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Stallari E list compiled 1 Sep 16

Minutes from E-list 1 Jun – 1 Sep 2016 Compiled

Website items: at this time it is not a priority to address how the website updates membership information. This information is available to the Seneschal should any other office need to verify the dates/expires of memberships.

PayPal Policy for Kingdom of Northshield approved by Board of Directors. PayPal Deputy is currently Baroness Amalia St. Edmund with additional deputies being sought. Funding approved to seed the PayPal account based on required minimum holdings.

Updated Authorization form approved and posted on the Kingdom Website.

Northshield Financial Policy revisions approved by BoD.

Event Information Officer – Anplica has agreed to hold the Event Information Officer position until a permanent replacement can be found. Candidates discussed and Aesa in Bjardoelska selected as new EIO.

Seneschal candidates discussed. Council approves the appointment of Eysteinn meinfretr as successor to Eilis MacMaurice. Changeover date TBD.

Board of Directors meeting originally scheduled to conflict with Northshield Spring Coronation has now been rescheduled to 22 April 2017 beginning at 9 am and will take place at Embassy Suites Bloomington, 2800 American Boulevard West, Bloomington MN 55431. The populace are encouraged to attend if available.

TRM sought and were granted approval by the council to use travel dollars to attend Battlemoor.

The groups hosting the Fall Coronation (September 2016) have advised of a slight change to the funding structure to accommodate additional activities. Council approves addition of an outdoor archery range.

Meet the Stallari to be reprised at SUN. Participants TBD.

Rivenwood Tower has requested and been granted the use of the Royal weekend in February to hold Lupercalia.

Orlova Dolina has sought and been granted approval to use the name ‘Northshield’ in an event name. Northshield War Practice is not intended to be a kingdom event and permission is granted for the use of the name only.

Kingdom A&S event bids discussed. No decision reached by time of reporting.

Posted by: Kolbrunna Gisladottir on 9/2/2016

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