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(TW Marshals and MITs - Check the list at the bottom for quick announcements)

Greetings to the good gentles of Northshield.

The summer is passing fast, and there is much going on. We are fortunate to have a number of events with Thrown Weapons coming up, and more are being added as time passes. If you are an Event Steward or know an Event Steward who might want TW at their event, have them contact me or one of the Regional Deputies for TW, and we can help you.

Some of you may see some new weapons showing up at Thrown Weapons from time to time – atlatls, chakram (yes, those discs from Xena, they are period, from India!), and staff slings (also called pole slings). These are experimental weapons for TW, we are trying them out to see if we can play with them safely. Marshals or MITs who would like to work with these weapons, please contact me. (Expect to see more info on this on the web site and in future missives.)

Our program is growing rapidly over time, and part of that is having new people step into leadership positions. I will be stepping down from this office over the winter, and I am seeking applicants for my replacement. Applications should give a summary of your SCA experience, in TW and elsewhere, your plans for the TW program, and whatever other information you feel is relevant. Applications are due by September 30, and should be sent to myself and the Earl Marshal.

Looking forward to a busy summer of fun and throwing, I wish every one a most excellent day.

Important items for TW Marshals and MITs

  • All MITs are responsible for keeping track of their paperwork. We’ve had lots of papers go missing over time, PLEASE try to keep it in some safe place. Suggestion: Make a binder with a copy of the TW Handbook, and keep it in there!
  • All Marshals and MITs should read about the new training process. Information can be found on the Earl Marshal’s web page, under “Additional Information”. Please note that any MITs who started training before September 2004 are “grandfathered” under the Midrealm training process. I will have more information about training expectations for “grandfathered” and “new” MITs on the TW web page by the time you read this.
  • All MITs are now required to attend an MIT training class. This is a new requirement under the Northshield rules, and we are just starting this summer. There will be a class held at Warriors and Warlords on Friday from 5-6 on the TW range. For those who cannot make that class, we will be trying to arrange classes in each region over time. (I strongly recommend all TW Marshals try to attend one of these classes at some point as well, since they will cover the new Northshield rules in detail...)
  • All MITs who started training after last September should have Northshield MIT cards. If you do not have a card, contact me and your Regional Deputy, and we will get you one. (MITs who started before last September should continue to use the old Middle Kingdom form, since you are “grandfathered” until you finish your training)
  • All event reports should be sent to me AND your Regional Deputy for TW within two weeks of the event. We will be following up on events where we know TW happened. (If you ran an event with TW this year and didn’t file a report, now’s a good time to get it out of the way.)
  • All MITs who train at events should be working with a Training Marshal. That marshal should file an MIT Training Report Please note that the Training Marshal can simply be the MIC who worked with an MIT; but it should be made clear before you start working who is the Training Marshal for each MIT, because they are supposed to send the report. I am expecting to see MIT Training Reports for all MITs as they work this summer
  • Forms for all event and training reports can be found online. If you can’t get to the online versions, let me know and I’ll send you paper copies.

Other missives from the Kingdom Thrown Weapons Marshal (KLO)
Posted by: John Bartholomew of Flanders Kingdom Thrown Weapons Marshal (KLO) on 7/1/2005

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