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Minutes from 5-12-00 - Lusty Day

Stallari Meeting Minutes

May 12, 2000 - Lusty Day in May - Shire of Western Keep

Meeting held in THL Julio Gav'an's pavilion

In Attendance:

HSH Kelinda Garrett (Jane Ann Kerr), Princess of Northshield; HE Tristan von Eisig (Darren Chermack), Lord Heir of Northshield; HE Eilika von Lutzen (Jennifer Duncan), Lady Heir of Northshield; Mistress Guenievre du Dragon Vert (Jennifer Dark), Seneschal; THL Richard Morgan of Cumberland (Richard Darnell), Polaris Herald; Viscountess Fiona nic Aoidh (Lorine Horvath), Incoming MOAS; THL Julio Gav'an (James Kruse), Principality Earl Marshal; Lady Sian verch Gruffydd (Amanda Whiteley), Chirurgeon.

Not in Attendance:

HSH Gaylen the Smiling (Ross Kerr), Prince of Northshield; Lady Moira McVey (Mary Kay Roberts), Exchequer; Lord Roger de Bar (Roger Martell), Chronicler.

Lesser Officers in Attendance:

Lady Tarja Rahikkainen (Gayle Bitker), Fundraising Coordinator

Minutes taken by Lady Elaine du Beauchamp (Elizabeth Pemberton), Stallari Council Secretary.

The meeting was called to order at 10:35 AM.

I. Minutes

Minutes from 3/11/00 Meeting Passed as submitted.

II. Their Serene Highnesses

  • A. Awards
    1. THL Richard reported that according to the old books, there is no reason the name for the Award of the Griffin's Claw should not pass, and there are no conflicts. New books have just arrived, and he will check them today. With the understanding that the submission process takes about six months, SH Kelinda directed THL Richard to begin the process.
    2. Badges for the Hearthstead and Crwth are at Laurel, and will be ruled upon in June. HSH Kelinda directed THL Richard to call Laurel immediately after the June meeting about these badges rather than waiting for the published results. The badge for the Northern Cross is still in Kingdom, and will go to Laurel in the next letter of intent. The names and badges for the martial orders and for the Aegis all depend on any changes made to the award structure. The badge for the Nordbandr is in the design pr ocess, based upon a Germanic rune meaning "warrior."
    3. Their Serene Highnesses will be awarding the Throne Favor as a royal whim rather than registering it.

  • B. Runnymede
    HSH Gaylen has not put together a proposal for this event as yet. General ideas include an emphasis on melee and army-oriented tournaments and team formation. One possible team-forming strategy would be based on a point system, wherein each team could have a maximum of 15 points, and each class of fighter counts for a certain number of points - knights would be 5, etc.
    The event should be a rotating Principality event; rotation could go to whichever army wins, even if an army outside of Northshield or the MidRealm wins.

  • C. Armageddon
    HSH Kelinda reported that Border Downs wants Armageddon to be a Principality event, and a proposal for this will be forthcoming. HE Eilika noted that there is a template for this on the web, designed by Glen Avhenn in Meridies.

  • D. Regalia
    1. HSH Kelinda indicated that so far, no one has stepped forward to create new regalia. It was noted that Northshield has never had many artisans involved in the jewelry arts, although a new gentle moving to Nordskogen may be an option. Another person from whom to commission coronets would be Master Lothar in Kentucky, who made the ornate "new" MidRealm crowns, although this would cost approximately $1,200 per coronet. Lady Tarja mentioned that as a method to pay for such coronets, proceeds from the " Pie-a-Peer" contest at WW this year could be designated for regalia.
    2. The thrones will be returned to their maker for repair at Crown Tourney (May 28) and should be returned by Coronet Tourney (June 24.) TE Tristan and Eilika will ask Their Excellencies Nordskogen (Jeff and Nancy Cuno-Schmitz, Minneapolis, MN) if Northshield can borrow Nordskogen's traveling thrones in the interim.

III. Their Excellencies

  • A. Awards Structure Changes - Proposal
    1. Their Excellencies are working on the proposal and have compiled feedback from across Northshield. They have no comment at this time except to say that serious modifications to the original proposal are occurring.

    2. Their Excellencies asked the Stallari's opinion on empowering shires to give out official favors. HE Fiona noted that she and HE Tarrach (Dave Horvath, Fargo, ND) asked about this during Their reign, and were told that since shires have no representative of the Crown and therefore no Crown authority, it would have to be done as a Principality award given by the Coronet in the name of the shire. It was mentioned that Mare Amethystinum currently awards a favor each year. Mistress Guenievre will check the laws on this matter and will discuss procedures with Mare Amethystinum, as no one at the meeting knew how they decide who gets the favor. Their Excellencies will consider this information before proceeding, as They do not wish to introduce potential turmoil in shires.

  • B. Regalia/Regalia Minister
    1. A thorough and complete regalia audit is badly needed. Mistress Guenievre will ask Lady Moira to instruct Lady Shandar to complete this audit by Coronet Tourney (June 24).Their Excellencies indicated that whether or not an audit is completed, They would take photos and do the necessary documentation of the transfer of regalia from TSE's Gaylen and Kelinda to Themselves at Coronet. Following the audit, it may be a good idea to display the entire body of regalia at WW, as there are several items, which seldom or never travel and would not otherwise ever be seen by the populace.
    2. Several items are un-accounted for. Although HE Isabelle (Kymberli Berg, Minneapolis, MN) turned in the "coffin" boxes for the Prince and Princess' thrones and the Princess' tabard, TSH Gaylen and Kelinda never received them. Some of the newer banners are also missing; HE Fiona indicated that she has recently found some items stored since the reign in their garage and these banners may be among them, and she will check on this.

IV. Great Officers

  • A. Principality Earl Marshal

    1. Laws and Revisions
      THL Julio moved that the office of Minister of the Lists should be re-named the Clerk of the Roster to follow recent MidRealm law revisions. This was passed unanimously.
    2. Chief of Artillery
      The MidRealm has a lesser officer position, the Chief of Artillery, which supervises siege weapons and combat archery. THL Julio currently has a personal deputy for this, Lord Matthew Smallwood (Matt Hajicek, Minneapolis, MN) and proposes that Northshield create this as an official position. After discussion, it was decided that the Chief of Artillery will be a lesser officer, thereby required to report, subject to review, etc., and congruent to the MidRealm's structure. Lady Sian also suggested that th e Principality Waterbearer should be a lesser officer. THL Richard noted that the lesser officer list in the Principality Laws has the Marshal's regional deputies listed, and asked if they should be removed from this list and numbered elsewhere.
    3. Fencing - Mask Testers
      Lord Dorian (Robert Jackson III, St. Paul, MN), PMOF, has requested mask-testing devices to be used at events, as they are more reliable than hand-testing, the current procedure. A certain vendor will provide these devices at the discounted rate of $40 each to warranted marshals. Ideally, Northshield would have four, one each for the PMOF and the three regional deputy MOF's, and fencers would be encouraged to seek out one of the testers each year in case they don't run across one at an event. Inspection stickers are a possibility. The Stallari asked for details on how Lord Dorian would implement this, and also for statistics on how many masks, which have passed with hand-testing fail the device test. No vote was taken on funding at this time, but it was decided that THL Julio would support a tester from his budget to help gather data about the need for testers.
    4. Archery
      THL Robin (Greg Young, Winnipeg, MAN), PMOA, has approved the archery challenge received from Schattentor. The Stallari also gave their approval. Their Excellencies Tristan and Eilika would like to have a full championship/challenge at WW, where the two Northshield champions to be sent to the MidRealm championships and Their personal champion(s) would be chosen.
    5. Cards
      The Clerk of the Roster could print and provide authorization cards, and THL Julio asked for a budget item to cover these costs, noting that this would be a good preparation for financial matters as a kingdom. Northshield might be able to design its own card, and HE Myles (Michael Reeseman, West Chester, OH), Kingdom Marshal, has suggested an "uber-card" which would have areas for all styles, authorizations, etc. Much discussion on card styles and costs followed, including using the risograph and TE Trist an's mention of plastic cards which would cost $1.00 each to make and would be more durable than paper cards. THL Julio will research costs and fighter numbers and report back with the results.
      THL Julio would also like to create a separate database of Northshield martial participants. He has been told by the MidRealm curia that Northshield can't do this independently, but may maintain one that is redundant with the MidRealm database. Mistress Guenievre noted that even a redundant database could be useful, especially one that includes all martial activities. Lord Aubrey Swyftwater (Steve Monthony, Minneapolis, MN) will assist THL Julio in this project.
    6. Armored Combat
      • a. TRM's of the Outlands will be attending Quest for Camelot. THL Julio will be Marshal-in-Charge and will help to smooth out any problems that might occur.
      • b. TRM's of the MidRealm have graciously allowed Northshield to issue Marshal warrants for all discipline areas. THL Julio is currently re-issuing warrants to all marshals this month.
    7. Scouting
      Lord Raoul (Andrew Barnes, Sioux Falls, SD), Chief of Scouts, reports that with the required shift of all scouts from level 1 to level 2, scouting is nearly inactive in Northshield (less than half a dozen scouts). We are working on ideas to re-invigorate the scouting program.
  • B. Exchequer - reported by Mistress Guenievre and Lady Tarja

    1. A motion was made to provide the fundraisers with cash boxes containing $25 in floating cash at all times; the motion was approved unanimously.
    2. A motion to reimburse Lord Stephen of Edgermont, an instructor at the War College, $50.00 for travel expenses was introduced and approved. It was noted that as this was an event expense normally covered in the event budget and submitted as a receipt item with other event expenses.
    3. Only Trewint has not reported; their exchequer may be at the event, and THL Julio will check today.
    4. Gweniver Kenwyn of Roseveth (Jennifer McNitt, Roseville, MN) has replaced Lady Jondalara (Laura Fenske, Milwaukee, WI) as pavilion fundraiser, following Lady Jondalara's resignation.
    5. Regarding the notification of Lady Catalina (Tanya Kruse, Mission, SD) as fundraiser, Lady Moira reminded the Stallari that the fundraisers are deputies rather than lesser officers, and so may be appointed by the Exchequer without confirmation by the Stallari, although the Stallari should be informed of such decisions as a courtesy.
    6. The "Pie-a-Peer" fundraiser will consist of peers either bringing a pie to auction off or serving as targets for pie throwing. Viscountess Gwyneth (Linda Moore, Milwaukee, WI) will be helping with this activity, to be held at WW. Proceeds could be designated for regalia or for a 50/50 split between regalia and the trust fund. The regular raffle will also be held, with proceeds to be split 50% for the general fund, 25% for TSH's travel fund, and 25% for TE's travel fund.
  • C. Chronicler - reported by Mistress Guenivere and HE Eilika

    1. There are three applicants and a potential fourth. The deadline for applications is 5/31/00.
    2. As Lord Roger is going to Lilies, there is an early deadline for the June Northwatch.
  • D. Minister of Arts and Sciences

    1. HE Fiona reported on behalf of Mistress Libbet that there were more participants in the Northshield regional A&S Faire than in any other region; Northshield had 80 entries and Pentamere, for example, had 15. This is typical. All of the Pentathlon entries at Kingdom will be from Northshield. There were approximately 125 attendees at the Faire. The Stallari agree that making the Faire a principality event would be a good idea.
    2. Mistress Libbet will be stepping down as soon as possible - immediately after Crown Tournament.
    3. HE Eilika has been discussing education with Mistress Libbet. Overall, there is lots of education in Northshield, and this is very good. They agree that education should be more widespread than just RUM, without undermining RUM or the Collegiums, which are being organized by Viscountess Therica (Ann Nielsen, Rochester, MN). Mistress Libbet would like to hold moots to see what the populace wants regarding education; HE Eilika requested a proposal for these moots.
  • E. Seneschal

    1. All Domesday reports are in; Svaty Sebesta is no longer in abeyance.
    2. THL Owen has just set up the e-mail aliases on the web site for Royalty and officers. Everyone should check to see if they work.
    3. The new Seneschal will be THL Lewina of Sussex (Lauretta Wenger, Milwaukee, WI.) This will be officially announced at Quest for Camelot and the changeover will occur at Coronet.
    4. A committee is working on the straw poll. HSH Gaylen wants this out as soon as possible, including a seneschals' mailing, the Northwatch and on the Northshield Hall, with results to be announced at Coronet. The questions, per HE Tarrach, are as follows: 1. Do you want Northshield to become a kingdom? (Y/N); 2. With the understanding that the process takes 1-3 years, should we start the process immediately? (Y/N); and 3. Are you a member of the SCA? (Y/N) Provide member #: HE Eilika mentioned that the Heirs' main question is that since Northshield will become a kingdom eventually, why the push to do it now? What is Northshield missing or not doing correctly that being a kingdom would fix? Lady Sian suggested that lines for reasons for answers be added under each question; HE Fiona will have HE Tarrach do this, and the poll will be sent to the Northshield Hall and the Northwatch on Monday, May 14.

      Mistress Guenievre will run labels for seneschals and do the mailing at Quest for Camelot; the return address will be HE's Tarrach and Fiona. No e-mail replies will be accepted, and there will be a mailing reply deadline. HE Fiona will be asking Baron Caradoc (Ross Quinn-Davis, Minneapolis, MN) to do the collating. Seneschals will be encouraged to do a membership drive in conjunction with the straw poll, emphasizing that whenever an official vote is taken only members can vote. They should also emphasi ze that the current poll is not binding, and is only an opinion poll.
    5. Deputies
      • a. THL Lewina is working on the Althing.
      • b. THL Daria Tayt (Susan Tatreaux, Milwaukee, WI) is working on bids for Coronet/Investiture, and has been asked to be the Principality Event Coordinator; she is considering this, and THL Lewina will follow up.
      • c. M. Guenievre has not discussed the position of Liaison for New Groups with the MidRealm yet.
      • d. Lady Tarja has volunteered to be the Principality Information Officer; this would mirror the MidRealm structure, with the Information Officer a deputy of both the Kingdom Information Officer and the Principality Seneschal. This would also separate the fundraising and information tables, which could be helpful.
      • e. The Principality Minister of Children office will be declared vacant.
      • f. The RUM Regent/Principality Education Minister is a deputy of the Seneschal. This used to be the RUM Regent, a lesser office, but in the December 1998 open laws session it was changed to a deputy. Mistress Guenievre noted that the recent RUM restructuring has effectively abolished this position, and requests that the Stallari remove it from our laws. This was moved and approved unanimously.
  • F. Chirurgeon

    1. 11 of 22 currently certified chirurgeons and 9 of 10 apprentices have reported. This is bad, but reporting is getting better under the threat of warrant pulling. All delinquent warrant-holders have been notified. HE Eilika asked why there are so few chirurgeons, and Lady Sian asked to discuss it with Her Excellency later, as it is a very long, involved topic.
    2. Injuries remain mostly minor and mostly related to poorly fitted/conditioned armor. Otherwise, it is the usual bumps and bruises, kitchen cuts and burns, etc. There was one serious incident involving a dislocated knee in the last quarter. Joint injuries remain a cause for concern due to their potential for lasting, or even permanent, harm. Education regarding prevention is required at all levels and activities.
    3. Some Chirurgeons have mentioned that Marshals are failing to report injuries occurring at practices in a timely manner. This includes injuries requiring medical attention. All such injuries *must* be reported immediately. Chirurgeons should attend fight practices regularly, whenever it is practical. Lady Sian requested that THL Julio reinforce with the marshals the importance of reporting injuries. Without consistent reporting, there is no way to track trends or address the problems those trends i ndicate.
  • G. Polaris Herald

    1. Lord Adrien des Troyes (Chris Olson, Madison, WI.) is stepping down as Minister of Protocol, and is soliciting applications; none have been received yet.
    2. The final edit of the Book of Ceremonies is in the works. THL Richard requested copies of the officers' oaths of service from Their Highnesses, who will provide them.
    3. Heraldry classes at WW will include discussions of the Northshield and MidRealm award structures, and Their Excellencies Nordskogen will teach their "hats" class. HE Tristan suggested that another class could address award recommendations, including the royal perspective, especially that the reasons why someone should get an award are more important than simply recommending a certain person for a certain award.
    4. Lady Tarja indicated that THL Gevehard, the Northshield Signet, will help to update the Order of Precedence. Both HSH Kelinda and HE Fiona stated that THL Gevehard has been invaluable in getting court reports taken care of. HSH Kelinda suggested that we abolish the position of Clerk of Precedence and make this a duty (or deputy) of the Signet. Her Highness also suggested that the MidRealm needs to handle the reporting for Their regency courts, though HE Fiona noted that there are many scribal issues involved that might not make that the ideal solution.
    5. HSH Kelinda stated that the AoA's given by the Coronet should be listed in the Northshield Order of Precedence. HE Eilika suggested that Northshield ask the MidRealm to remove the law giving the Coronet the privilege of awarding mid-level MidRealm awards, allowing this only by regency, rather than each Crown deciding each reign, as it currently stands, as this creates confusion. Mistress Guenievre suggested that since Northshield awards do not have precedence, we change the name of the Order of Preced ence to the Awards Listing.

V. New Business

  • A. Quest for Camelot - Lady Sian
    On behalf of the staff of Quest for Camelot, Lady Sian requested $150 from Northshield to host for a feast for the royalty from the Outlands and Artemesia at that event, with extra funds being returned. Mistress Guenievre mentioned that the funds couldn't be used to buy alcohol. It was moved that Northshield donate up to $150 to the Quest for Camelot event budget, and approved unanimously.

  • B. Warranting/Term of Office - HSH Kelinda
    Although time does not permit and HSH Gaylen is absent today, their Highnesses would like to discuss warranting periods vs. term of office at a later date.

    (At this point THL Julio had to leave.)

  • C. Coronet Bids - Mistress Guenievre
    Spring 2001 - WI region - a bid will be solicited from Coille Stormeil, since they had to withdraw their last bid due to date problems. The bid deadline is November 1, 2000.
    Fall 2001 - MN/ONT region - no bid deadline has been set due to the proposal to split the event.

  • D. Separate Coronet and Investiture - HE Fiona
    HE Fiona proposed that Coronet Tourney and Investiture be separated into two events, adding Althings, moots, and/or a Council of Nobles at the Investiture event, as desired. She noted that one main reason for the combination of the two events was the complexity of scheduling for the Crown when Ealdormere was still a principality, and now this is not an issue. In addition to centralizing/ emphasizing the Althings, moots, etc., HE Fiona and HSH Kelinda stated that as Prince and Princess, having some time w ithout Heirs to get settled, state their ideas, and ask questions of the populace to help shape Their reign would be very useful.
    HE Tristan commented that the populace seemed to like having the Althing without the Royalty present, as it did not feel confrontational, and perhaps combining an Althing or moot with the Investiture would be less productive. It was suggested that a Royal vigil, such as was held by Conn and Kassandra and Siegfried and Therica, could be held instead. Other issues mentioned including adjusting reign lengths and working on public relations to promote the split.
    Considering the time for approval and law changes, Fall 2001 is the target for the first split events. TSH Gaylen and Kelinda discussed this informally with TRM Ragnvaldr and Arabella (Jon-Erik Jacobson and Lisa Gray, Detroit, MI) at Pennsic, and there is a Curia at Crown Tourney (May 28) at which this idea can be presented.

  • E. Chronicler/Northwatch Editor Split - HE Eilika
    He Eilika suggested that the position of Northshield Chronicler be split into Chronicler and Northwatch Editor, mirroring the MidRealm's division. HSH Kelinda asked for job descriptions for the two positions, and Mistress Guenievre volunteered to write these. After further discussion among the Stallari, the MidRealm Chronicler, Viscountess Gwyneth Felton, and the rest of the MidRealm Curia will be consulted.
    Several of those in attendance commented on Lord Roger de Bar's excellent skills and performance as Northwatch editor, and stated that they would like to see him apply for the Editor position when the office is split.

  • F. Royalty/Great Officers E-group - Mistress Guenievre
    Since the current Stallari e-mail list includes lesser officers and the MidRealm royalty, a private list for the Northshield Royalty and great officers for sensitive discussions is needed. M. Guenievre will set this up through her workplace.

  • G. Next Meeting - Coronet Tourney in Caer Anterth Mawr, Sunday, June 25, 9:00 AM.
    M. Guenievre apologizes for the choice of the Dragon Pearl restaurant at the March Stallari meeting, and will arrange a hotel room or conference room for the coming meeting. TSH Gaylen and Kelinda may call another meeting in the interim.

    The meeting was adjourned at 1:05 PM.

    Posted by: Elaine de Beauchamp Council Secretary (KLO) on 5/12/2000

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