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Minutes from 9/13/2008 - Coronation


Neil Gilmore
King of Northshield
Æsa Drottning
Angie Gilmore
Queen of Northshield
Katriona ni Chonarain
Katherine Kretchmar
Tristan von Eisig
Darren Chermack
Earl Marshal
Tarrach Alfson
David Horvath MOAS
Merideth niShionniach
Meredith Guilford
Polaris Herald
Caradoc Llew Du ap Morgan
Ross Quinn-Davis
Law Clerk
Marwen de la Rivere
Gretchen Burnham
Council Secretary


  1. Kingdom Event Policy
    1. We have been testing out a policy of allowing each new set of Heirs to select their own Coronation site.  This means that no Coronation bid was accepted until after Crown Tourney.
    2. This policy will not be carried forward – for most of the kingdom, this timeframe is too short to secure a site.
    3. Coronation will return to the regional rotation system, in order to ensure that people across the kingdom have a chance to see these important events.  Bids will be considered as far in advance as possible.
    4. May need to provide additional publicity about the Kingdom event financial policy so that smaller groups understand the benefits of hosting kingdom events.
    5. Possibility of asking the Prince and Princess to help find a decoronation site, in order to help keep the flow of kingdom event bids going.
  2. Bid for Spring 09 Coronation
    1. Bid received from Barony of Jararvellir for April 11, 2009
    2. Due to the several holidays in April, we will ask the event steward to try to move the date back to April 4, 2009.
    3. Event bid is accepted
  3. Spring 09 Crown Tournament – no bids yet received
  4. Kingdom Communications discussion
    1. Some confusions have occurred about the roles and interactions of Chronicler and Webminister, and how those roles are expected to work with other officers.  A teleconference was held in July with the web teams, the Royalty, and some of the Great Officers as a first step on this topic.  We are continuing to work on the issues.
    2. Over next few months, explore options for clarifying these critical communications roles
      1. Breaking apart Chronicler and Northwatch editor? – might allow Chronicler to focus on overall communication strategy, allow Northwatch editor to focus.
      2. Clarify how the Webminister fits into the picture
      3. Clarify how decisions regarding content and structure of are made
  5. Warrant Extension – Chirurgeon
    1. Aleksandr has requested an extension through the end of the Chirurgeon Domesday report, with a successor determined prior to that report. 
    2. List of applicants at Fall Crown Tournament
    3. Step down at Nordskogen Twelfth Night
    4. Conditionally approved, but will be reviewed at Fall Crown Tournament, along with list of applicants.
  6. Warrant Extension – Chronicler
    1. Originally scheduled to changeover in December 08, asking for an indefinite extension
    2. Due to the communications discussion mentioned above, the transition should go forward on the original timing.
  7. Introductions and Top Priorities
    1. His Majesty - Kitadate-Tenno
      1. Has a strong expectation that Great Officers work together as a team to understand and manage the impact of one office upon the others.
      2. May need to examine how decisions are made for, which may have an impact on chroniclers and webministers
      3. Move forward Northshield award names and badges heraldic submissions
    2. Her Majesty - Æsa
      1. Expect that Great Officers are key advisors – speak up if you know something that would add to the conversation!
      2. Not okay for officers to be isolated from one another
    3. Seneschal – Katriona
      1. Find a successor!  Will be stepping down within this reign (March 09)
      2. Revise/clean up handbooks and other misc. items
    4. Earl Marshal – Tristan
      1. Streamline website and reporting system
      2. Possible restructure/revision of youth combat guidelines (work with Youth Minister and Seneschal)
      3. Use new communications channels to get information out to the field – podcasts, newsletters, etc.  Reduce meetings at events
      4. May request an extension to May 09
    5. Polaris Herald – Meredith
      1. Get the awards heraldry passed!
      2. Finalize handbook
    6. Minister of Arts & Sciences - Tarrach
      1. Support upcoming A&S activities in a variety of formats
        1. A&S Throwdown
        2. A&S event
        3. Northshield University

Posted by: Marwen de la Rivere Council Secretary (KLO) on 9/17/2008

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