Heinrich von Btandenburg and "mini-me" Heinrich von Btandenburg and "mini-me"

E-list Stallari minutes: 6/1/17 – 8/31/17

E-list Stallari minutes: 6/1/17 – 8/31/17

KEM: Two items were discussed:
1. The heavy combat thrusting tip trials Lars is setting up based on Ansteorra and Trimaris’ experiments, which they have been running for a year with no negative feedback.

2. The Society has released rapier youth combat rules; Lars and deputies Simon and Tyok are working to get it set up for Northshield.

WEB minister: Abelard kept the council updated on the ups and downs of the Northshield Web page.

Chronicler: Repeated requests for missives for the Northwatch.

An agenda for the Stallari meeting to be held at Warriors & Warlords was set:
1. The SUN chancellor will be stepping down.

2. An item in the Marshal’s administrative handbook needs to be discussed.

3. The Polaris Herald has two items to discuss:
a. Needs to know if using the Northshield name for The Heraldic and Scribal symposium has been approved.
b. If the canton name of Wolfhomm has been released.

4. The Exchequer has two items to discuss:
a. An update on the Northshield camping account.
b. A request from the exchequer from the East Kingdom on the possibility of Northshield donating to the cost of the tent rental for Pennsic.

Discussion was held on the following:
1. Gabriel (Patrick Anderson) was approved for the position of Law Clerk.
2. Candidates for the Polaris Herald position to take office in December.
3. Spring Crown and Coronation bids.
4. The bullying policy from Society seneschal – how big notices should be and what person should be the point of contact at events.
5. Meeting law change – it was agreed there should be one face-to-face meeting per reign; the rest of the Stallari meetings may be held in virtual space.
6. The Fall Crown site change from the town of Belle Fouche to a facility in the town of Lead in Noiregard is approved.

Minutes submitted by Domina Berenice Calvina 8/31/2017.

Posted by: Berenice Calvina Council Secretary (KLO) on 9/6/2017

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