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Minutes from 10/11/2008 - Fall Crown Tournament



Neil Gilmore

King of Northshield

Æsa Drottning

Angie Gilmore

Queen of Northshield

Stephen du Bois

Stephen Ward

Prince of Northshield

Ailleanne ingen Faelin

Shannon Ward

Princess of Northshield

Katriona ni Chonarain

Katherine Kretchmar


Kim Sumi Choe

Karen Kacsmar


Tristan von Eisig

Darren Chermack

Earl Marshall

Osric of Fayrehope

Wayne Morris


Tarrach Alfson

David Horvath


Merideth niShionniach

Meredith Guilford

Polaris Herald

Aleksandr Vasilevych Lev

John Kowal


Caradoc Llew Du ap Morgan

Ross Quinn-Davis

Law Clerk

Marwen de la Rivere

Gretchen Burnham

Council Secretary


  1. Introductions of Officers to Their Highnesses
  2. Chirurgeon candidate
    1.  Kenric, currently Western Regional Chirurgeon.  Located in South Dakota.  Has previous Stallari experience as Chronicler.
    2. Possible to transition at Nordskogen Twelfth Night – this is an extension of AVL’s term to cover Domesday reporting
    3. Candidate and transition timing are approved by TRMs, pending approval from Society Chirurgeon
  3. Regalia Appraisals
    1. TRMs have had one crown appraised in order to include it on their homeowners insurance.  Appraised value is apx $6000.
    2. Cost of appraisal for a crown is $65 – 85.
    3. TRMs are asking for funding to have remaining crowns appraised, as well as reimburse the appraisal that was already completed.
    4. Proposal: Approve appraisal costs for Northshield crowns up to $600 total.  Proposal passed by vote of Stallari
    5. Suggestion to have thrones appraised.  Additional research needed to find the right type of appraiser.
  4. Law Changes
    1. Two non-substantive law changes are proposed
      1. Add “new” to territorial baron/ess reporting requirement
      2. Modify Court of Chivalry law, as several paragraphs are superseded by Corpora
    2. Stallari has agreed that these are non-substantive changes, and do not require a comment period
    3. Changes need to be read into court and published in the Northwatch.  TRMs will ensure that this occurs.
  5. TRMs asked the Chronicler to let local groups know that They prefer electronic copies of local newsletters.
  6. Chronicler officer succession
    1. There are possible candidates, not yet confirmed
    2. TRMs are considering breaking Northwatch Editor into a separate position from Chronicler.  Osric is open to continuing as Northwatch Editor if needed.
  7. website
    1. Working to clarify who makes decisions about what goes on the website.
    2. Should Stallari as a whole be responsible for prioritizing the work request for web work, especially regarding administrative functions being handled via the website?
    3. Public side of website is under the purview of the Chronicler and Web Minister.
    4. If there are specific administrative functions that are needed, Stallari members should consider helping to obtain technical resources.
    5. Seneschal is currently compiling a list of requests for web work.
  8. Awards Heraldry
    1. Several Northshield awards do not have names or badges approved by the Society College of Heralds.
    2. Polaris Herald has reserved time at Northshield Heraldic and Scribal Symposium to work with Northshield heralds on alternatives.
  9. Next Stallari meeting - TBD

Posted by: Marwen de la Rivere Council Secretary (KLO) on 10/11/2008

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