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By the time you read this the first quarterly report deadline, April 1, will be upon us (or past). You will most likely have noticed that the new report form requests some additional information from you. In particular, I added a skills section so I could see what talents are available in our great Kingdom. I feel this will allow us a means to better help each other in the future.

I would also like to announce a new policy regarding advertisements and classifieds on recognized websites.

Northshield Classified Listing and Ad Policy

In accordance with current SCA Electronic Publication Policies, no recognized site may display banner ads or other types of advertising unless it is a requirement of the group’s ISP. Webministers should also be aware of the types of ads being displayed. If the ISP displays ad banners that are inappropriate (adult sites or sites promoting illegal activity for example), the Webminister should seek out alternate hosting.

Classified listings on a group site are permitted provided they do not promote personal gain for an individual member. A group may have listings for such things as ride sharing, crash space, and items or services being offered for free. The Webminister may also post information regarding fundraisers or items for sale by the group. Any advertisement or listing for items or services available for purchase or barter from an individual is strictly prohibited.
As always, if you have any questions, comments, of issues, please feel free to contact me.

In Service,

Other missives from the Kingdom Webminister
Posted by: Wulfric Ferreter Kingdom Webminister on 4/1/2005

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