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November 2008 Northwatch Missive



Thirdquarter reports were due to me the end of October. If I have not yet receivedyours, you will be hearing from me!


Wehave a new NMS deputy. THL Gweinver Kenwyn of Roseveth has accepted theposition. From now on, all NMS should be sent to her, rather than to me. Wewill be working closely during this transition time. Her contact informationcan be found in the appropriate issues of the Northwatch and on the Northshield web page. As always, pleaseremember that all event paperwork, including NMS, is due within 30 days of anyevent.


Asof this writing, there are still 3 groups who have not yet reported the statusof debit cards as per the Society Exchequer mandate. I will be contacting eachof these groups, yet again, to obtain that information. If you are theexchequer of one of these groups, please contact me immediately regarding thisissue.





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Posted by: Greta Rahikkainen Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer on 11/1/2009

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