Circa 1984--this man would become a Viscount of Northshield--can you name him? Circa 1984--this man would become a Viscount of Northshield--can you name him?

May 2009 Northwatch Missive

Greetings, Northshield,

Although my two year term still has some months to run, my modern situation (and my continued presence in Northshield) has become much less certain than it was before. Therefore, it is time to find an emergency deputy and/or successor to serve the Kingdom as the next Compass Herald.

The Job Description:
• Compass Herald is the Internal Submissions Herald for Northshield.
• Compass Herald prepares Internal Letter of Intent (on the internal commentary website) and forwards the submissions paperwork to Keythong for inclusion on the External Letter of Intent.
• Compass Herald is a signatory on the College of Heralds bank account, and forwards the monies collected for submissions to the Heraldic Exchequer.
• Compass Herald communicates to Isendun Herald of the contact information of Submitters so that Isendun can notify submitters of the ultimate disposition of their submission.
• Compass Herald assists submitters with the submission process.
• Compass Herald may comment on submissions, both internally (on the internal commentary website) and externally (on OSCAR).

The position takes between two and ten hours a month, primarily around the 15th of the month (when the internal letter is prepared). Prior heraldic experience is not required, but having access to an internet connected computer is required, and having a scanner is very helpful. Knowledge of Armory, Blazonry or Onomastics (naming practices) is helpful, but not required. Being organized is very helpful. I will be willing to provide training for the position.

Further details may be found on the Northshield website. To apply, please send a letter of intent to Polaris Herald (Lady Merideth NiShionniach, and the Current Compass Herald (Lord Reinholdt von Trollenhagen,

I would be happy to provide more information or answer any questions, so please let me know.

Reinholdt von Trollenhagen

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Posted by: Reinholdt von Trollenhagen Compass Herald (General Deputy) on 4/29/2009

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