Karl von Frettchenburg Karl von Frettchenburg

January Missive

Greetings to Northshield!

If you're a new person, you may not be aware that we have a website. It's at http://northshield.org, and it has lots of neat functions — more information than you can shake a stick at, including at least four different ways to make a stick, directions about how to shake that stick, suggestions about where and when to shake the stick (and not to shake the stick), photos of other people shaking sticks, and reminders about what to do with the stick when you're finished with the shaking. Please, explore. Please, if you find anything wrong, let us know at support AT northshield DOT org.

Please, while you're there, fill out a user profile. We use these profiles to track people's accomplishments, offices, skills, and creations. If you see someone's name on the website you can click it to read about their persona (who they are in the SCA), what awards they have received, what offices they have held, what artwork they have created, what fighting styles they are authorized in, what articles they have written - basically, what makes that person cool. Because really, everybody's cool. We want you to be cool. Don't you want to be cool? Create a profile.

And again, if you have problems with creating a profile, can't retrieve your password (even with the 'forgot your password' button), are missing information, have too much information, want to hide information, want to reveal information — if you need us, we are there. Support AT northshield DOT org.

I (and some deputies) will also be at events with laptops for the specific purpose of helping you create profiles and help fix problems with existing profiles. Seek us out. (We're usually near the heraldic consultation tables.)

In service,

Obligatory "Website is down" message: "That's the last time we give the website to Mr. Dumpty to play with."

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Posted by: Abelard die Elster Kingdom Webminister (KLO) on 12/12/2016

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