Syr Tristan von Eisig Syr Tristan von Eisig

July 2008 Northwatch Missive


We are most honored to have the opportunity to serve Northshield again from the Stellar Thrones. As the summer war campaign reaches full speed, so shall We join Their Majesties and Our beloved kinsmen upon the field of combat. As much as We look forward to engaging our foes on the field, even more do We treasure those moments after battle is done, wherein we share the laughter and friendship that is the true fabric of our Society.

For those who engage in rapier combat, We recommend that you spend some time conversing with Vincent Palmer. He holds the Princess’ Sleeve and is indeed a most honorable, chivalrous and prow gentle.

Though as of this writing the location of Our Coronation is yet to be determined, rest assured that it will be a spectacle from the Japanese Imperial Court such as has not been seen within Northshield’s borders. It would bring Us great pleasure to see the populace create some Japanese clothing so that more may appreciate its comfort and style.

Because Our time as Heirs is short, we hereby open Our Crown Tournament to all gentles who meet the requirements as set forth in Corpora and Kingdom law.

The additional requirements for entry to Our Crown Tournament are as follows:

1. The participants shall have in Our and the Kingdom Seneschal’s hands prior to midnight, September 12th, a letter detailing their intent to participate, such letter to include names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. Email is acceptable. The responsibility for Our receipt of these letters rests solely upon the particpants.

2. All other information required by Kingdom law (photo ID, membership, Northwatch, and authorization card) must be provided on the day of the tournament. 

3. Each participant shall present to Us, during their introduction prior to the Tournament, some work by their own hand. Performance is allowed. 

The format of Our Crown Tournament is as follows:

1. The tournament shall be a standard double elimination tournament, save that each bracket shall be fought until there is a single combatant remaining, those two to meet in the finals.

2. The first round shall be seeded by challenge, the challengers drawn by token during the introduction prior to Crown.

3. All losses shall be forgiven just prior to the finals.

4. Each match shall be conducted as the best 2 of 3 bouts. In the first bout, the junior in precedence shall choose weapons. In the second bout, the senior in precedence shall choose. If there is a third bout, each shall choose their own weapons.

5. In all bouts save the finals, no weapon shall exceed a total of 6 feet.

6. The finals shall be fought to the best 2 of 3 bouts. As Our successor shall lead the army during the summer campaigns, the weapons shall be weapons of war. The first bout shall be fought with 9 foot spears. The second bout shall be fought with great weapons of any sort. The third bout, if necessary, shall be fought with weapon and shield.

In love and service,

Kitadate-denka and Æsa

Prince and Princess of Northshield

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Posted by: Æsa Drottning and Kitadate-tenno Their Royal Highnesses on 7/1/2008

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