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Greetings from the Archer General,

I hope this missive finds everyone in the kingdom safe and well in the middle of our summer season. First, let’s tend to the old business. Thanks to all those who administered, marshaled and participated in the Winter Shoot program. It is always a great way to keep in practice and compare your scores to years previous and to the other archers in the realm.

The new kingdom handbook is online in the marshals section of Remember that you need three sections to have the complete handbook; administrative, the Northshield archery book and the Societies’ handbook. In order to make downloading and revising easier we no longer have just one giant handbook. Most of the rules for participants are the same as before but some things have changed for MIT’s. There is now a tracking system that a training marshal fills out for the MIT for each of the four sets of signatures required. These are forwarded to the Regional deputies and used to evaluate the prospective marshal. MIT’s are requires to report semiannually just like warranted marshals. Group MIT’s are now possible so a group can have limited practices without having a fully warranted marshal present as in the past. These are some of the high points so be sure to read the new handbook and note the changes.

This year will be over before I know it so it is time for me to start looking for a replacement to take over after the Dec, 1st Domesday report. As AG, you are basically responsible for the overall safety standards of the Northshield archery program. This is making sure that marshals are up to speed on the rules and procedures and to make sure that the MIT’s are qualified to be warranted. You and the Regional Deputies also act as facilitators to help shires create archery programs, make sure archery can be part of an event if so requested and help monitor the safety programs at events you attend. The AG reports to the KEM and to the Society Archery Marshal on a quarterly basis, and compiles the semiannual reports from the Regionals. You must possess tact, diplomacy, common sense and the responsibility to get paperwork done on time.

There are also going to be two openings for Regional Deputies as well. This is for the East and the Central portions of the Kingdom. The job description is basically the same but the scale is somewhat smaller and you only report to the Archer General. I also wish to thank all three of my Regionals for the excellent job they have done so far and the fact it has made my job so much easier and enjoyable. As always, I am grateful that the marshals and participants in this Kingdom are so safety oriented and I thank you for your vigilance. So go and shoot safely, shoot well, shoot often and I shall see you throughout the summer.

Yours in Service to the Dream,
THL Hrothgar the Lucky

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Posted by: Hrothgar the Lucky Kingdom Archer General (KLO) on 7/1/2005

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