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Stallari Meeting Minutes - Crown Tournament 10/8

Stallari Meeting Minutes – Crown Tournament, Anoka, MN 8 Oct 16

Present: TRM, Their royal highnesses Konrad and Aibhilin, Webminister, Laws Clerk, Polaris, Seneschal, incoming Seneschal Eysteinn, KEM,incoming KEM Duke Lars, MoAS,

Chronicler sends her regrets that she cannot attend.

Kingdom Earl Marshal – Lars will take on the responsibilities of the office of Kingdom Earl Marshal. Change over TBD.

Polaris – The old version of the Boke of Ceremonies has been removed from the website. It is acknowledged to be a living document and subject to amendment however the current version has been in use for some time as the official document and that will now be reflected online and in other relevant locations. The revised (Version 2) Boke of Ceremonies will be posted online.

Use of name discussion. Council in agreement that group names should be respected even while in honoured abeyance. Polaris to proceed with any necessary corrective actions.

Minister of Arts and Sciences – A proposed revision to the rules and scoring rubrics for A&S competitions will be sent to the council electronically for review and comment. In brief,changes to the document are to introduce a tiering system to create an introductory level of competition and to modify language and use of the word ‘division’ to clarify and refine discrete uses of the term, sometimes through synonyms. A third modification will now allow, with express permission of KMoAS, the use of resources and the creation of items that extend within the first half of the 17thcentury.

Seneschal –discussion of bids for Spring Coronation. All in favour of the Korsvag bid. Eilis to advise group and populace.

Discussion of the 2 bids for spring Crown carried over to email list to allow TRH to review and consult. Decision to be made by email vote.

Northwatch event ads policy change. The current timelines are quite challenging for the publishing group. To encourage better workflow and ensure that the Events Information Officer can have any questions or outstanding information includedin event ads the suggested change moves the deadline to the 15th of the month. All in favour.

The next Stallari council meeting will take place at 12th Night. 

Posted by: Kolbrunna Gisladottir on 10/17/2016

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