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Minutes from 6-25-00 - Northshield Coronet

Stallari Meeting Minutes

June 25, 2000 - Post-Coronet - Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr

(Meeting held at the UWM Student Union)

In Attendance:

HSH Tristan von Eisig (Darren Chermack), Prince of Northshield; HSH Eilika von Lutzen (Jennifer Duncan), Princess of Northshield; HE Saeric Scireham (Steve Traylor), Lord Heir of Northshield, HE Yasamin al-Hadiyya, (Stephanie Skaff) Lady Heir of Northshield;, THL Lewina of Sussex (Lauretta Wenger), Seneschal, THL Julio Ga'vn (James Kruse) Earl Marshal, THL Richard of Cumberland (Richard Darnell), Polaris Herald, HE Fiona nic Aoidh (Lorine Horvath), MoA/S, Lady Moira McVey (Mary Kay Roberts) Exchequer, Lady Sian verch Gruffydd (Amanda Whiteley), Chirurgeon, Lady Ravenna, Incoming Chronicler.

Minutes taken by Baroness Marisela the Vintner (Barbara White-Coenen), Stallari Council Secretary.

The meeting was called to order at 9:40 a.m.

I. Minutes from 5/12/00 meeting

E.5.B was corrected to read that the coronet bid should go to the Seneschal and Royalty and not to Baroness Daria. The minutes were then approved.

II. Their Serene Highnesses

  • A. Introductions
    1. HSH Tristan discussed what he would like the purpose of the Stallari meetings to be. He requested that any discussion & proposals be presented over email with completion at Stallari. HSH Eilika also prefers that all pros/cons be done via email or face-to-face to get us working together and to encourage officers to not sit in a niche. HSH Tristan stated that meetings lose effectiveness in 1-2 hours and that more well thought out thinking can take place on-line.
    2. HSH Tristan stated that we as royalty will interact with Stallari. "You are not our staff you are our counsel." HSH Eilika stated we want you to always feel comfortable to give us counsel.
    3. HSH Eilika requested introduction and HE Marisela and Lady Ravenna were introduced.
  • B. Award Laws review
    1. HSH Tristan discussed their awards proposal. He stated they received less opposition regarding the change in the sheriffs & constables than expected. But due to the opposition to the two tiers they have decided to back off on a lower tier. They propose one single order for the marital arts. The intent is to close the sheriffs & constables and to open a new martial order. The question most often asked was whether any sheriff / constable will be grand fathered- the answer is no. We chose to close this o rder rather than grandfather it. Any new additions will be to the new order. HSH Eilika stated feedback shows it is divisive to keep two orders. HSH Tristan ran this past Kingdom Curia and they said go with it. The next step is to complete their comments and correct typos. They requested any comments now so that this may be finalized and read into law at Warrior and Warlords Day. HSH Eilika stated that Maestra Arrianna Llwyd (Mariless Lloyd) Kingdom Seneschal has reviewed this. HSH Eilika suggested that THL Lewina contact her to discuss implications to kingdom / principality law if there are any concerns. HSH Tristan stated their intent is to have a baldric with gold griffin for this order. They discussed badges to allow maximum amount of latitude to the individual to do it in their own style but to remain easily recognizable. The name is being discussed with the heralds. Eisingwache (Iron Watch) being discussed but not register able.
  • C. Northshield Encampment at Pennsic
    1. HSH Eilika stated not enough people are pre-registered at Pennsic to have enough common area for the pavilion. They looked into renting a pavilion but too expensive. Also, their camping spot not is guaranteed. One of the Coopers moved onto last years spot so they're not sure where Northshield will be and its unsure if there will be enough space for the 30" x 50" pavilion. She said that right now there are sixty pre-registrations. Master Isaac de Hugo will be sponsoring a Northshield rapier tourney at P ennsic. We need to staff water-bearers. THL Julio said he would talk to Master Isaac. The Known World Party is to be held in Royal. HSH Eilika wants Northshield regalia everywhere. For the Northshield Open House, HSH, Tristan and Eilika have invited all Royalty from the other Principalities.

III. Their Excellencies

  • A. Welcome
    1. HSH Tristan & Eilika welcomed their new heirs.
  • B. Coronet
    1. The next coronet location has been approved for Coldenhale. HSH Eilika asked if Their Excellencies have seen the bid. HE Yasamin said they have a tentative menu. HSH Tristan stated that they would need a new password for hushmail.
    2. THL Julio stated the coronet site has 2 gyms and is located in Mission, SD. Hotel space is within 30 minutes of the site. Lady Catalina, Autocrat will look into SCA blocks. Reservations have to be made early as deer hunting season opens the same weekend. The site is bigger than the Boars Head site. Site is free so there is no financial risk to the Principality. Feast is the only real expense. They are looking to seat 100-200 people. THL Richard felt there would probably be more people sitting feast due to the isolation. Feast would cost around the same as this last one. HE Yasamin proposed a lower feast (bread, cheese, etc) to keep people from having to leave the site. THL Julio stated that being a server is an option for a lower cost feast. THL Lewina stated that hotels are significantly cheaper which should offset some of the travel cost.

IV. Old Business

  • A. Straw Poll
    1. HE Saeric is interested in the discussion on the Kingdom Straw Poll. HSH Tristan is excited about the results we got back and plans on the raw numbers to be posted in a week. Numbers are of mild interest as compared to the reasoning behind them. Obviously we are going to proceed somehow. We need to proceed at a reasonable pace. When the raw numbers are posted they will include how HSH Tristan & Eilika intend to proceed on the results. The questions are: What do we need to do to go ahead? What do we nee d to change now before starting?
    2. HSH Eilika said we need to deal with perceived problems within the Northshield.
    3. HSH Tristan doesn't think people understand the logistics. He plans to form a think tank this summer to define lists which will tell us what we need to take care of now before we start the process. This will help us establish the pace of progress to Kingdom.
    4. At this point, HSH Eilika requested that in future Stallari meetings Old Business & New Business should be before officer reports. HSH Tristan & Eilika want to see reports several days before the meeting.
    5. HE Fiona stated that in reviewing the poll results, the further west you go, the greater consolidation in thoughts. Geography is the problem. Culture was also brought up. The perception is that our culture is different from MidRealm but no definition of what our culture is. Some of the reasons stated for not going Kingdom - money and officer problems. HE Fiona also stated that some people put a lot of time in their responses.
    6. THL Lewina suggested that a committee should be a combination of appointed, nominated and volunteers - 10-12 people total. It should include non-going kingdom people also. Information from the poll and Althing can be given to the committee. HSH Eilika stated that the committee chairperson should have a spot on the Stallari and should have a strict way of reporting to Stallari. HSH Tristan suggested the chairperson should be a deputy to the seneschal. THL Lewina asked if HSH Tristan & Eilika want a mo ot at WW to discuss this. HSH Eilika said no as the schedule is too packed at WW, but yes to a moot - perhaps at Armageddon.
  • B. Law Change Proposal
    1. At issue is whether Great Officers will be warranted for 2 years or to correct policy to read they will be warranted to the end of their term of office. It was suggested that the normal term of office for Principality Greater Officers is a period of 2 years. Their term of office may be extended for up to a 3rd year. No Principality officer will serve for a continuous period of more than 3 years. Moved, Seconded, Approved.
  • C. Procedure Suggestions for Policy with Regards to Email Business
    1. Lady Moira stated that the Board of Directors strictly prohibits business being done over email. It was discussed and decided that the Seneschal will be responsible to read into the meeting a summary of email to be recorded as part of the official minutes. HSH Eilika would like a call to confirm if it is legal to vote on email as Kingdom Curia does it. THL Lewina feels that if everyone is aware of the issue being voted on then the vote can be taken via e-mail
  • D. Scroll of Honor
    1. HSH Eilika wants a policy stating that each coronet is supposed to commission one page of the book as the Scroll of Honor for their reign. It was suggested to make it policy so that a reign isn't caught by surprise. HE Fiona suggested that we need a book that we could add leaves to. HE Saeric asked "Who would be interested in doing this for us?" and it was suggested to talk to the Regalia Minister. HE Fiona stated that what we have now is a bound book. THL Lewina knows who made the book and could reque st to have it unbound. It was decided that this would make it too like a photo/scrap book. HE Fiona thinks that Mistress Margaret Malise (Melissa Vigil) has the book. She doesn't believe a page has been added since HE Tarrach Alfsson (David Horvath) and HE Fiona had their reign. She said we need to talk to Mistress Margaret and get the book and decide what to do. HSH Eilika feels we should vote on adding this to policy. Moved, Seconded, Approved.
    2. Lady Ravenna suggested we get the dimensions and paper to mount into the book.
    3. HE Saeric wanted to know who would be responsible for the book. HSH Tristan suggested the signet. HE Saeric stated that once pages are commissioned, page should be published on the Northshield Hall. THL Richard agrees that the signet should be responsible for the book. HSH Eilika said the signet can have specific mounting procedures available.

V. Great Officers

  • A. Seneschal

    1. Principality Events Proposal
      • a) HSH Tristan stated that when a Principality event is held, the profits from the event should be split 50%-50% between the host group and the Principality. He said that if you talk to Lilies, they don't have a split written in their policy but it is an unstated rule. HSH Eilika thinks this is already done with WW. Lady Moira said that if it's not written then its not guaranteed and we need to look to future.
      • b) HSH Tristan we need to track the record of participation of donating to the Principality from events held over the last couple years.
      • c) THL Richard wants groups to cover the cost of the site.
      • d) HSH Eilika stated that the Principality would usually cover part of the loss.
      • e) HE Fiona stated that she feels we should leave this open - people can be generous without feeling pushed. THL Lewina said that we could say no less than 20%. Lady Moira said let's leave it at 50-50 because it's profit. If Principality fronts the money then it's not putting a burden on the host group. The group can always give more but they also should be able to petition to ask to give less in the case of hardship. HSH Tristan wants a Principality event to be a tool that a group can flourish with. HE Fiona stated that we need to review the bid to make sure it is realistic. The Stallari can help with this. Lady Moira stated that the actual bid is the seneschal's or deputy seneschal's responsibility. THL Lewina stated that this would be a clause under Law 1030 and that the group could petition if 50% poses a hardship. HSH Eilika feels that a group should donate at least 50% of profits for Principality events.
    2. Reporting Concerns
      • a) THL Lewina said we need to start setting deadlines for responses to make sure things get accomplished in time. She said officers need to respond even if they have no report to make sure that everyone is receiving the communications. HSH Eilika agrees and thinks that email is a good method to communicate.
    3. Change of Office Procedures
      • a) THL Lewina stated that some change of office procedures are stated but some are not i.e. - all letters from applicants should be shared with the Stallari council and that deadlines for applications should be set and published. HSH Tristan agreed that by next meeting this should be done and should be sent out for proposal.
    4. Job Descriptions for Lesser Officers
      • a) HSH Eilika asked if there are reporting deadlines for lesser officer or deputies?
      • b) Lady Moira asked if your deputy is your choice or appointed? It makes a difference in working with them.
      • c) HE Fiona stated that if you miss two meetings and don't send a deputy, this is cause for removal from office and has been the policy.
      • d) THL Julio stated that I have deputies that I have no authority over. They report to me as a courtesy. Lady Moira stated if we have to report at the next meeting, why couldn't we set it so that the deputies have to report two weeks prior to that. HSH Eilika stated that if they are reporting to their Kingdom superior they could copy us. HE Fiona stated that we can't force them to copy us. THL Lewina said that at a curia we could ask that it be made a requirement of that office to send a copy to the P rincipality.
  • B. Earl Marshal

    1. Clarification on Lesser Officers
      • a) Viscount Myles Blackheath (Michael Reeseman) Kingdom Earl Marshal, was asked who are the official Lesser Officers. THL Julio was told that Scouting / Archery are part of the armored combat realm and HE Myles has moved away from these as Lesser Officers. However, there is a Chief of Artillery. THL Julio wants consistency in how Lesser Officers are reported and published. His preference is to follow the Kingdom model. He also feels that like Kingdom we should include the Lesser Officers in the North watch. HSH Eilika still would like them to communicate with their Kingdom superior. THL Julio stated that the Scout Marshal is being phased out at the Kingdom level. THL Julio will draft the law change and put it out on the net for discussion. HE Fiona stated that have already voted to let Julio bring it in line with Kingdom. Moved, Seconded, Approved.
    2. Fighters cards
      • a) The discussion on fighter card was tabled. THL Julio stated that it is being discussed that when printing Northshield fighters cards to combine all the martial arts on one card.
    3. Equestrian
      • a) THL Julio thinks we can finally give Her Excellency, Viscountess Kassandra Tenebrosa (Kristie Charron) a break as Equestrian Marshal after five years of service. There is a new marshal, Lady Anna Z Pertstein who is willing to take it over. Moved, Seconded, Approved. THL Julio stated she is an official lesser officer and that Kingdom makes the final decision. He will inform HE Kassandra and Curia on this and the Kingdom will inform them.
    4. Clerk of the Roster
      • a) This office has been changing once per year because of burnout. There are presently two applicants. HSH Tristan expressed concern regarding the high burnout and stated that there must be a better way to do things than it exists now. Let's use technology to our advantage and think of a way to improve the process to decrease the burnout.
      • b) THL Julio stated that the applicants are: Lord Gareth the Black and Lord Godfrey de Brugge (Michael Heng). The applicant needs to be able to do database input and issue cards. HSH Eilika requested that THL Julio make the decision.
    5. Incident at Lusty Day
      • a) THL Julio stated that a Lusty Day there was a serious accident with a siege weapon. Someone used a bowling ball in the weapon and the sling broke sending the bowling ball into a camp. HSH Tristan stated that he thought it was restricted to the archery field only. HE Yasamin stated that even if siege weapons are restricted to the archery range, she's not sure it will help in conditions like this. The rules for this are being developed but those for siege weapons have not been set yet. HE Saeric aske d at what level are the rules being determined? THL Julio stated the rules are determined at Kingdom. HE Saeric stated that he was concerned about inspecting siege weapons. THL Julio stated that the rules are in place for siege weapons in armored combat but not for archery yet. Lady Sian stated that she is an Archery Marshal but doesn't understand the process of inspecting a siege weapon. HSH Eilika expressed concern that they're out there without rules and procedures. HSH Tristan stated that there is a ne ed to address these issues without completely restricting the weapons use. HSH Tristan & Eilika both stated that they feel a need to completely restrict siege weapons until the rules are in force.
  • C. Minister of Arts and Sciences

    1. HE Fiona wants to concentrate on lots of other ways for A&S to happen in the Principality other than formal A&S. We need another venue for people. Instead of one A&S champion, she would like to see a May A&S winner serve as Principality Champion. Then for the following reign, another champion could be chosen but from another venue. HSH Eilika asked what do the Principality A&S Champions do? HE Fiona stated that they are a visible presence and that they shouldn't be a personal champion but should be a N orthshield champion. HSH Eilika would like to have a craft person fair. HE Fiona would like the Kingdoms craft persons fair brought to the Principality level. Doesn't have to be specifically a craft demo, but could be something like how to cover an ice chest, etc. Lady Moira suggested that it be run at Boars Head or at Nordskogen. HE Saeric suggested a guildhall approach instead of classes, where a specific place at an event is set up for people to do their craft so that others and see and do it.
  • D. Chronicler

    1. Lady Ravenna will be contacting Lord Roger de Bar regarding the files, etc. She asked if she is supposed to contact a shipper or is she supposed to go and get the risograph?
    2. Lady Moira stated that Northwatch financial reporting should be through the exchequer's office and that no chronicler should hold their own funds. Moved, Seconded, Approved.
    3. Lady Moira stated that the risograph company wouldn't take a letter from us stating we are tax exempt. The risograph was purchased in Minnesota.
    4. Lady Moira that advised the concerning the Northwatch subscriptions, some are paid years in advance. She would like to see them paid on an annual basis. HSH Eilika asked if we would pro-rate? Lady Moira stated yes. She said she would be willing to draft a letter to extended subscribers stating that we will only subscribe by calendar year and offering them refunds. THL Richard asked if we send checks back do we need to send renewal notices? THL Lewina stated that we need to publish the change with a sta ndardized renewal form. Lady Ravenna asked who would get these forms and could it be set up that she gets sent mailing labels? THL Lewina then stated that she would like the Northwatch deadline date to be in line with the Pale deadline. HE Fiona stated that we need to also make sure that the calendar deadline matches the Pale. She said that if Kingdom awards are given and not published in the Pale that they then have to be re-read into court. THL Lewina stated the other purpose would be to prevent small ev ents from getting missed in the Pale. Moved, Seconded, Approved.
    5. Lady Moira asked that a response be sent from the Chronicler verifying that a submission / report to the Northwatch has been received
    6. Lady Moira asked about the third class mailing, as the permit that Lord Roger was using will not work, as it is not issued by state but by specific post office. HSH Eilika stated she would like a cost comparison between first and third class. HE Marisela the Vintner stated that bulk mail is .256 cents per newsletter. HSH Eilika asked that we explore costs further and that the next issue should be sent first class.
    7. HSH Eilika stated to make sure that the chronicler reports in the Northwatch what she would like to see from the Webminister and to talk to Viscountess Gwyneth about the position.
  • E. Polaris Herald

    1. Clerk of Precedence
      • a) The Clerk of Precedence would like to step down. THL Richard stated that he would like a deadline of approximately mid-September with a decision and changeover probably around October 1st.
    2. Minister of Protocol
      • a) Lord Adrian de Troyes (Chris Olson) has stepped down as Minister of Protocol. No applications have been received. Lady Sian stated that she hasn't seen a job description for this position. THL Richard stated that the full description was put in the July issue of the Northwatch.
      • b) HSH Eilika suggested a job description be published with the request for applications when placed in the Northwatch. She suggested that maybe a section in the Northwatch could be set up as a help wanted section.
      • c) THL Richard brought up that at the Althing an issue was brought up that the perception of the Northwatch is that it is officer reports for the officers. He said we need to do more to make the Northwatch newsworthy. HSH Eilika suggested bringing this up on the Northshield Hall.
    3. Awards
      • a) THL Richard stated that we need to talk about the other awards. HSH Eilika asked if the Griffins Claw was given out as an award at Coronet. THL Richard said yes.
  • F. Chirurgeon

    1. State of the Office
      • a) There are 20 warranted chirurgeons and nine apprentices. Their cards are written to expire when their certifications expire.
    2. Applicants
      • a) She said she has two applicants for her position, Lady Tatiana Marana Melville (Tonia Heng) and THL Aleksandr Vasilevych Lev (John Kowal). After discussion, it was approved that Lady Tatiana would take over the position with changeover to be at WW. Lady Sian will contact Kingdom and let us know their response via the Stallari Net.
  • G. Exchequer

    1. Non-Reporting Groups
      • a) Only one group is non-reporting with their first quarter report - Silfen Mere. They did do a Domesday. Lady Moira stated she would wait until the 2nd quarter report, which is due the end of July.
    2. Regalia
      • a) HSH Tristan stated that the transfer of regalia went well.
      • b) HSH Eilika stated that they would categorize the regalia and put it in a database as they have two volunteers to do it.
      • c) HSH Eilika stated that Lady Shandar ni Bodhranne (Wendy Blum) has indicated a wish to step down in November.
      • d) HSH Eilika stated that Lady Giovanna has applied for the position. She stated that Lady Moira would have to take care of the publication of the open office in the Northwatch, as this is a lesser officer of the exchequer.
    3. Travel Fund
      • a) Lady Moira asked about the travel fund. She wanted to know what she is to do with it when she receives it. HSH Eilika stated that if dedicated to them than it goes to them. If not, then it goes to the general travel fund. Any extra at the end of a reign rolls into the general fund. She stated that she feels the Prince and Princess should have the choice whether to roll the excess into the heir's fund or the general.
      • b) Lady Moira stated that the turnover period is at WW. She will roll any remaining funds over to the general fund at that time. HSH Tristan & Eilika have money left in the Heirs fund. They must provide receipts or make their rollover choice by WW. Lady Moira asked how do they wish to handle receipts. HSH Tristan & Eilika stated that they would submit them together. Lady Moira stated that she would prefer that for the future, when the Royals or Heirs are not living in the same household that it be des ignated a 50-50 split.
      • c) HSH Eilika suggested that perhaps a signature on the receipt to indicate who gets the payment. THL Lewina stated that at another meeting, she would like Lady Moira to provide a birds eye view of the exchequer's office.
    4. Officer Expenses
      • a) Lady Moira stated that there are no officer funds to provide for expenses such as file cabinets, etc.

VI. Lesser Officer Reports

  • A. Chatelaine
    1. 1. There is a group in North Dakota that is interested in doing a Newcomers seminar but it needs to be checked on, as there might be a scheduling problem. Their date of October 7th may be too close to Turm am der See's date. THL Lewina stated that the Fall Newcomers Seminar in Turm am der See is set for Oct. 28th.

    VII. New Business

    • A. HSH Tristan stated that for information only- a bid has been accepted by the MidRealm for new thrones - 8 thrones including the Northshield. We will receive 4 thrones and a maintenance contract. These are being donated to us by the MidRealm. Delivery dates will be staggered. Also, approximately $4,000 in matching coronets is also in the bidding process at MidRealm.
    • B. HSH Tristan stated that he would like to see some consistency in how donated funds are handled which are intended to reserve Pennsic space. HSH Tristan would like a fund to specifically reserve ghost camp space. He said they just received a check from Nordskogen for donated funds specifically to reserve Pennsic space but too late for this Pennsic.
    • C. Lady Moira stated that Kingdom bought 250 Northshield window clings and that they are selling them a $3 each or 2 for $5. She said we should lower our price.

    VIII. Next Meeting

    • A. The next Stallari meeting has been set for Friday morning at WW. Time and place will be hammered out over email. THL Richard stated that he can't make the morning meeting but will try to send a deputy.

      **[no adjournment time was noted in the submitted minutes]**

      Posted by: Elaine de Beauchamp Council Secretary (KLO) on 6/25/2000

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