HRM Eilis & Majer Déva at Gulf Wars HRM Eilis & Majer Déva at Gulf Wars

Minutes from 4-14-07 - Coronation


Stallari meeting Saturday, April 14th (Coronation)


Present HRM Hrodir Vigageirr Toreson (Sam Swalley),  HRM Giulia Isabella da Venezia
(Nicolette Deplazes); Katriona ni Chonarain (Katherine Kretchmar) Seneschal; Innokenti “Kenya” Rublyov (Heather Cushing), Exchequer; Caradoc Llew Du ap Morgan (Ross Quinn-Davis), Law Clerk; Osric of Fayrehope (Wayne Morris), Chronicler; Gevehard von Baden (Garret Bitker), Polaris Herald; Alexandr Vasilevych Lev of Volynia (John Kowal), Chirurgeon;  Kevin O’Shaughnessey, (Mark Gipson), Earl Marshal;  Mairghread ingen Sean (Paula Koski) MOAS; Gabriel Andvaka Kjotrason (Patrick Anderson) President, SCA Inc.; Saraidh ingen Guairi (Sarah Keuper) Council Secretary.


1. Marshall: Sir Tristan von Eisig’s application for the position of Kingdom Earl Marshal was accepted.  He will step up at Crown.

2. TRM: Northshield will not host an official memorial webpage, but may choose to link to such pages, if requested.

3. A bid for Spring Crown 2008 was discussed and sent back for more work.

4. Webminister: The new Northshield webpage will be up within 1-2 months.

6. Chronicler: The Chronicler will be the administrator for

7. Seneschal: Lub Siochail is placed under suspension, due to problems filling officer positions.

Posted by: Saraidh ingen Guairi Council Secretary (KLO) on 4/14/2007

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