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Minutes from 3-11-00 - A&S Warm Up

Stallari Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2000 - Arts & Sciences Warm-Up, Shire of Stromfels

(Meeting held in the Dragon Pearl Restaurant, Hudson, WI)

In Attendance:

HSH Gaylen the Smiling (Ross Kerr), Prince of Northshield; HSH Kelinda Garrett (Jane Ann Kerr), Princess of Northshield; HE Tristan von Eisig (Darren Chermack), Lord Heir of Northshield; HE Eilika von Lutzen (Jennifer Duncan), Lady Heir of Northshield; Mistress Guenievre du Dragon Vert (Jennifer Dark), Seneschal; HL Richard Morgan of Cumberland (Richard Darnell), Polaris Herald; Viscountess Fiona nic Aoidh (Lorine Horvath), Incoming MOAS; Lady Moira McVey (Mary Kay Roberts), Exchequer; Lord Julio Ga v'an (James Kruse), Principality Earl Marshal; Lord Roger de Bar (Roger Martell), Chronicler; Lady Sian verch Gruffydd (Amanda Whiteley), Chirurgeon.

Lesser Officers and Guests in Attendance:

Lady Aldiana Dragonetti (Lori Martell), Webminister; Lady Liadon (Barbara Dobbins, Rapid City, SD), Lord Domnhull (Donal Dobbins, Rapid City, SD), Lady Keja of the Rom (Susan Burrows, St. Paul, MN), Lord Rhodri ap Rhydderch (Neil Whiteley, Winnipeg, MB).

Minutes taken by Lady Elaine du Beauchamp (Elizabeth Pemberton), Stallari Council Secretary.

The meeting was called to order at 8:05 PM.

I. Minutes from 1/8/00 Meeting

There was a change of phrasing in G.1.d; approved as amended.

II. Their Serene Highnesses

  • A. Principality Event -- Runnymede
    Their Highnesses would like to propose a principality event, to be known as "Runnymede," which would be an all purpose event with fighting, etc., rather than an althing. It would not necessarily be held by the baronies. The principality, via the Stallari, would solicit and choose from event bids, front funds for the event, and get a share of the profits or take a share of the losses, as applicable. The profits would be the incentive for groups to bid on this event. Bana Bhiocas Fiona suggested that the autocrat team could be an ongoing body, separate from any specific group, and that local groups would just host the event.
    His Highness Gaylen stated that in the opinion of the Coronet, the concept of eminent domain applies; the land belongs to the kingdom, represented by the Coronet, not to the groups who reside there, and while the principality may out of courtesy inform a group that it will be holding an event in their territory, asking permission is neither necessary or appropriate.
    His Excellency Tristan suggested that the implementation of this event might resemble the format followed by the Tournaments of Chivalry, wherein the Crown requests that a group in the desired region hold the event. Lady Moira suggested that the event be placed at the opposite end of Northshield from where Coronet is held, on a different weekend, so that people who can't travel to one for might be able to attend the other.
    Lord Julio mentioned that Quest for Camelot, in which he has long been personally involved, might be a candidate to become a principality event; it already involves three kingdoms and is growing rapidly, and has many possibilities. His Highness stated that no one wants to co-opt existing events such as Warriors and Warlords or Armorgeddon, although if those groups wish to involve the principality voluntarily that is always an option.
    Her Excellency Eilika noted that this event concept should be formally written up before the Stallari can solicit bids for it; His Highness Gaylen will write a proposal.
  • B. Coronet Tourney
    Their Highnesses believe that Coronet must be officially a principality event, with the administrative and financial aspects this would imply, and asked how the Midrealm handles loss issues. It was noted that groups hosting kingdom events have the right to petition for reimbursement of loss, although not all do, and the loss is not always reimbursed.
    His Excellency Tristan noted that Coronet Tourney is exciting for shires, but may be an additional burden to baronies. There is always the option for nearby baronies or other shires to assist smaller shires in holding Coronet or any event, although such offers of help are not always requested or accepted.
    Lady Sian noted that Coronet is already a principality event as far as opinion is concerned. There is no pride of ownership such as is found with traditional or theme events. While the original status of coronet as a rotating local event was to provide financial incentive for widely-spaced groups to host it, this is not a factor now. However, a law change will be required to make this official.
    Mistress Guenievre proposed that we need to define exactly what a principality event is and how it will work before Coronet can be changed or any new principality events can be proposed. She suggested that any event which requires the presence of Their Serene Highnesses, is called by Their Highnesses, or is a function of one of the Great Offices, be designated a principality event, and requested a list of considerations and specifics of where funds come from and where they go in official principality event s. His Highness Gaylen volunteered to summarize this on the Stallari net.
  • C. New Order
    Their Serene Highnesses propose the Order of the Griffon's Claw to recognize Their champions, including Bardic, Arts & Sciences, all martial activities, or whatever a Coronet may include. Members would receive tokens. Heraldic work on the name is in process.
  • D. Augmentation of Arms
    Their Highnesses inquired as to whether the Coronet can give Principality Augmentations of Arms. HL Richard noted that this is an ongoing discussion; he believes that kingdom law restricts this to the Crown, but that the Crown could offer such and augmentation in the name of (and on the recommendation of) Northshield. Their Serene Highnesses will discuss this with Their Royal Majesties.
  • E. Public Statements by Officers
    His Highness reminded everyone that members of the Stallari, Royalty, and all other Officers do not have personal opinions while in office. Even when one prefaces a statement with "this is a personal opinion," it still looks like policy on the net, in the Northwatch, etc., so keep this in mind and refrain from such public statements. He also reminded all to read the laws and policies, which is a requirement for all offices.
  • F. Royal Whim
    Their Highnesses will be giving throne favors, consisting of the populace badge on a black field and incorporating Their personal colors and badges, and designed as a pennant. This will reward "Service beyond sanity" and be separate from the Prince's and Princess' Cyphers.
  • G. Financial Reporting
    Their Highnesses requested quarterly financial reports in the Northwatch. Lady Moira stated that this is supposed to always have been done, and the report for this quarter is already in the works.
  • H. Laws Issue
    Their Highnesses inquired after the progress of the Northwatch Laws issue. Lord Roger indicated that it is behind schedule and will appear in May, rather than in April as was planned.

III. Their Excellencies

  • A. Awards Structure Changes - Proposal
    Their Excellencies distributed copies of Their proposed changes to the award structure, and asked for questions, clarifications, advice, and other input on it. The timeline for implementation is in the proposal, with the desired finalization at Warriors and Warlords in July; the Stallari are asked to comment on the Stallari net ASAP and to discuss this with as many other Northshielders as possible.

IV. Great Officers

  • A. Seneschal

    1. Successor
      As this is an issue that should be kept private, and this meeting site is very public, Mistress Guenievre will discuss her recommendation for her successor with the Stallari individually and through private e-mail.
    2. Newcomer's Seminars
      Bids were solicited, and our Chatelain, Lord Arnbjorn (Wesley Adams, West Allis, WI) has confirmed the following Wisconsin seminars: Falcon's Keep in September 2000, Rockwall in November 2000, and Rokeclif in Spring 2001. In Minnesota, Rockhaven and Vilku Urvas, a proto-incipient group northwest of Inner Sea, are interested, but don't have dates proposed at this time. No bids were received from the Dakotas, so Lord Arnbjorn will go and ask for bids. He will continue to firm up classes and instructors fo r seminars. Mistress Guenievre is pleased with his work on the seminars.
    3. Deputies -- Proposed
      • a. Principality Events - a coordinator/point person, NOT an autocrat - HL Daria Tayt (Susan Tatreaux, Milwaukee, WI) is currently performing these duties for Coronet Tourneys, and has put together a very good packet to help groups with bids. Mistress Guenievre wishes this to be a specific deputyship handling moots, althings, and other principality events as well. HL Daria should be encouraged to re-apply with the next Seneschal, and the deputy should work with Lady Lewina of Sussex (Lauretta Wenger, Milwaukee, WI) on althing processes as well.
      • b. Information Office - currently an unofficial duty of the Fundraising Coordinators. Lady Tarja (Gayle Bitker, Walnut Grove, MN) will continue to do this until the new Seneschal takes office. The deputy would also work with the Exchequer due to the financial aspects of the office. His Highness Gaylen commented that these look like equivalents of kingdom positions, and we should have them. It was also mentioned that the kingdom is re-vamping many of its publications and might like to use our risogr aph to publish them; this issue is open for continued discussion.
      • c. New Groups - Lord Julio asked if new groups could report to a Northshield deputy rather than a Midrealm one, and streamline their reporting. Mistress Guenievre will look into this, but notes that redundant reporting is bad, and that most likely we will have a Northshield liaison for new groups, and reports will still go to kingdom.
  • B. Earl Marshal

    1. Lord Julio noted that Midewinde and Shattered Oak have reported and are now out of suspension.
    2. Armored combat
      • a. In Central Northshield, a new fighter candidate lost his temper and pushed a marshal. After an investigation and consultation with the Marshal of Arms, Kingdom Earl Marshal, TSH's, and TRM's, Lord Julio placed the individual on a six-month suspension followed by a year's probation (all starting after an apology). The candidate accepted these terms.
      • b. Provisional warrants, signed by Lord julio and TSH's, were issued per Viscount Myles' instructions to all Group Marshals in Training in Northshield. These MIT's are encouraged to obtain their warrants within one year. Lord Julio has set up two seminars this month, one in Stromfels and one in Coldedernhale, to help them attain this goal.
      • c. In Eastern Northshield, a fighter twisted a knee at a practice and an ambulance was called. The situation turned out not to be serious. Lord Julio is coordinating with Lady Sian on an investigation into the matter.
      • d. Lord Julio plans to attend all three of Northshield's Interkingdom events - Quest for Camelot, Moorish Tavern, and Armorgeddon. He has already contacted Midewinde and Schattentor regarding giving them assistance on these events.
    3. Equestrian
      Viscountess Kassandra (Kristi Charron, Madsion, WI) is holding her post long past the usual term; however, there is no one interested in succeeding her. High gas prices are a handicap. The Equestrian community is growing, but the need to warrant marshals is great.
    4. Scouts
      Lord Raoul (Andrew Barnes, Sioux Falls, SD) reports no scout activity in Northshield. He is having difficulty getting scouts to check in, as he requested in the Northwatch, and is trying to figure out who the active scouts are.
    5. Minister of the Lists
      Lord Odo Uthyr (Wayne Clingman, Racine, WI) is doing well. We will start to look for a successor soon so that he can step down after one year. He was also wondering about the budget, and was advised to look into this with his Kingdom superior, who funds his office.
    6. Archery Marshal
      from THL Robin (Greg Young, Winnipeg, MAN):
      Master Grant, Midrealm Archer General, has asked for all regions to hold a championship shoot before Pennsic. The top two archers from each region would become official members of the Middle Archer Champions Team for the Pennsic War and given a baldric to wear until September. Although they might not actually shoot, they will be considered full members of the team.
      THL Robin has informed the Heirs of a championship shoot needed to turn over the Princess' Favour, of which he is the current holder.
    7. Thrown Weapons
      THL Robin wishes to attempt a thrown weapons tourney at Warriors and Warlords, with the winner possibly representing Northshield at the Kingdom Championships next year, if the tradition continues for future Midrealm Royalty choosing a Thrown Weapons champion by tourney.
      The Heirs have agreed that WW would be the best site for these events and Lord Julio has been encouraged to proceed further. He will be contacting the WW autocrats to find out about the gentle(s) in charge of archery and inquiring into setting up these championships.
    8. Marshal of Fence
      Lord Dorian has nothing special to bring up. Fencing is going well.
  • C. Minister of Arts and Sciences

    HE Fiona reported for Mistress Libbet. She reminds everyone to come to the Arts and Sciences Faire.
  • D. Chronicler

    1. Lord Roger is working on paying off various Chronicler's office debts.
    2. The chain of command for the Webminister was clarified - she reports to the Northshield Chronicler, not the Midrealm Webminister. It was also clarified that, as a holder of an independent, warranted office rather than an appointed deputyship, the Webminister serves for the appointed term and does not leave office with the Chronicler.
    3. Lord Roger is re-working his job description and will re-submit it when complete.
    4. Should there be official Articles of Recall for Northshield? Mistress Guenievre questioned the need for redundancy with the Midrealm at this time, but believes that clarifying the warranting process would be a good idea, as there seems to be confusion about what the Crown means when it says "warrants." Bana Bhiocas Fiona noted that the problem is differing interpretations between reigns. His Excellenacy Tristan suggested that the Crown might put their interpretation in writing each reign; Her Highn ess Kelinda asked Mistress Guenievre to speak with Mistress Arianna (Marilee Lloyd, Ann Arbor, MI), Midrealm Seneschal, about this issue.
  • E. Polaris Herald

    1. The Midrealm wishes to use "Evergreen" as the name for the new Grant-level Arts & Sciences award. We currently use this as a herald's deputy name, and they are offering some heraldic terms in exchange. Lord Adrien (Chris Olsen, Madison, WI) has alternate titles for our deputy, and we are releasing "Evergreen" as requested.
    2. Several items are in submission. HL Richard is working on the Nordbandr. Regarding the Northshield Cross, there is a conflict with the Meridien Cross, and the group name is not enough difference. The badge looks good, but can't be submitted without the name. Their Highnesses. Wish this to be taken care of immediately so that they can award this; HL Richard will expedite this.
  • F. Chirurgeon

    1. Chirurgeon numbers have doubled to 20 during Lady Sian's tenure. Many new apprentices have also started, and the chirurgeonate is growing.
    2. Succession - There is one applicant, Lady Tatiana Marana Melville (Tonia Melville, Milwaukeee, WI.) She is Lady Sian's deputy at this time, and is a fabulous field chirurgeon. While Lady Sian is concerned about Lady Tatiana's reporting, based on experiences during her term, this could improve with experience and now that Lady Tatiana has completed her move to the United States. The deadline for applications is June 24th. His Highness Gaylen will speak to Lady Tatiana about reporting, and the final decision will be made in time to turn over the office at WW.
  • G. Exchequer

    1. Lady Moira distributed financial reports. Northshield has some funds; most are in restricted accounts.
    2. A check for the pavilion from Coille Stormeil was found after being lost for six months. In general, if a check has not been deposited, Lady Moira does not have it, and it is considered lost; she is doing a lot of re-construction of accounts.
    3. Trust Fund - excepting a lost check from HE Fiona, the account looks accurate. It is not really a separate account at this time, and this doesn't matter for SCA reporting, but it will be set up as one to suit the IRS. This will be done in time for WW in July, as soon as the next CD rolls over.
    4. Regalia - Lady Shandar (Wendy Blum, Milwaukee, WI) has ideas for streamlining the transfer of regalia. Repair is a big issue, and His Excellency Tristan indicated that repair and replacement are a priority for Their reign. Her Highness Kelinda indicated that tracking has been bad, and They don't have a list of what They signed for at Coronet. Some items seem to have been lost in the mists. Mistress Guenivre has discussed this with Lady Shandar, and it seems that some items were lost during Lord Bal thazar's transition out of office. It was decided that the process does need to be reviewed.
    5. Fundraising Coordinators - Lady Tatiana is stepping down. Applicants to succeed her are Lord Michael of Stonehaven (Peter Handberg, Duluth, MN) and Lady Catalina Navarra (Mission, SD.) Lady Moira, Lady Tarja, and Lady Tatiana prefer Lady Catalina due to her greater experience with fundraising. Lady Tatiana and Lady Tarja have told Lord Michael of their decision, and may have told Lady Catalina; this was a mistake, as it had not yet been discussed by the Stallari. Mistress Guenievre will speak with the applicants about this.

V. Old Business

  • A. Northshield "Operations Guide"
    1. Mistress Guenievre will send this out online next week. Placement on the web site depends on approval, and it will also need to go into the Northwatch Laws issue. Her Highness Kelinda indicated that officers must comment by March 31, and that no comment means that one agrees with the document, except for Their Highnesses and Their Excellencies the Heirs, who must comment for the record, even if They agree.
    2. Making consistent Stallari attendance a part of law rather than policy was discussed, and consensus was to wait until it had been in writing and become part of custom to do so.
    3. The Stallari are asked to prepare comments and discussion on the policies for the next meeting, when voting for approval will take place.
  • B. November 2000 Coronet Tourney
    Coldedernhale is now fully incipient. Mistress Guenievre recommends that the Stallari accept their bid for Coronet, pending any other bids by the March 15 deadline. The Stallari voted to approve the bid, with the decision taking effect on March 15.
  • C. Althing
    1. Notes from the Althing have been posted on the Stallari net and the Northshield net. The event format has been evaluated. We didn't get to all the planned activities, and Mistress Guenievre recommends moots to keep the discussions going. Windhaven has offered an hour, 8:30-9:30 AM, at Fighter's School.
    2. Mistress Guenievre, following suggestions at the althing, proposes sending a straw poll with the question "Should Northshield consider becoming a kingdom in the next 5 years?" Town meetings will be held to help explain the function of a straw poll. Her Excellency Eilika asks that the Stallari discuss this via e-mail next week, and reply by the following Wednesday.

VI. New Business

  • A. Directives from Kingdom Curia - to be done by Clancy Day, March 26
    1. Develop an income plan, including events, trust fund, and freeing the fundraisers from information office duties. The Stallari will ask for an extension, noting that ideas are in place but the plan will require additional time to write up.
    2. Matching Funds - the Midrealm will match $150 from Northshield to pay for expenses incurred last summer by the Heirs. The Heirs thought there were funds to cover certain expenses and spent accordingly, but the funds were only available for Their Serene Highnesses. The matching proposal is a one-time event. The Stallari moved to accept this proposal.
  • B. Council of Nobles
    Due to a computer error, the sections of law dealing with the council of Nobles were omitted. They have been put back in, and Mistress Guenievre has done other clean-ups of the document.
  • C. Tabards
    Lady Moira would like to pull the griffin tabards out of the fundraisers' accounts and into the Pennsic account, since they are a Pennsic expense. This was approved.
  • D. Next Meeting
    Lusty Day in May, May 12-14 in Western Keep. Final approval on the award structure proposal will be sought here.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:55 PM.

Posted by: Elaine de Beauchamp Council Secretary (KLO) on 3/11/2000

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