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January 2010 Northwatch Missive



It’s January! You know what that means!Doomsday reports are due the end of this month! This year will be a little bitdifferent for reporting procedures. Please continue reading to find out why.


This should be my last letter as Kingdom Exchequer.At Nordskogen’s 12th Night I will be stepping down so that Baron Rodrigo deMontoya can step in to fill the office. Please, give him all the support youhave given me during my tenures as Kingdom Exchequer. As this changeover willbe occurring smack dab in the middle of Doomsday reporting time, Rodrigo and Iwill be working closely together to prepare the master Doomsday report. Also, Iwill be staying on as Central Regional Deputy after we have completed themaster Doomsday report. Remember, this also means that all signature cards mustbe changed to reflect that Rodrigo is now the Kingdom Exchequer, and not me. Pleasetry to get this task accomplished as soon as possible.


By the time you read this missive, hopefullyyou will have your beginning numbers. If you have not received them from meyet, they should be coming very soon. I mentioned that this reporting timewould be slightly different. Each of you will need to submit two (2) reports, one to me and one toRodrigo. Please send the official and signedcopy to me, and you can send an electronic copy (or a hard copy version, if youwould prefer) to Rodrigo so that we will both have the numbers available toeach of us while preparing the master Doomsday. And please, remember to allowenough time for mailing when sending these reports in so they get to me by theend of the month. Let’s shoot for absolutely NO late reports this time around! Ifyou find you are having issues, please let us know in advance if you think yourreport might be late. Also, please ask for help if you are running intodifficulties. That’s one of the reasons we’re here--to help!


So, as I prepare to step down, I would liketo thank each and every group Exchequer and each of my deputies for theirdiligent work. This Kingdom could not be what it is today without competentpeople filling the roles of Exchequers. If you are reading this, and are not anExchequer, please find the time to thank them, they really do deserve thethanks. Thanks again!!


Stay Accountable,



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Posted by: Greta Rahikkainen Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer on 1/1/2010

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