Gabriel andvaka Kjotvason Gabriel andvaka Kjotvason

February 2009 Northwatch Missive


Winter continues to batter our lands, however We find that the hearts of Our people burn brighter for the challenge. We hope that this cold season has brought about a reason to try a new art or learn more about the history which permeates Our Society.

This month brings a momentous occasion—the Investiture of the Fourth Baron of Windhaven. Master Grimmund Blackwing will be invested on February 14 in the Barony of Windhaven. Also at this event, We will hold Our Tournament of Chivalry. During the fighting, Her Majesty will host a round table to discuss matters of chivalry. This is not only for fighters —all who are interested in chivalry and the philosophy of Peerage in general may attend.

Soon spring will break winter’s hold over the land and We will bring Northshield’s army south to the lands of Gleann Abhann. Those who have attended Gulf Wars can speak well of the quality and quantity of fighting, shopping, and Southern hospitality that grace this event. If you have not been able to make this journey, We encourage you to find a way to do so. It will be well worth your while! As We have stated previously, it would give Us great joy to see One Army on both fields of battle, and so we encourage all fighters to authorize in both rapier and heavy combat. Northshield brings one of the largest armies to Gulf Wars, and it would be truly impressive and inspiring to all to see Northshield’s collective might upon every battlefield.

Finally, We feel it most worthwhile to note that, throughout Our travels, We have seen joy on so many faces. We have also seen much of the teaching for which Northshield is known, and We have also witnessed great hospitality. It warms Our hearts to see these hallmarks of Our Kingdom going strong.

In service,

Æsa Drottning
 and Kitadate-tenno

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Posted by: Æsa Drottning and Kitadate-tenno Their Royal Majesties on 1/25/2009

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