Chilled spectators Chilled spectators

March Missive

Unto the great populace of the Northshield do Hrodir Bek and Yehudah Khagan send these words.
The war drums sound in the south! Kingdoms rise and race to war. Great fires are lit and boasts made. Rise, Northshield! Rise and stride with us unto the field of glory. Win word fame and shape the stories told down the generations. Greet all the folk of the realms and show them what it is to be Northshield; blind them with our light and let them tremble.
As we head south we know our time here is not long. Our strong Heirs are almost ready. Their ships are almost visible on our waters. Come with us this last time and make the clouds ring with our fury so as we depart; we will still hear it echoing.

Yehudah Khagan and Hrodir Bek

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Posted by: Hrodir and Yehudah Their Royal Majesties on 2/14/2017

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