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December Missive

Greetings, Northshield!

I am extremely happy to announce that the materials for the 2017 Northshield Arts and Sciences Competition are now available! This is a long missive, but I have SO MANY TOYS for you, so please read through it.The newly revised Handbook and Judging Criteria Sheets as well as the competition and judging sign-ups are all available on a Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition page, located at:

You will notice a few changes, some major, some minor – but here are the highlights:
• There is now an Introductory Division for gentles who are unsure about the Kingdom A&S Process. You are eligible to enter this division if: the entry is one of your first five projects in an art form OR made within your first year of practicing that art or science OR it is your first entry in a Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition. Laurels, however, are not eligible for entry in this division. You MAY choose to enter the Open Division even if you are eligible for the Introductory Division. This division will only have ONE judge per entrant.
• There are now separate judging forms for Physical Items, Performances, and Research Papers. These three types of entries are sufficiently different from one another that using a single judging rubric was difficult to apply to all three types of entries. Some Kingdoms have only one judging rubric, others have literally dozens of rubrics – there are challenges with both sorts of systems, and I hope that this helps to strike an acceptable balance.
• There are limited allowances for using sources from after 1600 CE. The documentation for entries using sources from after 1600 must make a strong argument for relevance to the SCA or pre-17th-century Europe and any entry drawing significantly on sources from later than 1650 CE should be approved by the KMOAS before preregistration. See the handbook or contact Eithni for additional details.

Now, to the good part! How do you get to participate in this fantastic festival of geekery? The 2017 Northshield Kingdom A&S Competition will be held March 4th in the Shire of Hvitskogar. Details about the event itself are at the event webpage:

If you are interested in ENTERING Kingdom A&S, please fill out the official form on the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition page (see link above). The deadline for ENTERING the competitive divisions of the A&S Competition will be January 4th, 2017. Please contact me if you have any difficulties either with choosing a division or a category or any other questions about the Competition process.

In addition to entrants, the Competition also needs JUDGES. I highly encourage anyone who is entering or attending the Competition to consider judging as well. It is interesting and educational to see both sides of the table, and there is an option to sign up as a “student judge” if you feel you’ll need some direction. If you would like to sign up to JUDGE at Kingdom A&S, please fill out the form, also on the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition page.

Lastly, to help you with your research and documentation, I would like to remind you of the new section of my webpage available at: There are pages about how to do research, how to properly cite items, a documentation guideline and even a documentation template! (This is a resource I am actively developing, so if you have suggestions or comments, please contact me privately, I am excited to hear what people would like to see.) Please contact me with any questions or concerns — I am looking forward to having a most excellent Competition in the lovely Shire of Hvitskogar next March 4th!

Yours in Geeky Service,

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Posted by: Eithni ingen Talorgain Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences on 11/17/2016

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