Reinholdt von Trollenhagen and Her Ladyship Spike, mascot of Jararvellir Reinholdt von Trollenhagen and Her Ladyship Spike, mascot of Jararvellir

Stallari Council minutes – 12th Night, Barony of Nordskogen, 1/7/17

Present:  Their Royal Majesties, Their Royal Highnesses, Seneschal, Eysteinn – incoming seneschal, Exchequer, Chronicler, Webminister, KEM, Duke Lars – incoming KEM, Laws Clerk. Margaret Fitzwilliam of Kent – sitting in for Polaris Herald.

Chronicler:  Christoforo Alfonso Pallavincino da Firenze was approved as the new Northwatch editor.

Minister of Arts & Sciences:  The A&S Kingdom Competition is to be held in the shire of Hvitskogar on Saturday 3/4/17.  There is a lot of interest in the beginner category.  At the time of this meeting there are about 24 entries.  

Exchequer:  The budget for the upcoming year was approved.
Discussion of revised financial policy.  Changes to be made: addition of  South Dakota sales tax information and a change in verbiage regarding site fees:  the words ‘non-member surcharge’ will be removed  and ‘Member discount’ will be added.  The final wording will be determined by the end of February.
Discussion of purchasing GoToMeeting software.  Several board members explained its potential use for training officers; they also pointed out advantages to this computer program as compared to Skype.  Exchequer will be the main administrator for software but it can be used by other offices for meetings.   Purchase approved.

Seneschal:  There are no bids yet for Fall events; the deadline is January 31, 2017.
Law change concerning Griffin of Northshield is approved; the law change will be read into court at Lupercalia.
Amytis de la Fontaine has applied for the post of Minister of Youth; the application is approved pending background check approval.  
A Helping Hands in the Community $500 grant has been approved for Society For Creative Anachronism Inc. The Allstate Foundation is proud to honor the community service of Employee Katherine Gavin-Ballanger.  This grant is intended to benefit your organization as operating support or program funding where the Allstate employees volunteers.  It will be used for Nordskogen thrown weapons fund.
The Board of Directors will be meeting in Nordskogen April 22, 2017.  Any interested members are encouraged to attend.  
The BOD is also asking for nominees to the financial committee.  Any future calls for nominees for BOD committees will be discussed in Stallari.   
Update on status of Inner Sea and Heorot Denu.
Late Period throne update:  Master Danr Ketilsmior & Duchess Petronella brought the new thrones to the meeting to discuss adding vented metal panels so retainers can see and speak to royalty. Danr explained how the decorative metal panels are made and will be installed.  Changes to thrones approved.
Web minister – Web pages for PayPal are almost finished.  
Polaris Herald position is open for applications until Crown 5/13/17. 
The next Stallari meeting is to be determined.
Posted by Domina Berenice Calvina 1/26/17.

Posted by: Berenice Calvina Council Secretary (KLO) on 1/27/2017

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