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Minutes from 6-13-99 - Northshield Coronet

Stallari Meeting Minutes

June 13, 1999 - Northshield Coronet Tourney, Barony of Castel Rouge

In Attendance:

HRM Ragnvaldr Jonsson (Jon-Erik Jacobson), King of the Midrealm; HRM Arabella Silvermane (Lisa Jacobson), Queen of the Midrealm; HSH Alasdair MacFearghuis (Christopher Dark), Prince of Northshield; HSH Isabelle de la Montana (Kymberli Berg), Princess of Northshield; HE Sir Gaylen the Smiling (Ross Kerr), Lord Heir of Northshield; HE Mistress Kelinda Garrett (Jane Ann Kerr), Lady Heir of Northshield; Lady Guenievre du Dragonvert (Jennifer Carlson), Seneschal; Lady Moraig Drummond (Sarah Fowlston), Outgoi ng Polaris Herald; HL Richard Morgan of Cumberland (Richard Darnell), Incoming Polaris Herald; Sir Wulfgang von den Lowen (Frederick Jantz), Principality Earl Marshal; Lord Roger de Bar (Roger Martell), Chronicler; Mistress Elysabet de Warren (Libbet Proudfit), MOAS; Lady Sian verch Gruffydd (Amanda Whiteley), Chirurgeon; Lord Balthazar fitz Gryphon (Mark Weiland), Exchequer.

Lesser Officers in Attendance:

Lady Tatiana Marana Melville (Tonia Melville), Fundraising Co-coordinator; Lady Aldiana Dragonetti (Lori Martell), Interim Webminister and Risograph Co-coordinator; Mistress Margaret Malise (Melissa Vigil), Waterbearers' Guild Mistress.

Minutes taken by Lady Elaine du Beauchamp (Elizabeth Pemberton), Stallari Council Secretary.

The meeting was called to order at 12:30 AM.

I. April 10 Minutes

The minutes from the April Stallari meeting were approved with re-phrasing of a paragraph in the Marshal's report. Minutes will be modified and sent to the Interim Webminister for posting.

II. Their Royal Majesties

His Majesty Rangvaldr re-iterated the law change of the morning's court, which will be published in the Pale.

III. Their Serene Highnesses

His Highness Alasdair stated that he is pleased to see Stallari members and officers leading by example in matters of etiquette, courtesy, and protocol, and encourages the continuation of this trend.

IV. Their Excellencies the Heirs

They had nothing to discuss at this time.

V. Great Officers

  • A. Seneschal

    Lady Guenievre referred to her written report; no further action necessary at this time.
  • B. Exchequer

    Lord Balthazar distributed spreadsheets detailing current Northshield finances. Our assets are largely frozen in CD's at this time due to recent expenditures and rollover timing.
    • Fundraising Coordinator
      • Lady Tatiana referred to her written report. The Northshield Table is working very well; they have obtained and sold many kingdom and principality publications, as well as various subscriptions and directories, and office hours for Stallari are well-received.
      • Window Clings - The Griffin design is in the works. Discussion of producing Middle Kingdom clings as well. Cash situation prohibits doing both right now. Her Majesty Arabella suggested that the Midrealm could contribute to the production costs of the Midrealm clings for a share of the profit; this was seen as potentially complicated. It was suggested to run Midrealm clings now and use the profits for the run of the Griffin clings later this year. Lord Balthazar stated that if we wait to mov e on the risograph, we have enough cash to do this, counting incoming pavilion funds and the next CD rolling over in 2-3 months. Lady Aldiana and Lord Roger stated that the prices quoted will be held for us. His Highness Alasdair moved that we run 750 Midrealm clings and sell them at $5.00 each (larger size, better quality than current stickers selling at $4.00); Her Highness Isabelle seconded the motion and it passed.
      • Griffin Tabards - Very few of the originals are left. The tabards are free, and the approximately $400 outlay has been covered in the past by Principality funds and donations. Groups and households cold be solicited for financial help, but we don't wish to ask for money from individuals. Before, several people got the tabard "blanks" (unfinished printed fabric) and donated their time and materials to finish them. Then a designated person distributed them. This system could continue. Discuss ion of printing, distribution, finishing. His Highness Alasdair moved that we print 100 tabards; seconded by Her Highness Isabelle and passed.
  • C. Earl Marshal

    • Chief of Scouts - Lord Raoul de Boer (Andrew Barnes, Sioux Falls, SD) is the candidate. He is an authorized scouting marshal and reports consistently. Consensus is that he is approved for the position.
    • Minister of Tournaments -- Lady Katriona (Katherine Kretchmar, Minneapolis, MN) would like easels to post list trees, etc., for tournaments. Lord Balthazar volunteered to search for some at no cost.
  • D. Chronicler

    Lord Roger asked if we might review Webminister candidates via e-mail (sent to individuals, not entire Stallari list.) This idea was approved.
  • E. Minister of Arts and Sciences

    • Web page - The A&S web page is up and running. Please visit it and sign onto the artisans' list.
    • Newsletter -- The A&S newsletter, the Northstar, is out and will be for sale until it sells out. It will appear quarterly, perhaps more often if submission volume dictates. Subscriptions are available as well.
    • Successor -- Mistress Libbet is seeking candidates to be her successor.
  • F. Polaris Herald

    • Outgoing - Lady Moraig would like to finish one final task, and it is to register names for the Minnesota and Western deputy heralds. Her suggestions of Ironden and Bison respectively were generally approved.
    • Incoming - The Honorable Lord Richard is having problems with his e-mail, due to Compuserve errors; please send things to Lady Moraig to be forwarded to him until further notice. He also re-iterated his emphasis on heraldic education during his term.
  • F. Chirurgeon

    Lady Sian is beginning the search for a successor, with plans to pass on the office in approximately 1-1/2 years.

VI. Old Business

  • WW Auction
  • Lady Tatiana reported that the "Buy a Piece of History" auction theme was not well-received, so it is now just a plain silent auction, with Lord Berwyn Aethelbright (Bert Garwin, Grand Forks, ND) presiding. A tent has been reserved for the auction. The Stallari are encouraged to donate items for the auction.

VII. New Business

  • Waterbearers

    Mistress Margaret discussed the need for a dedicated shade structure for the waterbearers. Her Highness Isabelle will look into a possible source before further discussion on purchasing. Also, there has been a $200 donation to purchase Gatorade, pickles, raisins, etc.
  • Coronet Raffle

    Her Majesty Arabella asked what the raffle held at the tourney would benefit. The answer was that after any possible (though unlikely) event losses are covered, the proceeds will go to the Northshield general fund.
  • Next Meeting

    The next Stallari meeting will be at Warriors and Warlords on Sunday, July 11.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 AM.

Posted by: Elaine de Beauchamp Council Secretary (KLO) on 6/13/1999

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