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Greetings unto the good gentles of Northshield from John Bartholomew of Flanders, DEM for Thrown Weapons in Northshield...

(TW Marshals and MITs - make sure you check the notes at the end of this article for important current information!)

I hope this note finds you all enjoying the warming weather! With the change of seasons, the time has come for throwing knives, axes, and spears - and we have a full season of Thrown Weapons ahead of us!

I am pleased to announce that the Northshield Thrown Weapons Handbook has been approved! We now have our own rules! Electronic copies can be downloaded from the Northshield Web Site at — look under the “Handbooks & Policy Documents” section.

To help folks find places they can do Thrown Weapons, I have started a “Thrown Weapons Calendar”, with a list of TW events and practices, on the Thrown Weapons page on the Northshield Web site.

At this time, we expect to have Thrown Weapons at the following events: Quest for Camelot (I know it’s in May, but the Northwatch comes early these days!) Mermaid’s Retreat, Don’t Bluff Me, Schutzenfest, and Warriors and Warlords. I’m sure we will see more events added over the next month. (Anyone planning on holding TW at events should let me know so I can add it to the TW Calendar...)

By the way, if you are or know an Event Steward who is considering having Thrown Weapons at an event, please contact myself or one of the Regional Deputies for TW (listed at the back of the Northwatch) – we can help you figure out if TW can fit at your event, and find you marshals to run the activity!

Speaking of my Regional Deputies, I am sad to note that Lord Washe of Windhaven has had step down from his post as the Eastern Regional DEM for TW. As a result, the June 1 reports from the Eastern region will go to me directly – however, all you need to do is fill out the online report form (see below for the link). In addition, any questions or issues for the Eastern Region should go to me until this position is filled again. (I hope to have it filled soon!)

That's all for now, but I'm sure we'll have lots more as the summer progresses...




  • Make sure you get a copy of the new Northshield TW handbook. These are now our rules for TW, you are expected to know them.
  • Read your Northwatch every month. This is the official source for news from myself and the Earl Marshal.
  • ALL Marshals and MITs must report to their Regionals by June 1. Reports are expected to be done using the Online Report forms, but you can send a paper or email report if you wish. Failure to report means you will LOSE YOU WARRANT, or have to start MIT training over. Reports can be sent via email to your Regional, or use the Online Report form at:
  • You should all have seen a series of emails from me by the time you get this newsletter. If you did not get them, please contact me so I can get an updated email address.

Other missives from the Kingdom Thrown Weapons Marshal (KLO)
Posted by: John Bartholomew of Flanders Kingdom Thrown Weapons Marshal (KLO) on 6/1/2005

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