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Stallari Minutes September through November 2017

E-list Stallari minutes: 9/1/17 – 11/30/17
An agenda for the Stallari meeting to be held at Fall 2017 Coronation was set, and officers were reminded to bring warrants to Coronation to be signed. 
   1. Their Royal Majesties
      a. Introduce the new Kingdom Exchequer
      b. Talk about Emergency deputies
   2. Polaris Herald
      a. I have approved our last herald change outstanding and the warrants on the website are all correct. 
      b. Iohannes does have a paper officer change form dated for the December change over date for him as Laurel has requested a paper form signed and sent in.  
      c. All open offices have been filled, reporting has been good.
   3. Kingdom Seneschal
      a. Crown and Coronation bids
      b. Disaster Relief Coordinator Position 
      c. Exchequer policy and groups: discussion on this requirement in Corpora: “No two signatories on the same account may share the same address or be immediately related."
   4. Items from other officers:  Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences, Kingdom Earl Marshal, Kingdom Webminister, and Kingdom Chronicler

Seneschal: Eysteinn was unable to attend Crown because of mundane events. She confirmed she could appoint a deputy; THL Aneira Applegate agreed to fill in.
Discussion was opened and is ongoing on two law changes:  the first about having Kingdom Champions, the second about Stallari Council meeting requirements.

Webminister: Abelard advised of the upcoming Web host update and the increase in price of $1/month.

Chronicler: Belle requested the Council to approve her suggestion of a replacement chronicler in case her fighter won Fall Crown and she had to step down.  Council approved.

A&S: Eithni submitted the name of Annetje van Leuven to take over the position of KMOAS in February.  Council approved.

Exchequer: Baroness Apollonia submitted her resignation as Kingdom Exchequer.  Council accepted. Master Michael St Christian was approved as interim exchequer.
Michael submitted the name of Dyonisia Buleheued for Kingdom Exchequer Emergency Deputy.  Council approved, and suggested the position of Kingdom Exchequer be advertised in the Northwatch.
Michael found Northshield window clings and CDs of music recorded by Northshield bards among the exchequer boxes. He suggested they be used for a travel fund fundraiser.  Council approved.
Polaris Herald: Meredith was contacted by a Laurel’s apprentice from Calontir who was given a quest: to learn who is the oldest person in the SCA to win Crown for the first time.  In Northshield that honor belongs to our current royals, Kaydian and Cassandra.

KEM: The Archery Handbook was outdated, had formatting issues, and was missing some items.  Crispin worked on it, and Lars submitted it to the Council for commentary. 
Constable of the Cavalry, Bridei nic Gillechattan, requested that an internal fund be established for the Northshield Cavalry starting with the amount of $372.50, which was raised at an equestrian fund-raising sale at WW in 2014. Discussion ongoing.

Other business: 
The Council received 3 bids for Spring 2018 Crown.  After discussion, the bid was awarded to the incipient shire forming in Marshall, MN.
The Council received 2 bids for Spring 2018 Coronation.  After discussion, the bid was awarded to Jararvellir.
The Council received 1 bid for the Kingdom A&S Competition.  The bid was awarded to Jararvellir.
The King and Queen requested and were approved travel funds for the following events:
      HRM Cassandra to attend Honor Over Glory in the shire of Skerjastrond.
      HRM Kaydian to attend Middle Kingdom’s coronation in South Bend, IN.

The Shire of Silfren Mere requested use of the 2nd Saturday in December 2017 to host HRH Luce’s Princess Sleeve Tournament.  Council approved.
The Shire of Rokecliff requested they be allowed to use the Kingdom name for a dance seminar to be held in April 2018.  Council approved.
The barony of Caer Anterth Mawr requested use of the 2nd weekend in June 2018 for Border Skirmish.  Council approved.
Aibhilin requested the Council take an official vote to allow the page program to be started in Northshield.  Approval will make the program a kingdom activity and allow a handbook to be written.  Council approved.
Next Stallari Council meeting is set for Nordskogen’s 12th Night. 

Minutes submitted by Domina Berenice Calvina 8/31/2017.

Posted by: Berenice Calvina Council Secretary (KLO) on 12/8/2017

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