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Minutes from 7-7-00 - WW

Stallari Council Meeting Minutes, July 7, 2000

Meeting held at Warriors & Warlords VII

For the Joint Baronies of Jararvellir & Nordskogen

Attendance: HSH Tristan von Eisig (Darren Chermack), Prince of Northshield; HSH Eilika von Lutzen (Jennifer Duncan), Princess of Northshield, HE Saeric Scireham (Steve Traylor), Lord Heir of Northshield, HE Yasamin al-Hadiyya, Lady Heir of Northshield (Stephanie Skaff), THL Lewina of Sussex (Lauretta Wenger), Seneschal, THL Julio Gava'n (James Kruse) Earl Marshal, HE Fiona nic Aoidh (Lorine Horvath), MoA/S, Lady Moira McVey (Mary Kay Roberts) Exchequer, Lady Sian verch Gruffydd (Amanda Whiteley), Out-going Chirurgeon, Lady Tatiana Marana Melville (Tonia Heng) Incoming Chirurgeon, Lady Ravenna ingn A'eda (Robyn Quandt), Incoming Chronicler.

Minutes taken by Baroness Marisela the Vintner (Barbara White-Coenen), Stallari Council Secretary.

The meeting was called to order at 9:06 a.m.

Minutes from the June 25, 2000 meeting

Per Section 3b, the next coronet location proposed should read Coldedernhale.

Per Section 5c, HSH Eilika will check with groups should be corrected to HE Fiona will check with groups.

Moved, Seconded, Approved

Old Business

  • Straw Poll
  • Regarding the development of the Kingdom Straw poll committee, THL Lewina has submitted a proposal on how to form a committee. It was agreed that the Stallari are to discuss this via the Stallari list. HSH Tristan discussed appointing 6-8 committee people and then charging them to appoint the rest giving them a way to govern. THL Lewina stated that the problem with letting them (the committee) select is the formation of a committee with like minds rather than those of differing feelings. HSH Eilika stated we need to be careful to get multiple mindsets and multiple regions represented. THL Lewina stated that we need to make this process open to the populace. HE Fiona suggested taking nominations from the populace. HE Saeric suggested that their Stellar Highnesses appoint 3, the Stallari appoint 3, the Council of Nobles appoint 3 and the populace appoint 3. HSH Eilika would rather see them as nominations rather than elections but agreed with HE Saeric that we should spread out where the members are chosen. HE Saeric stated that the more the populace perceives they have input the better they will feel. THL Lewina requested comments on the Stallari list in a timely manner.
  • Per the suggested policy, "Applications are being accepted for the position as Deputy Seneschal for the development, and education of investigating the process of becoming a Kingdom."
  • A Committee would be developed of no more the 12 members, with varied views (pros and cons) and varied positions within the Principality.
  • The purpose of the committee is:
  • To work with information gathered through the Straw Poll, Althing, as well as, other information gathered by the committee;
  • To help people understand the logistics of becoming a Kingdom;
  • And to define lists of what needs to be done before an official process is put into motion.
  • The Deputy Seneschal would report on a regular basis to the Seneschal.
  • The Deputy would attend Stallari meetings for updates and progress on the committee.

  • Law Changes
  • Regarding the wording for warranting, THL Lewina has contacted the Kingdom Seneschal, Maestra Arianna Llwyd, for her response. Maestra Arianna stated that the change of law Section VII-800 sounds fine and could be read into law. HSH Tristan & Eilika asked if they could read it into law tonight. It was agreed that they should.
  • The change reads as follows: Principality Great Officers will be warranted for the term of their office, a period of two (2) years. Their term of office and warrant may be extended for up to a total of three (3) years. No Principality Officer will serve for a continuous period of more than three (3) years.

  • Award laws
  • THL Lewina said the finalization of the award change wording would be read into law tonight. She said most changes are superficial and HSH Tristan & Eilika will provide the details of the changes in court tonight.

  • Email
  • THL Lewina discussed Maestra Arianna's views on using e-mail for official business. If all participants recognize it as an official communication then Kingdom accepts it as acceptable media as long as the notes are read into the minutes at the next Stallari meeting thus making them official. HSH Tristan stated that a response would be required for any votes. HSH Eilika restated that it's not an official vote unless all individuals respond. Moved, Seconded, Approved

  • Scroll of Honor
  • THL Lewina has discussed this with Mistress Margaret Malise (Melissa Vigil) and she agreed that the present book needs to be utilized in some way. HE Fiona also agreed and suggested that it could be used as the visible presence in court but use something else for the actual pages that will lie flat. HE Fiona suggested that perhaps just calligraphy could appear in the present book. Lady Tatiana asked how do we add names to the book that are presently missing? HSH Tristan stated that they have records from previous reigns stating who got what award and when. HSH Eilika stated that there have been no additions to the book since TE Belrix & Prism.

  • Fall Coronet
  • HE Yasamin stated that the Barony of Nordskogen is talking about getting bus to go to Coronet in November. THL Julio will put on the Stallari Go list the hotel block information. THL Lewina requested a copy of HSH Tristan & Eilika's investiture ceremony.

  • Northshield Encampment at Pennsic
  • HSH Eilika stated that she received a voicemail from Lord Tormod de Palermo (Jim Reif) Northshield Camp Coordinator stating that Northshield didn't get same block as last year. The spot is somewhere out in the Serengeti. Part of the reason for this per Lord Tormod is that the Camp Coordinators have only received 60 pre-registrations for Pennsic, however the Coopers has received 129 pre-registrations from Northshield. Obviously Northshield wouldn't fit in that area with all these pre-registered campers. The land office is still shuffling things around but now Northshield will have enough room for the pavilion. HSH Tristan stated there is now running water and power to the far side of the fighting field. This is in the area that used to be trailer parking and will now be camping. If we have this spot, Northshield could put the pavilion right on the field.

*** Action Item *** HSH Eilika will try to get us grand fathered into this spot.

  • Principality event proposal
  • THL Lewina stated we didn't come to a conclusion on this at the last meeting. It was then agreed to as presented at the last meeting. THL Lewina stated that now that we are making the following an official Principality event: Coronet, Investiture, and Althing. When an Althing is held it is a Principality event. HE Fiona asked if we want to add War College to this? It was generally agreed not at this time. HSH Eilika stated that we need to come up with a clause for any group bidding on a Principality event that they must petition for a bid. HSH Eilika said to send this out to e-mail and vote on it the next Stallari meeting after Pennsic. THL Lewina stated wants deputy in charge of Althing.

  • Change of office procedures
  • THL Lewina submitted the following changes to policy:
  • All applicants will be notified that their letter of intent has been received and given an approximate date that the Stallari will meet to review applications.
  • All candidates will be notified by the outgoing officer the decision of Stallari and Curia.
  • HE Fiona suggested that the closing date for applications should be 6 months prior to the officer stepping down to allow for training of the new officer. Lady Sian recommends that at the end of their first year in office, applications should be requested for their replacement. THL Lewina suggested not doing it a year after they started, what if the officer wishes to extend. HSH Tristan suggested changing it to 8 months before you step down and also that it must be published twice in the Northwatch.

*** Action Item ***THL Lewina will put this on the list for further discussion with a deadline for response.

New Business

  • Proposed Changes to Northwatch Calendar Date
  • THL Lewina only received one thing from Lord Padruig Maclennan (Timothy Moore), Event Information Officer but has not yet received a response regarding changing the Northwatch calendar date to the first of the month.

  • Fund Raising
  • Tabard Fund
  • Lady Tatiana stated there is a principality fund for tabards but she doesn't know if there is money in it. Lady Moira and Lady Tatiana discussed whether a fund existed. Lady Moira stated the funds for tabards were lumped in with inventory. Lady Tatiana stated this wasn't a fund raising issue as up to this point things have been by donation only. Lady Sian asked if this should be lumped in with fund-raising. Lady Tatiana stated most people feel that they donated their time but would like donations to offset expenses. Lady Moira discussed taking the fund out of the fund-raiser account as the panels have been donated.
  • Tabard as a Fund Raiser
  • HSH Tristan feels the Principality should charge $10 for 2 panels with the Griffin pre-stamped on it and then include an offer to completely sew it for additional funds, or people can then make their own tabards using just the panels. HSH Eilika advised that the seed money for future tabard runs needs to come from somewhere. HSH Tristan feels we should make $5 profit after expenses. HE Saeric asked who is coordinating it now? Lady Tatiana stated Lady Sabina is doing it but HSH Eilika stated Lady Sabina doesn't feel she is in charge of it. THL Lewina asked what the action plan is. HSH Tristan feels we need to set up a policy for this. HSH Eilika asked how many funds raisers do we have? Lady Moira stated two. Lady Tatiana discussed talking to Lady Sabina regarding setting up tabard kits. HSH Eilika stated that we need to give this to someone as a responsibility. HE Fiona expressed a concern about overburdening our present fund raising coordinators. HSH Eilika asked from where would the seed money for this come? Lady Moira stated it would come from the general fund with any profit going back to the general fund. HSH Tristan stated he doesn't feel the Principality needs a specific fund for this. Lady Tatiana volunteered to set up the kits.
  • It was Moved, Seconded, Approved that tabard kits will be assembled to be used as a Principality fundraiser.
  • HSH Tristan stated that we could contact Lady Sabina regarding whether the Principality could buy the panels from her for the purposes of fund raising. Lady Tatiana asked if we have permission to provide kits.
  • Moved, Seconded, Approved to provide funds to purchase material for kits from the general fund.

***Action Item***Lady Moira will talk to Lady Catalina and appoint her the duty as the tabard fund raising coordinator.

  • HSH Eilika restated the issues discussed:
  • The funds are to come from the general fund.
  • Lady Catalina is to buy the fabric, assemble the kits and to sell them at $5 above cost.
  • Trust Fund
  • HSH Eilika brought up the trust fund for discussion. HE Saeric asked that if we receive money from an individual for a specific reason, can it be allocated within the general fund or do we have to set up a separate fund? Lady Moira stated it all goes to the general fund.

HSH Tristan & Eilika

  • Clerk of the Roster
  • HSH Tristan stated that he talked to Lord Aubrey Swyftwater (Steve Monthony), Emergency Deputy Earl Marshal, regarding setting up database access for Northshield fighters. Lord Aubrey has already talked to Viscount Myles Blackheath (Michael Reeseman), Kingdom Earl Marshal, regarding giving access to the Middle Kingdom database to Northshield fighters.

***Action Item***HSH Tristan and Lord Aubrey will get a proposal together on how to do this.

  • Webminister
  • HSH Tristan expressed concern as the award recommendations are still going to Viscountess Kelinda Garrett (JaneAnn Kerr). HSH Eilika asked Lady Moira to contact Lady Aldianna to do the essential updates. HSH Tristan stated they've posted new HSH and Heirs e-mail addresses to the list. THL Lewina stated there have been many seneschal changes in the last months that need to be posted to the webpage.

  • Regalia Minister
  • HSH Eilika stated that the term is up in the fall and that it needs to get it posted in the Northwatch. The new person probably won't step up until coronet. Lady Shandar ni Bodhranne (Wendy Blum) Regalia Minister has stated that she would like to step down sooner if she can. HSH Eilika stated we should do the change as soon as we get a replacement or at coronet at the latest. HE Saeric asked if we have timeline for the database? HSH Tristan & Eilika said by coronet.

HE Saeric & HE Yasamin

HE Saeric said that he has been working on collecting artwork. His Lady is working on a webpage that will have the artwork posted. Lady Tatiana stated that the original griffin drawing is not standard. HE Saeric said it could be an interesting fundraiser burning CD's with the artwork and then selling them.

  • Great Officer Reports
  • Seneschal
  • Fund raising
  • Lady Tarja has talked to kingdom and feels that we should continue to sell Middle Kingdom books for the kingdom in order to spread the information. Lady Moira stated the Principality doesn't make money on this.
  • HE Saeric feels that a good way to divide the fund-raising duties is to separate it as to special events vs. the retail (table). Lady Moira stated one reason things are done the way they are now is so that no person is always behind the table all of the time. Lady Moira stated office hours are being set for the table to be open at events. She also said that she doesn't feel we need to formally separate the duties into two areas at this time.
  • There was general discussion on current fund-raising items and it was stated that we have no books for the Principality and that we only sell Middle Kingdom books. THL Lewina stated that we do have some items that the risograph could be used for.
  • Principality Event Information Officer
  • THL Lewina brought up for discussion the proposed change of the Northwatch calendar date to the first of the month. HSH Tristan that he talked to Lord Padruig last night regarding this and Lord Padruig stated that he spends a lot of time tracking down ill prepared event ads that makes the first of the month difficult. HSH Tristan stated that event stewards need to be better educated and not that the Principality needs to give the event steward extra time to change or make their submission.
  • Lady Moira asked if Lord Padruig is the equivalent of the Kingdom calendar secretary and the answer was yes. She then said, and then the editor of the Northwatch (as does the Pale editor) should take care of any incorrect event submissions.
  • Ad Submission
  • HE Saeric asked if we should look into a standard event ad submission form. HSH Tristan said that one already exists but 2/3's of the time it's not followed. HSH Tristan asked if we could get this on-line. HE Saeric asked if we should make the use of the form mandatory. Lady Sian stated that both the Pale and the Northwatch very clearly state how things need to be done.
  • Lord Padruig was asked for suggestions on methods to educate future and present event stewards on how to prepare event ads and how to submit them. He stated that he even has written timelines for preparing submissions for events in order to get them in on time. The problem is getting the information to the calendar officer far enough in advance. HSH Tristan stated that Lord Padruig has in the last couple years seen a number of first time event stewards. HE Fiona stated that we also have a lot of seneschals who have never been an event steward. HSH Tristan said it's easy to miss the points that need to be done months in advance. THL Lewina stated Caer Anterth has a timeline as a handbook that could be put on the website. HSH Tristan stated that we need a basic book on how to be an event steward. THL Lewina stated we can put this on the web but we also need to put it on the Northwatch to increase its subscriptions and for non-web people.
  • HSH Eilika stated it would be nice if the Coronet Bid information that THL Daria Tayt (Susan Tatreaux), Principality Deputy Seneschal has would also be available on-line.
  • HSH Tristan stated it would be nice to have a Northshield library online.

  • Northwatch submissions
  • THL Lewina stated that the submission dates have been changed to 7/15, 8/15 and 9/1 to get to the desired first of the month date. She also stated that these are already posted in the Northwatch. HSH Eilika asked if this was discussed with Viscountess Gwyneth Felton (Linda Moore) Kingdom Chronicler. Lady Ravenna said yes but she will review this again with her.

  • Marshal
  • The rules for archery siege weapons rules are in place now. They have rules for live fire and armored combat. They are pretty good stating that the rules require a logbook that must be at every event where the weapon is set up. Archery marshals will do the inspecting if the weapon is used for target, if on the battlefield then combat marshal does the inspection. The rules went to press a couple of days ago. The logbook will aid marshals on how to inspect. HE Saeric asked if the rules will be published. THL Julio stated the Kingdom information office should have this. HSH Eilika asked if we can organize throughout the summer some training sessions regarding this. Lady Sian said there should be marshal authorizations for siege weapons to confirm marshals are qualified to inspect. HSH Tristan asked how do we solve this. HE Saeric stated that we need to talk to each local marshal to confirm if siege weapons will work at their event, if there is adequate space for throws, etc. THL Julio will make sessions open to both archery and combat marshals.

  • Fighter cards
  • THL Julio is still waiting for samples from Viscount Myles.

  • Lesser Officers
  • The proposal is to get our offices in line with kingdom. THL Julio has talked to kingdom about this and has patterned Northshield after them. THL Julio stated that we may be just renaming the offices rather than changing the law. THL Lewina stated we need the law numbers in order to make changes. It will be voted on GO list. THL Lewina asked if we'll know about the equestrian office by the next Northwatch submission date of 7/15.
  • The proposed Principality Lesser Officers would be:
  • Equestrian
  • Marshal of Fence
  • Archery
  • Regional Deputies
  • These offices are proposed to change to or remain as Deputies of the Principality Earl Marshall:
  • Minister of Tournaments
  • Chief of Scouts
  • Chief of Artillery
  • Clerk of the Roster

  • MoA/S
  • HE Fiona said there is not much to discuss. What there is should be discussed on the list. The questions are on the suggested craftsperson's fair, do we want to call them champions, etc.

  • Chronicler
  • Subscriptions
  • 85 cent issues
  • Per the previous Chronicler's database everyone is currently at $1 per issue. Only 12 people subscribed for two years.
  • Ending all Subscriptions in December
  • Lady Ravenna discussed this with Viscountess Gwyneth and she feels it is up to the Principality when subscriptions should run out. Lady Ravenna said she would like to keep it as it is for now by just keeping it to 1-year subscriptions. HSH Eilika said we should let Lady Ravenna get into the job a bit more and then rev-evaluate this later.

///Future Agenda Item/// Should we change the Northwatch subscription renewal date to the end of December.

  • Bulk Mail
  • HE Saeric asked about bulk mail. Lady Ravenna said about 250 issues go out each month, including freebies. THL Lewina asked if we could discuss this another time.
  • Miscellaneous Issues
  • THL Lewina requested that Lady Ravenna list her goals for the job.
  • Lady Ravenna asked when the money for subscriptions is collected where does it go? Lady Moira stated they are listed as allocated funds.
  • Lady Ravenna asked how she should handles supply orders - ink, paper, etc. Lady Ravenna needs to get receipts and email them to the Exchequer who will then issue check. THL Lewina asked that they talk about this after the meeting.
  • Lady Ravenna said there is not service contract on the risograph. Lady Moira suggested annual contracts.
  • Lady Ravenna reminded everyone that this month's submission deadline is 7/15.

Herald - no report

  • Chirurgeon
  • Welcome to Lady Tatiana who will stepping into the office tonight.
  • THL Lewina thanked Lady Sian for her hard work. HSH Eilika wished her luck in her new office as Seneschal of Castel Rouge.

  • Exchequer
  • The Principality has a CD coming due 7/16. Lady Moira stated that in the past we had talked initially about setting up one special account for the trust fund. If we take a portion of this CD to set-up the trust fund we have to set it up as a special fund just for the trust. We can't set this up as a separate non-profit account. It has to be a SCA, Inc -Principality of Northshield fund. Lady Moira said the CD has to be rolled over within 10 days of the 16th. We have to pull it from that CD due to the present signatories on it. HSH Eilika asked if we can put it into a 3 month CD to give us time to make a decision. HSH Tristan asked if have the authority, yes we do per Lady Moira. Lady Moira stated that we need to publicize where the funds are held.

Regarding the window clings, the MidRealm is selling them at 1 for $3 and 2 for $5, and can we do the same at our tables. Moved, Seconded, Approved to sell at same levels as MidRealm.

At the last Stallari meeting we talked about bringing the Northstar back to the Northshield books. HE Fiona stated the books for the Northstar are now run through the Barony of Nordskogen's Exchequer. Mistress Elysabet de Warren (Libbet Proudfits) doesn't want to bring it through the Principality's books and wants it to continue to go through the Nordskogen books, as it's easier and faster for her to get reimbursed. Lady Moira stated the reason this was brought up is that the fundraisers have a number of items that are sold and after each event the fundraisers have to break it out to the various depositories.

  • Former Chronicler Books & Accounts
  • Lady Ravenna said she had talked to Lord Roger de Bar (Roger Martell) Former Chronicler, regarding the bank account and he said that he was waiting for the last checks to clear.
  • Lady Moira stated that she is paying off risograph this month

  • Proposed law changes on travel funds
  • On splitting the money 50-50 between the couple, the travel fund should be equally divided between the prince and princess during their reign. HSH Eilika expressed concern that if the Royals were married could they share this fund or do they have to split receipts. HSH Eilika stated they should be split 50-50 unless the Exchequer gets a signature from one or both parties stating how it should be done differently. HE Fiona suggested whoever signs the receipt should get the money. Lady Moira stated she could sit down with the individuals involved at the beginning of each reign and get their wishes in writing. HSH Tristan stated should ask Royalty to give an accurate, precise way on how they want their travel funds to be handled. HSH Eilika said not a bad idea to add this to policy so that it be done at the beginning at each reign.
  • HSH Tristan re-stated concern on how funds that come in as specific requests to a specific person get handled. Lady Moira stated specific requests go to that specific party.
  • HE Yasamin asked what happens to any unallocated funds at the end of the reign? HSH Eilika stated she would personally like their unused travel funds to get turned over to their heirs rather than the general fund. Lady Moira said that she has never seen where there has been money left over at the end of a reign. HSH Eilika feels it would be good to give them the option as people well off might want to roll it to the people behind them who might be less well off. HSH Eilika asked that we take this to the news lists for further discussion. THL Lewina stated that we need to check corpora on this. HSH Eilika stated that the kingdom does allow this. Lady Moira asked if we want to write into law or should this be at the discretion of the current royals. HSH Eilika said lets put into policy not law.

Lady Moira stated that as the Northwatch account is now under the Principality, we need to change the Principality law to read that the Kingdom Exchequer conducts the audit. Moved, Seconded, Approved

  • Principality pavilion
  • Lady Sian said it is easier to keep track of written blazons rather than pictures for the dags. Lady Moira said there is a really nice form to do this now. Lady Moira said we still owe the fund half of what we paid for the pavilion. Lady Moira said going to really push to get this done

  • Officer Expense Funds
  • Lady Moira said that when she took over the exchequers office, Master Price (Robert Kearns) Interim Exchequer and Mistress Guenievre du Dragon Vert (Jennifer Carlson) former Principality Seneschal, had given her a breakdown sheet of which office has an expense fund and its current balance, but is hadn't been voted on. Specifically the sheet details that all the officer funds are by calendar year and not by reign. Lady Moira said we can adjust the books or change things as to how we do this. She said she would like a policy on who can do what when. She also said that telephone calls, printing, and postage expenses are covered by these funds but, not rooms, gas, food. THL Lewina said that the law states the seneschal has a Kingdom travel fund, Principality fund plus an office account. The Principality fund is per reign and all others are by calendar year. THL Lewina suggests we need a clause to pro-rate this. Lady Moira said she thinks these should be handled by quarter. THL Lewina would have to talk to kingdom to see if we could do this. Lord Aidan sends a check to Lady Moira and then she disburses it.

  • Greater Officer Funds
  • The question is should these funds run reign to reign or calendar. Lady Moira asked, do we keep expenses just for office expenses or do we add gas, travel, meals, etc. HSH Tristan said funds are so low it doesn't make a big difference. HSH Eilika asked if the funds are currently calendar year or per reign. THL Lewina stated that this was discussed in previous meetings but never acted on. HSH Eilika stated that money is currently disbursed per calendar year and do we want it per reign; and do we have funds to do this. HSH Tristan said lets make it 100 per reign. Lady Moira moved to change books to reflect per reign and that travel will be included. Moved, Seconded, Approved

HE Fiona has a receipt for copying the poll results of $47. Moved, Seconded, Approved to pay the remaining $7 not covered by donations.

  • Miscellaneous
  • THL Lewina said this was old business. We discussed the voting and responsibilities of deputies reporting to the Greater Officers. She reviewed corpora, and the lesser officers are responsible to their Kingdom superiors and the Coronet and are required to report to both.

Next Meetings

  • Lub Sochial 9/9 -
  • Moved, Seconded, Approved to close meeting.

Posted by: Elaine de Beauchamp Council Secretary (KLO) on 7/7/2000

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