The Scroll of Honour The Scroll of Honour

Minutes from 1-8-00 - Twelfth Night

Stallari Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2000 - Twelfth Night, Barony of Nordskogen

In Attendance:

HSH Gaylen the Smiling (Ross Kerr), Prince of Northshield; HSH Kelinda Garrett (Jane Ann Kerr), Princess of Northshield; HE Tristan von Eisig (Darren Chermack), Lord Heir of Northshield; HE Eilika von Lutzen (Jennifer Duncan), Lady Heir of Northshield; Mistress Guenievre du Dragon Vert (Jennifer Dark), Seneschal; HL Richard Morgan of Cumberland (Richard Darnell), Polaris Herald; Viscountess Fiona nic Aoidh (Lorine Horvath), Incoming MOAS; Master Antonio di Casa d'Aqua, called Price (Robert Kearns), I nterim Exchequer; Lord Julio Gav'an (James Kruse), Incoming Principality Earl Marshal.

Lesser Officers in Attendance:

Lady Tatiana Marana Melville (Tonia Melville), Co-Fundraiser.

Minutes taken by Lady Elaine du Beauchamp (Elizabeth Pemberton), Stallari Council Secretary.

The meeting was called to order at 9:38 AM

I. Their Serene Highnesses

  • A. E-Mail Server
    TSH's asked after the progress of Lord Roger's inquiries to Lord Owen Alun (Ben Tucker, Minneapolis, MN) into setting up an e-mail server for the Northshield Royalty. Lord Owen has not yet responded; Mistress Guenievre will follow up with him. HE Tristan may have another server option if necessary.
  • B. Regalia
    1. Coronet Boxes
      TSH's would like small coronet boxes for travel. The extant ones are lovely, but rather large for traveling. The boxes TE the Heirs have are the desired size. HSH Kelinda asked how to go about soliciting bids, and Mistress Guenievre noted announcements in court, in the Northwatch, and on the net as options. Lord Roger volunteered to make the boxes as a gift, and HE Eilika planned to show the Heirs' boxes to Lord Roger later in the day.
    2. Prince and Princess Banners
      The existing banners for TSH's were made by different people at different times and don't match. TSH's would like a matched set of new banners for displaying together. HSH Kelinda will speak to the Laurels to see if they have suggestions for apprentices, etc., who might like to take on this project, and she will also speak with Viscountess Therica (Ann Nielsen, Rochester, MN), who made one of the banners, to thank her for her efforts and explain the desire to encourage and involve new artisans. Northshie ld will cover the costs of these new banners.
    3. New Coronets
      TSH's would like another set of coronets for Themselves and the Heirs. It was decided to speak with Duchess Caitlin Stuart of Ealdormere (Nancy Frankel, Ontario, CAN), who made the current Heirs' coronets, regarding new Prince and Princess' coronets, and to go to the Laurels regarding apprentices, etc., for the Heirs' new set. If the artisans wish to be recompensed for their work, they must submit bids to the Stallari; if they wish to donate coronets as gifts, bids are not necessary. The first set of Nor thshield coronets (not the ones TSH's wear currently) have seen wear and tear and are currently in need of repair.
    4. Calontir Regalia Gift
      The Kingdom of Calontir, our southern neighbor, has offered to create a gift of regalia of our choice, and seeks suggestions. Suggestions to be forwarded include baldrics for the Heirs' attendants, and also for TSH's champions, guards, etc., perhaps with some of leather.
    5. History of Northshield Coronet
      HSH Kelinda would like a needleworked history of the Northshield Royalty to be created. It would consist of the personal devices of the Coronets on a dark background, and would require a Butler for care and updating with each reign. She would like this completed by June. HE Tristan emphasized that HRM Finn, King during our Crown Principality and therefore Crown Prince of Northshield, should be included in the lineage in this piece and on the web page, relating that HRM Finn has always been very fond of N orthshield and, as King and Crown Prince, always wore the coronet of Northshield when he was in Northshield, rather than the Midrealm crown.
    6. Scroll of Honor
      HSH Kelinda noted that the Scroll book, which is in the keeping of Mistress Margaret Malise (Melissa Vigil, WI) is bound and hard for scribes to work in, and asked if a new book with removable pages could be commissioned. She will discuss this with the Laurels along with the other regalia opportunities. HSH also mentioned that each reign is supposed to commission a page in the book, which was a surprise to Viscountess Fiona and the Heirs. Mistress Guenievre will add this requirement to the Policies.

II. Their Excellencies

  • A. Awards Listing
    HE Tristan related that Lady Clare du Saint Denis (Dawn Vukson-Van Beek, Minneapolis, MN) will be creating an illuminated document listing and detailing dates, reasons for awards, etc., of all awards TE's Tristan and Eilika give out during their reign, in the style of the period English roll of chancery (or a similar term). This will serve as a trial for future reigns, who may continue it. This information will also be added to the web page Order of Precedence; much of it is there already, but new inform ation, especially reasons for awards, will be welcome.
  • B. Seals
    He Tristan detailed that Lady Clare will make three seals: one, a Northshield seal to be included as regalia, will feature two seated sovereigns, after a later period style, and can be used by Coronets with late-period personas or just for variety. In contrast, the seal Herr Gevehard (Garret Bitker, Walnut Grove, MN) is making features the Northshield arms on a banner, and is suited to early period personas. Lady Clare will also make individual personal seals for TE's reign, which they will keep
  • C. Mace
    HE Eilika inquired after the mace which was a gift from Ealdormere. It is in the keeping of HSH Gaylen.

III. Minutes

The minutes of the Stallari council meeting of 12/11/99 at Boar's Head were approved with changes to the meeting convening/call-to-order times. HSH Kelinda moved to approve, with Master Price seconding, and the motion carried.

IV. Great Officers

  • A. Seneschal (most items taken from written report)

    1. Coronet Tourney Bids
      • a. The bid for June 24, 2000, from the Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr has been approved.
      • b. Bids for November 2000 Coronet/Investiture are open until March 15, 2000.
    2. General Commentary
      • a. Things are quiet as the moment; however, Domesdays are due January 10. Guenievre will call all seneschals to check on their progress.
      • b. Guenievre and Alasdair will be on their honeymoon from Friday, January 14, through and including January 23, 2000. Guenievre will be unavailable during this time, but her deputies will be available for emergencies during that time.
    3. Succession
      There is one applicant and Guenievre has had three inquiries about the position. The closing date for applications is January 31.
    4. Highlights of 12/12/99 Midrealm Curia
      Detailed notes are available from Mistress Guenievre. Portions specific to Northshield are included below.
      • a. HRH Dag wishes to stress that, following the RUM restructuring, regions can always hold mini-RUMs and collegiums at any time to supplement the full RUM schedule.
      • b. HE Tristan inquired about available funds if Northshield hosted the Known World Party at Pennsic, as requested by TRH.
      • c. Jararvellir is among the five Midrealm Baronies in or due for transition.
      • d. Per the Kingdom Seneschal, proto-incipient groups cannot be listed in The Pale, since this implies they are registered branches of the Society, which is not the case until they have filled out the forms for Incipiency. The Pale will instead have a listing advising interested people living in areas with proto-incipient groups to contact Regional or Principality Seneschals for further information.
      • e. In conjunction with Kingdom changes in the office of Minister of the Lists, Northshield should consider re-naming our Minister of the Lists, using Clerk of the Roster instead. Discussions between KEM Viscount Myles, Mistress Guenievre, and the Northshield Marshal of Fence have led to deciding that the Northshield Clerk of the Roster will have the authority to send out both rapier and heavy combat authorization cards. Currently, Northshield only sends out heavy combat cards.
      • f. In response to Guenievre's query, it was clarified that e-mail lists for administrative purposes are not official communication for the SCA, and that their maintenance is not assigned to any particular office. Since most unassigned duties fall to the Seneschallate, the Seneschal may appoint any person or company to run a listserv.
      • g. The Kingdom Chirurgeon expressed concerns about Northshield
        1. The Principality Waterbearer has not reported to Kingdom. Guenievre noted that she probably didn't realize this was required.
        2. Some version of a Northshield Waterbearers' Handbook currently in use has not been approved and appears to have massive plagiarism.
        3. Her memo to the NS Chirurgeon was mistakenly printed in the Northwatch, which Guenievre emphasized was done in good faith.
        4. Lady Sian has not yet reported.
      • h. There have been changes in the Midrealm awards structure, most significantly the designation of the Dragon's Heart, Red Company, Greenwood Company, Bronze Ring, White Lance, and an as-yet uncreated Arts and Sciences award, as grant-level awards. This is not retroactive. Among other changes, Court Barons and Baronesses are now ranked above GOA's, but below the Territorial Baronage. All changes will be read into law and published soon.
      • i. TRM plan to institute new requirements for territorial Barons and Baronesses, including requiring a report in writing once per reign and requiring the Baronage to renew/reaffirm their oaths of fealty every year, submitting oaths to designated representatives if travel presents problems. Discussion of penalties for nonperformance of these requirements, as well as discussion of a Kingdom-wide vote of confidence in the territorial Baronage, was tabled.
      • j. Following an inquiry by HRH Tamara, the Peerage Secretaries will be compiling lists of peers' mundane abilities and hobbies to use as a further resource.
    5. Precedence in Northshield Awards
      • a. TSH's have questions about the lack of precedence in the Northshield award structure. Lady Elaine referred to several moots on this topic held during the reign of Cnut and Nina (1997-1998), and Mistress Guenievre will locate the notes taken on these moots for TSH's to provide historical context for this discussion.
      • b. Regarding the Sheriffs and Constables: a change is needed, despite the unpopularity of proposals so far. HE Tristan will write up his proposal and will present it at the next meeting and via e-mail.
      • c. HE Eilika expressed concerns regarding the complex requirements for many Northshield awards, and discussion continued with the perceived lack of completeness in the Northshield award structure compare to the Midrealm, which is a concern as we continue to think about becoming a Kingdom. It was decided that this topic should be presented at the Althing, and that more detailed discussion on e-mail and a specific proposal or targeted question to bring to the Althing, rather than unstructured discussion , are desirable.
  • B. Earl Marshal

    1. Sir Wulfgang submitted a final report, condensed from his Domesday, via e-mail.
      • a. There are approximately 400 fighters and 50 marshals in Northshield. The new Minister of the Lists, Lord Odo Uthyr (Wayne Clingman, Racine, WI), should be able to give definitive numbers soon.
      • b. There are no unresolved marshallate issues requiring the attention of the Kingdom. Sir Wulfgang has addressed issues in Schattentor and Mare Amethystinum, with follow-up on the latter entrusted to Lord Gaius Niklos Luctator (Jim Walls, Minneapolis, MN), outgoing Central deputy marshal.
      • c. Sir Wulfgang has been well-pleased with his Emergency and Regional deputies. Regarding the Lesser Officers, Equestrian Marshal Viscountess Kassandra Tenebrosa (Kristi Charron, Madison, WI) does an excellent job keeping him informed. Fencing Marshal Lord Dorian of the Blue Moon (Robert Jackson II, St. Paul, MN) and Archery Marshal THL Robin Arthur Kyrke (Greg Young, Winnipeg, MB) are doing a good job as well. Minister of Tournaments Lady Katriona ni Chronarain (Katherine Kretchmar, Minneapolis, MN ) has been doing a fine job with Coronet tourneys. Chief of Scouts Lord Raoul de Boer (Andrew Barnes, Sioux Falls, SD) is enthusiastic and just needs more scouts. The Minister of the Lists' term is limited to one year, following the advice of the KEM, and Lord Uthyr seems very enthusiastic. Sir Wulfgang hopes Lord Uthyr can indeed get the office in order.
      • d. Group and field marshals are generally reporting well, but a few have not yet reported. Lord Julio will be sending reminders to these gentles so that they can meet the end-of-January deadline.
      • e. Sir Wulfgang wishes to commend Lord Julio, who ran the November Coronet Tourney, and his chief deputies, Viscount Daffydd ap Gwalchmai (David Moore, Milwaukee, WI) and Duke Conn MacNeill (Bob Charron, Madison, WI) on an excellent job. The participants and spectators enjoyed the first round, a challenge round, but were perhaps less pleased with the following rounds, chosen by random draw, since the draw resulted in byes in later rounds.
      • f. Northshield seems very comfortable with face thrusting, disapproves in general of 7.5' and unpadded polearms, feels 12' spears are unnecessary in melees, and feels somewhat sad that the field Constable position was eliminated.
    2. Lord Julio has applicants for regional deputies as follows:
      • a. Wisconsin/Upper Michigan - Lord Tormod di Palermo (James Reif, WI) and Lord Toke Magnusson (Tony Nelson, LaCrosse, WI). Both candidates are good; Lord Julio prefers Lord Tormod due to his more extensive travelling and public profile.
      • b. West - Lord Ulrick der Lanzenreiter (Sam Swalley, Grand Forks, ND) and Lord Jotun Wang (John Sakellariou, Mission, SD). Both candidates are good; since Lord Julio and Lord Jotun are in the same home group, Lord Julio prefers Lord Ulrick to provide more geographical balance.
      • c. Central - Lord Kenneth de Katze (Ken Blader, Minneapolis, MN) and Lord Aubrey Swiftwater (Steve Monthony, Minneapolis, MN). Both are great candidates. Lord Julio has decided to choose Lord Kenneth as the Central deputy and Lord Aubrey as the Emergency PEM deputy.
      • d. All candidates, and Lord Julio's choices, are acceptable to TSH's and TE's.
  • C. Minister of Arts and Sciences

    HE Fiona reported for Mistress Libbet, with reminders that the Arts and Sciences Faire and "Warm-up" events are set, and that subscribers should pick up the Northstar at this event.
  • D. Polaris Herald

    THL Richard is continuing with name research for awards. New names for the Guidestar include the "Northshield Cross" and "Polestar." Both names would pass. Consensus was for "Northshield Cross."
  • E. Chirurgeon

    1. Lady Sian submitted a report via e-mail, noting that Domesday reporting is vastly improved since last year and that she has no applicants for her successor as yet. If no one applies in the designated time, Lady Sian is willing to continue for up to one year as necessary.
    2. Both the Stallari and Kingdom are concerned at Lady Sian's lack of communication in the past few months. Mistress Guenievre will call her, and will also speak to Sir Wulfgang, also from Castel Rouge, today.
  • F. Chronicler

    1. Risograph prices have dropped; last year, a 5-year-old model 1510 was about $3395, and now a new model 1610 is $4395. Lord Roger is going to get the new one, but they are backordered, so it will be a few weeks until he has the machine. With $2000 down, there will be 18 monthly payments of $180.59. This increase will require additional fundraising, but Lord Roger still hopes to have the machine paid off before he leaves office, if possible. Master Price noted that the Chronicler account has more mon ey than was originally thought, and this will help pay off the risograph.
    2. The Northwatch is doing fine. The online Domesday report form was very well-received.
  • G. Exchequer - interim

    1. Balance Sheet - Master Price submitted a balance sheet as of 11/20/99. The overall cash balance is $10,595.93. Amounts budgeted for officer funds, etc., have not been subtracted from this balance. Points discussed included:
      • a. There was a $200 donation from the KMOAS to the Northshield MOAS's fund.
      • b. The $799 Pennsic item is a fund restricted for Pennsic use.
      • c. Moneys donated to the NS trust fund have been assigned properly now.
      • d. $116.50 in donations to the Heirs' fund for TSH Gaylen and Kelinda has been located; receipts have been submitted.
      • e. The Pavilion fund is overdrawn (from the general fund.) It will continue to be so until fundraising is complete.
      {HRM Tamara stopped in and asked after the progress of the meeting, as she needed to speak with many of the participants.}
    2. Exchequer Applicants - there are two good applicants, as follows:
      • a. Lady Gweniver Kenwyn of Roseveth (Jennifer McNitt, St. Paul, MN) has been a very good Baronial Exchequer for Nordskogen, travels, and is also the Northstar Exchequer. She is well-qualified and centrally located, but there are too many Stallari members from Nordskogen, which negatively impacts her application.
      • b. Lady Moira McVey (Mary Kay Roberts, Wauwatosa, WI) is currently the Seneschal of Caer Anterth Mawr and has served as Baronial Exchequer as well. Among other things, she has been very helpful in straightening out the computer records left by Lord Balthazar, and also re-designed the exchequer forms for the Kingdom. However, she has a visual impairment and cannot drive, so her travel capacity is limited.
      • c. Lady Moira is Master Price's choice. Suggestions for addressing the travel issue included enlisting active help from regional deputies. Lady Moira has indicated that she has a capable deputy to take over as Seneschal in Caer Anterth Mawr. The Stallari confer with the choice of Lady Moira. Since she and TRM's are at this event, after a call to the Kingdom exchequer, Lady Moira can be installed today.

      V. Old Business

      • A. Northshield "Operations Guide"
        1. Mistress Guenievre handed out drafts of the Northshield Policies -- Appendix A, Officer Job Descriptions and Duties.
        2. The Heirs' section comes first because people are Heirs first. Mistress Guenievre will add the requirement concerning the Scroll of Honor to TSH's section.
        3. While Deputies and Lesser Officers' duties are not in the guide yet, they will be added later.
        4. The "Operations Guide" will be given to new officers and Royalty when they start, to clearly outline expectations and add strength to their enforcement.
        5. Making consistent Stallari attendance a part of law rather than policy was discussed, and consensus was to wait until it had been in writing and become part of custom to do so.
        6. The Stallari are asked to prepare comments and discussion on the policies for the next meeting, when voting for approval will take place.
      • B. TE's Belrix and Prism (John and Christine Risch, WI) are owed $250 from expenses incurred during Their reign, which were overlooked in the difficulties with the Exchequerate. While policy dictates that expenses are to be submitted no later than 30 days after the end of the reign, this policy is waived here due to the unusual circumstances, and TE's will be asked to submit receipts as soon as possible.

      VI. New Business

      • A. Next Stallari Council Meeting - at the Arts & Sciences Warm-up Event in Stromfels, March 11, at 9:00 AM.
      • B. Peer's Retreat - In relation to the next meeting date discussion, HE Tristan expressed long-time concerns about Peer's Retreat being closed to non-peers. The Stallari emphasized that this is not meant to limit the voices of non-peers in important matters, but rather that it keeps numbers of participants manageable, and noted that placing the Althing immediately before Peer's Retreat allows a list of specific concerns and topics for discussion from the populace to be generated, which is then used to guide discussion at the Retreat.

      The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 a.m.

    • Posted by: Elaine de Beauchamp Council Secretary (KLO) on 1/8/2000

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