Cecil Hagan being put on vigil for the chivalry Cecil Hagan being put on vigil for the chivalry

Stallari Council minutes; 12th Night; Barony of Nordskogen, January 13, 2018

Stallari Council minutes; 12th Night; Barony of Nordskogen, January 13, 2018


King Kaydian Bladebreaker

Queen Cassandra Antonelli

Prince Yngvar inn Heppni

Princess Luce Tolle

Seneschal Honorable Lord Eysteinn Meinfretr

Chancellor of the Exchequer Master Michael St. Christian

Polaris Herald Honorable Lord Iohannes Glenfidanus

Arts & Sciences Mistress Eithni ingen Talorgain

Deputy Arts & Sciences Honorable Lady Annetje van Leuven

Earl Marshall Duke Lars Wolfsblut

Web Minister Master Abelard die Elster

Chronicler Mistress Isabella Beatrice della Rosa

Law Clerk Baron Gabriel Kjotvason

The King informed the council that feedback on the proposed Champions Law has been mixed with more negative than positive comments.  A suggestion was made to scrap the current proposed law and rewrite it to improve and clarify the wording.  The council voted to table the proposed Champions Law.

The Queen informed the council that it had been brought to her attention that not all great officers had been informed in the past when a society event is being scheduled in Northshield.  The Seneschal confirmed that he did check kingdom law and all events had been set up correctly.  Discussion was held if kingdom law needs to be changed to ensure all officers are notified; it was decided a change is not needed.  Eysteinn is updating the seneschal’s handbook and will put in a recommendation to inform all officers of a society event.

Eysteinn addressed the topic of burnout among officers:  he has observed there is a high occurrence of people holding both greater and lesser offices which spreads an officer too thin.  He put forward the proposals:

  1. A greater kingdom officer not hold any other officer position;

  2. A baronial officer not hold any lesser officer position;

  3. A lesser kingdom officer not hold a greater kingdom officer position.

Einstyn will begin working on the exact wording of the proposal.  Mistress Eithni suggested a clause be added that allows the Crown and the Kingdom Seneschal to allow exemptions to the proposal.

Three bids for Fall Crown 2018 have been submitted; there are no bids for Fall Coronation.  Einstyn will ask the 3 bidders if one of them would switch their bid to Coronation.

Master Michael St. Christian, serving as the emergency kingdom exchequer, will step down during evening court today.  He will resume his position as emergency deputy exchequer.  Lady Dyonisia Buleheued will be installed as kingdom exchequer.

Michael opened discussion on the kingdom’s accounts: currently there is a savings account which is not needed: he proposed the money be converted to CD’s and added to the endowment account.  Council approved.  He also proposed restructuring the travel account and increasing the amount allotted to a reign from $1,500 to $4,000.  Council approved; a written proposal is needed and will be worked on.

The Polaris Herald spoke of the Northshield Kingdom Heraldic and Scribal Symposium to be held in the Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr March 24, 2018.  Permission for the symposium was approved on-line.  The Royals will not be attending.

A&S minister Eithni introduced her emergency deputy, Honorable Lady Annetje van Leuven, who will be stepping up as minister at the Kingdom A&S Competition in February.  The numbers signed up for the competition are low this year.  Annetje will put out a call for bids for the 2019 event; she would like it to be held in the Lakes or Western Region.

Kingdom Chronicler Mistress Belle advised missives are due in 2 days; if a missive will not be submitted please inform her.  Belle reminded the council that lesser officers may also submit missives.  Also, the Northwatch has space for memorials and obituaries. Reporting by lesser officers is good.

The Web Minister, Master Abelard, is ready to step down as he has served 3 years.  He recommends that the emergency deputy Mistress Teffan Koerwent take over the position.  Abelard will take an emergency deputy position to assist her with the transition. He also recommended Lord Ragnar MacHardy be made an emergency deputy.  Ragnar served as the Kingdom of the East’s webminister and is Orlova Dolina’s current webminister.  The changeover will take place at Spring Coronation.

The Law Clerk, Baron Gabriel Kjotvason, reminded the council that there had been discussion of changing the law for when Stallari meetings must be held.  GoToMeeting was going to be researched.  Kaydian advised not using GoToMeeting but trying ZOOM instead.  Einstyn and Dyonisia will discuss the programs and report back.

Posted by Domina Berenice Calvina, Council Secretary, January 17, 2018.

Posted by: Berenice Calvina Council Secretary (KLO) on 1/17/2018

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