The Mighty Fist of Siegfried The Mighty Fist of Siegfried

Minutes from 4-4-09 - Coronation



Stephen du Bois

Stephen Ward

King of Northshield


Ailleanne ingen Faelin

Shannon Ward

Queen of Northshield




Prince of Northshield




Princess of Northshield


Katriona ni Chonarain

Katherine Kretchmar

Seneschal – outgoing


David de Bohun

M. David Spies

Seneschal – Incoming


Greta Rahikkainen

Gayle Bitker



Tristan von Eisig

Darren Chermack

Earl Marshall – outgoing


Gunther Kegslayer

Arthur Miller

Earl Marshall – incoming


Elashava bas Riva

Sue Gilbert



Tarrach Alfson

David Horvath

Minister of Arts & Sciences


Merideth niShionniach

Meridith Guilford

Polaris Herald


Kenric Bjarnarson

Kenric Dana Malmberg



Caradoc Llew Du ap Morgan

Ross Quinn-Davis

Law Clerk


Marwen de la Rivere

Gretchen Burnham

Council Secretary


Anplica Fiore

Rachel Gray

Sitting in for Meredith


Arianna Llwyd

Marilee Lloyd

BoD Ombudsman for Northshield






I.  Office Changeovers

A.  Seneschal – will be transitioned fromKatriona to David during evening court at Coronation (today 04/04/09).

B. EarlMarshall’s office will transition from Tristan to Sir Gunther Kegslayer during evening court at Crown Tournament.

C. Currently noapplicants for Kingdom Exchequer

II.  Upcoming Stallari meetings

A. Spring CrownTournament – this will be a meet and greet meeting, as there will not be quorum.

B. Warriors andWarlords (tentative)

III.  Law Changes

A. Crown Law Publication Requirement

1. Section requiring the Seneschal to to publish the laws for Crown Tournament six weeks before each occurance.  Is this still needed? Consider removing the requirement.

2. This is a substantive change, as it is a removal of a law.

3. Elashava will include a request for comment on this item in the next Northwatch.

B. Court ofChivalry section

1. Tristan has been doing research on this topic. Courts of Chivalry have been very rare, and Corpora has some deliberate ambiguity in order to adjust to individual circumstances.

2. Their Majesties need to consider the commentary received by theirpredesessors.

C. Proposal forcombining Coronation and Crown Tournament

1. Commentary / feedback must be inwriting and signed to be considered by Their Majesties

2. Will not make a change for Fall 2009 events

IV. Budget Item

A. Currently have a Pennsic Waterbearing Fund with a balance of $544.50. 

1. Can this be used at other inter-kingdom events?

2. Agreement to rename the fund to “Inter-Kingdom Military Fund”

V. Shade Flys for Northshield Army

A. There is a need for larger shade structures on our battlefields, especially Pennsic, to accommodate the Northshield Army. This is also a negotiating position with several mercenary companies.

B. Option 1 –Rent a pavilion at Pennisc – apx $1000

C. Option 2 –Build shade flies.  Giovanna is preparing cost estimates – likely apx $800 for five structures.

1. Dragonwing pattern (like the Yeti fly) – easy to setup and very wind-resistant.

2. Current estimates are for poly-cotton – what is the cost for canvas instead?

3. Logistics planning – where will these be stored, who will care for them, who will transport them?

4. Who will make them?

5. Possibility of asking for sponsorship from households, groups, etc tomake, store, transport, and setup individual shade flies at various events, grouped together to make a big shade fly.

D. No decision –more information is needed

VI. Pennsic

A. There will be a Northshield and Mercs Party at Pennsic, hosted by Vlad.  No Northshield funds needed.  Theme is Landsknecht Bier Hall.

VII. Awards

A. TRMs are waiting for feedback on creation of an award for people who have fighting for along time (25+ years)

VII. Chronicler Request

A. Please sendcontent to the Chronicler in .doc or .rtf file format, rather than included in email text.   Files should betitled with the month and the name of the office (ex:“MaySeneschalMissive.doc”)

VII. Introduction from Board Ombudsman

A. Maestra Baronessa Arianna Llwyd attended the meeting to introduce herself to Their Majesties and the Stallari Council members.

Posted by: Marwen de la Rivere, Council Secretary on April 10, 2009

Posted by: Marwen de la Rivere Council Secretary (KLO) on 4/30/2009

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