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E-list Stallari minutes: 3/1/17 – 6/31/17

KEM:  I'll be pursuing the attached thrusting tip experiments for heavy combat.  These are modeled directly on the ones that Ansteorra has been running for over a year with no injuries.
Minister of Regalia:  HG Petranella is stepping down; she will continue to keep a photo record of all regalia.  Her Excellency Guenievre du Dragon Vert has applied for the position, and was approved.
WEB minister posted the following items:
•         The updated text for the Marshal Administration Handbook.
•         The winners of Crown Tournament for Reign 27 were Sir Kaydian Bladebreaker, fighting for Mistress Cassandra Antonelli, defeating Sir Jean du MalChance fighting for Mistress Katerina Unru.
•         The forming group of Marshall, MN, has been added to the Northshield Web site.
The bid for SUN to be held the second weekend of November submitted by the shire of Coldedernhale was approved.
Spring Coronation agenda was discussed to include signing warrants and the Kingdom A&S Competition report(26 entrants with 28 entries (one triathlon)).
There were two 2nd weekend requests:
•         The Shire of Falcons Keep would like to hold an event, Poorman’s Pennsic, on the second weekend of August.  Request approved.
•         Nordskogen plans to have their Twelfth Night event on the second weekend of January in 2018. Request approved.
TRH Kadian and Cassandra  requested  royal travel funds to be used to travel to Midrealm Crown Tourney this coming weekend, May 28th.  Request approved.
Minutes submitted by Domina Berenice Calvina 5/30/17.

Posted by: Berenice Calvina Council Secretary (KLO) on 5/30/2017

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