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Letter from the Northshield Pennsic Mayor

Greetings from Owen Alun

I'm the Northshield Pennsic camp mayor again this year.  We'll befollowing the same procedures as in previous years.

Pennsic 46 is: July 28 – August 13, 2017

Online registration deadline with the Coopers is JUNE 17th!  Please don'twait until the last day to register.

How to Register to Camp with Northshield for Pennsic 46:

Pre-registering for Pennsic is a two step process.

   1. Pre-register at the Pennsic event web site:

This registration is maintained by the staff at Cooper Lake Campground, thesite on which Pennsic War is held.

You will be asked for the group you wish to camp with:

Make sure you register for "Populace of Northshield" NOT"Kingdom of Northshield" unless you have specifically told youotherwise (by the King or Queen, or by the Northshield Mayor forPennsic).  The reason is that Kingdom gets a fixed land allotment, whilePopulace gets more space with every person who registers. Registering forPopulace gets us more space for our combined encampment.

Online registration deadline with the Coopers is JUNE 17th!

   2. Pre-register with the Northshield Mayor/land agent. There isa convenient online form at the following link:

This form will inform the Mayor when you plan on arriving, who you want tocamp with, how much space you require, what kind of tent you have, and otherinformation the Mayor will use in determining the camp layout.

Please note that space at Pennsic is limited. Please keep your encampment to200 sq ft per person camping with you.  If this creates a problem pleasecontact the mayor to discuss. 

If the web site is down, send an email to
Name (SCA and modern)
Pennsic Registration number from the Coopers web site
Group registered for (should be Populace of Northshield for most people)

Tent Size (without ropes)
Tent Size (with ropes)
Tent type:  Modern/Period
Is there an awning? (details)
Who do you want to camp with
When are you planning to arrive
Contact info (email and phone number)
Any other information that will be helpful to us in preparing for your arrival.

3. If you have any questions about camping with us at Pennsic please let meknow how I can help: (

4. Camp fees are the same as last year:  $10 per person/ $30family.  (This is used to cover tent rental, trailer storage, andincidental camp expenses).  The camp fees are payable when you arrive andset up your tent to the Camp Reeve.  This is separate from registrationwith the Coopers.

I look forward to seeing you in our home away from home!

Owen Alun
Mayor for the Northshield Encampments at Pennsic 46

Posted by: Owen Alun Royal Land Coordinator - Summer on 2/28/2017

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