Real men can wear anything they want (Duke Raito and THL Randall of Caer Anterth Mawr) Real men can wear anything they want (Duke Raito and THL Randall of Caer Anterth Mawr)

September 2008 Northwatch Missive


Our time upon the thrones is nigh and We shall be crowned in high Imperial Japanese style. We look forward to spending a weekend in beautiful Orlova Dolina, Our kind and generous hosts. The day will be filled with arts both martial and non, including Champions’ Tournaments to test the mettle of those who would represent Her Majesty upon the field. It will also include an outdoor harvest market to celebrate the season. We look forward to seeing many of Our people there. It pleases Us greatly that so many have decided to make appropriate Japanese clothing in celebration of the day.

We wish to thank Our predecessors, Lars II and Mary II, for their kindness and support as well as providing an excellent example and an inspiration for Us to follow. We wish their family joy and peace.

As usual, the summer war season has passed quickly, leaving behind memories to cherish and new plans for the fall and winter seasons. Much of Our war season was spent improving on activites and arts in which We have some experience, and We plan to continue to do so throughout our reign. Thus do We encourage others to do the same: continue to delve deeper in knowledge and improve skill in an area of interest. Make your armor just a little more period in appearance or use a more period technique to make clothing - the options are limitless. And, as is our wont in these great northern lands, teach others what you learn! Northshield’s wealth is in how much her people share with each other, especially kinship and knoweldge.

Ever in joyful service,
Kitadate-denka and Æsa
Prince and Princess of Northshield

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Posted by: Æsa Drottning and Kitadate-tenno Their Royal Highnesses on 8/24/2008

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