bridget ni Cathasaigh consolidatedand indexed all the Stallari Council minutes for the years 1998-2017: they havebeen put on the Kingdom Web page in the “Stallari Meeting Minutes” tab.

 Kayley Eleanora Lexandria from the Kingdom ofAnsteorra contacted the Stallari Council asking which states make up theKingdom of Northshield; Eithni answered and sent her a map.

Kingdom SeneschalTHL Eysteinn was unavailable for a couple of days: he advised one of hisdeputies, THL Aneira Applegate, will be monitering  emails.

Kingdom Chronicler Mistress Bellegave hints and how-to tips on writing and submitting missives.

KEM Duke Larsposted that Master Simon Morcar submitted a draft of the updated Northshield Rapier Rules; the council reviewed itand made suggestions; the final draft was submitted and approved.

TRM Kaydian and Cassandra requestedtravel funds for Gulf Wars in March – approved.

Minutes submitted by Domina Berenice Calvina 3/1/2018.

Posted by: Berenice Calvina Council Secretary (KLO) on 3/9/2018

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