Can you guess who this King of Bears is? (circa 1984) Can you guess who this King of Bears is? (circa 1984)

December Missive

Greetings from your friendly neighborhood Earl Marshal,

There has been some misunderstanding from more than a few kingdoms and their marshals that when an inspecting marshal passes gear, they are stating gear is safe and therefore taking on a personal liability for the use of the gear in its current condition. At the request of the Society Earl Marshal I would like to pass the following information on:

1. As a marshal, you are not ever being asked to approve or certify that anything is safe, or without risk. You are being asked to inspect to see whether the item (helmet, armor, weapon, how armor sits on the fighter, etc.) complies with our published standards or not. If it does, it may be used in our combat activities; otherwise it may not.
2. The purpose of our rules, standards and inspections is to make things “less unsafe,” reducing but not eliminating the chance of injury to those who participate.
3. Even with those efforts, standards, etc., all of our combat activities are dangerous to some degree.
4. Insofar as you are properly carrying out your duties as a marshal as described above, the Society carries liability insurance in case the corporation or its officers (of which you are one) are sued.
Armored combatants and armored marshals: You may have heard rumors that we will begin inspecting the interior of helms to ensure that they are meeting the standards laid out in our Kingdom Armored Combat Handbook (which has recently been updated, and is posted on the website). Beginning January 1, 2017, interior helm inspections will be a part of the armor inspection process prior to engaging in combat activities. Prior to January you may voluntarily ask an inspecting marshal to look at the inside of your helm if you wish to have a second opinion on the current system you are using for padding, and strapping of the helm.

Yours in service,
Ansila the Goth

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Posted by: Ansila the Goth Kingdom Earl Marshal on 11/17/2016

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