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Stallari Council minutes; Coronation, Shire of Korsvag, 4/8/17

Stallari Council minutes;  Coronation, Shire of Korsvag, 4/8/17.

Ministers Attending: Seneschal, Chancellor of the Exchequer, King, Queen, Polaris Herald, Arts & Sciences, Earl Marshal, Web, Chronicler
Also Attending:  Royal Secretary

Her Royal Majesty spoke about the creation of a Northshield Page program, aimed at encouraging participation and service of the Kingdom’s children.  The proposed program will introduce children to the basics of:  arts & sciences; heraldry, all areas of the fighting arts, and the duties of a page.  The head of the program will be under the jurisdiction of the minister of children.

A change to the marshal handbook was discussed regarding authorizations. More to come from the Earl Marshal later.

Stallari is exploring the possibility of omitting the two meeting requirement.

Minister of A&S reported on the Kingdom A&S Competition held in Hvitskogar 3/4/17:  There were 50 adults and 9 children in attendance.  There were 26 entrants with 28 entries (one Triathlon participant).  In the week before the event there were cancellations from 10 entrants (16 entries) and several judges mainly due to illness.  Feedback was very positive with many constructive ideas given for further improvements.

Discussion was held about the money that has accumulated from donations collected to pay for the official Northshield camp at foreign wars, primarily Pennsic.  More to come from the Exchequer.

Next meeting will possibly be at Warriors and Warlords.

Posted by Domina Berenice Calvina, Council Secretary, April 13, 2017

Posted by: Berenice Calvina Council Secretary (KLO) on 4/17/2017

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