Who is this masked monarch?!? Who is this masked monarch?!?

January Missive


The Kingdom Webminister (and the deputies thereof) has lots of things to do. Here is a taste of the things we do — and don’t — handle.

When there are problems with authorizations, we will direct you to the Clerk of the Roster. (With great power comes great responsibility. While we have the ability to change authorizations, it’s really the job of the Clerk of the Roster. We can fill in for the CoR in a pinch, but the CoR sees more of the paperwork than the webminister.) When there are problems with event information, we will direct you to the Event Information Officer. (Like authorizations, we have the ability to change events on the calendar. Like authorizations, it’s not our job. This is the job of the Event Information Officer.)

When there are problems with awards, we can direct you to the Clerk of Precedence. (Again, somebody  else’s job. We do add new awards to the database. For instance, when someone moves to Northshield and asks that their awards be represented here, the CoP then assigns those awards.)

When there are problems with people’s logins, we provide advice about how to fix them. (Specifically, you can click the ‘forgot password’ button and answer a question to gain the ability to change your password. We can’t actually see or change your password. If you absolutely can’t recover your password, you can create a new profile and we can merge the old and new together; this retains all of your persona, awards, authorizations, and warrant/job information and ties it to your new login and password. We can also unlock an account which has been locked due to too many failed attempts to log in.)

When there are new handbooks, articles, forms, offices, pages, functions, or other documents that should be added to the site, please drop an email to support@northshield.org and we’ll work on them. When you see errors, let us know. Most of the errors that you see are things that we’ve seen before and we can fix them for you. From time to time someone comes up with a new one. There’s a particular user whose login problem I still haven’t sorted out (he knows who he is). Again, support@northshield.org.

Why are you telling us all this, Abelard? Because — at least at the time of my writing this — I need a successor, and I think people should be aware of what’s involved in the office. From the help wanted section: The Webminister reports to the Society Webminster and the Crown, and is a member of the Stallari Council (one of the kingdom Great Officers). This is an administrative (not development) position that oversees/helps the local webministers of the kingdom, maintains the webminister’s handbook, and manages the kingdom website (a web-based application) to ensure it meets the needs of the kingdom officers and the populace. To successfully execute this office, the webminister should have reliable highspeed internet access and regular email access; knowledge and use of the various social media forums that Northshield utilizes is a plus. Strong skills in remotely coordinating a volunteer team with diverse skill-sets is very necessary. A technical background in web development and data management/reporting can be useful, but it is not required in this role (based on the availability of skills in the deputy positions). Previous experience maintaining a large website or web-based application is helpful, as is understanding and working with web-hosting services.

If you are interested, please contact me at webminister@northshield.org.

In service,

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Posted by: Abelard die Elster Kingdom Webminister (KLO) on 12/22/2017

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