Dauyd Straquhyn & Speranza Estrella Ravenna at Gulf Wars Dauyd Straquhyn & Speranza Estrella Ravenna at Gulf Wars

April 2009 Northwatch Missive

From the Incoming Crown:

As We prepare to move into Our new roles as King and Queen and take on the responsibilities of these positions, We would like to thank everyone who helped Us with Our Heirship, especially Their Majesties Raito and AEsa for all of Their help, support, and guidance.

Ours will mark the tenth reign of Northshield, while We look forward to the summer months, We also believe this is a proper time for a retrospective look at Our Kingdom. Evaluating what we do well, what and where we can improve, and what hasn’t worked so well. With this in mind, We have put forth for commentary by the populous a change
in Kingdom Law that would combine Crown Tournament and Coronation into a single event. The feedback that We receive from this commentary will greatly influence Our decision on how to proceed with this issue. With this month also comes a transition in the office of Kingdom Seneschal. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Meistari Katriona ni Chonarain for all of the hard work and travel she has given to Northshield while fulfilling the duties of her office. We welcome The Honorable Lord David de Bohun as he takes on the office of Kingdom Seneschal, and look forward to working with him during the coming months.

We are excited to embark upon an event filled reign that will have Us traveling the length and breadth of the Kingdom. We would like to remind everyone that if you see an individual who is doing good work, please submit an award recommendation for them so that We might recognize them for their efforts.

For the good of the land and its people,
Stephen & Ailleanne

From the Outgoing Crown:



By the time you read this, Margalit Medicus will be the newest member of Our Order of the Pelican and the great deeds of Gulf Wars will be written in the history books. Spring will have taken its first tentative steps. The changing of seasons are always a time of renewal, and our Kingdom is no different in this regard.


The time has come for Us to retire from the Griffin Thrones, and We do so with glad hearts. It has been a joy and a deeply humbling experience to serve Northshield again. We are confident that Northshield will continue to grow stronger with the help of Our Heirs and the Stallari, along with the individual efforts of every one of us.


Simple words of gratitude always seem inadequate recompense to those who have given so much to Us, that We may focus on serving the kingdom to the best of Our abilities. Our Chamberlain, Mistress Cassandra Antonelli, is first in Our minds for selflessly giving so many hours for so many projects, and for doing so gracefully and with great kindness. We hope someday to be able to repay the debt we owe her.


Our Champions, Markus Siggardson, Kevin O’Shaughnessy and Hamish Nisbet stood by Us when We needed it most, and provided a stable support of friendship We will always treasure.


To all who donated a few hours of your time to help Us succeed in this ambitious endeavor, you have Our deepest gratitude. We also give thanks to those who counseled Us whether We asked for it or not. Often the most valuable counsel is that which is not sought. Northshield is a great kingdom of talented artisans, mighty fighters and many of the kindest, most generous hosts in the Known World. We know this from personal experience and because so many people outside of our borders repeatedly informed us of it!


Always remember what it means to be Northshield—We will, and it will bring us great joy.


In service and love,

Æsa & Raito

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Posted by: Æsa Drottning and Kitadate-tenno Their Royal Majesties on 3/30/2009

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