Mehndi (henna) Mehndi (henna)

November 2008 Northwatch Missive


We enter a time of thanksgiving, for friends and loved ones, and of the bounties we have gathered and shared.

Speaking of bounties, the scribes of Northshield are well known for providing scroll blanks and supplies to other kingdoms in need. Our own stores, however, have been depleted and the Scribal Guild of Jararvellir has challenged all in Northshield to replenish our scroll blanks and scroll cases. This would be an excellent time to try a new activity and paint a scroll blank! Rumor has it that the last time this challenge was issued, the stack of cases was as tall as the Queen. This would be a mighty feat to repeat. The results of this challenge will be announced at Boar’s Head.

Later in this issue of the Northwatch you will find a change in Law that removes the membership requirement for combat activities.

Please note that Spring Coronation will take place on the first Saturday in April and not the second. Therefore, the second weekend is no longer reserved for Royal use and any who would like to make use of it may do so without asking permission.

As all are aware, We shall attend the upcoming Gulf Wars. To that end We make the following preparation. In the press of battle, all Our soldiers have need to know what place to muster, where to seek to be sheltered under Northshield’s shields, the places to press onward, and where to remove to after the battle. Thus do We declare that the banner of Northshield shall be flown at Gulf Wars for these purposes. Following is the manner of selection of the individuals who shall take the task of holding Our banner high.

There shall be selected by competition two individuals from among the ranks of those attending Gulf Wars. One of these shall carry the banner upon the armoured field, the other upon the rapier field. The time and place of these competitions will be announced at a later date. The points below appertain to either armoured or rapier combat.

There shall be 4 competitons for each position. In each competition, each competitor shall be ranked. The person with the highest aggregate rank shall be selected to carry the banner. The 4 competitions are:

1. A single-bout tournament, using any weapon form.

2. A single-bout tournament, using any weapon form, subject to the requirement that a banner must be held high during the bout.

3. A single-bout tournament, where the weapon form is army.

4. A test of heraldic knowledge, to consist of both putting name to emblazon, and blazon from name.

The responsibilities of the winners are as follows:

1.   The banner bearer shall participate in every war point battle.

2.   The banner bearer shall carry the banner for every war point battle.

3.   The banner bearer shall accompany the General to the various command meetings.

4.   The banner bearer shall be the first on the field, and shall secure a proper area for the army to muster.

5.   The banner bearer shall enter the field first with the General, to show with the banner the army’s starting position for the battle.

6.   The banner bearer shall protect the banner at all times.

7.   The banner bearer shall show with the banner the army’s gathering point during resurrection battles.

8.   The banner bearer shall remain as much as possible within the ranks of the army.

9.   The banner bearer shall especially listen for the Crown’s and General’s commands as to the placement of the banner.

10.       The banner bearer shall show with the banner a proper area for the army to gather after the battle.

11.       The banner bearer shall attend with the banner any Court which the Crown attends.

This is not an easy task. Banners and their bearers are often seen as prizes to be captured. They will be a symbol of all Northshield’s people. Think upon this, and where you might be most useful to the army before you enter this competition.

In service,

Kitadate-denka and Æsa

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Posted by: Æsa Drottning and Kitadate-tenno Their Royal Majesties on 11/1/2008

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