The joy is in playing the game The joy is in playing the game

September Missive

Thank you to those heralds who took a few moments to review last month's LoI and comment on it.
Your time and commentary are greatly appreciated. Commentary is an essential part of the submission process. Without feedback from the Northshield College of Heralds the decision falls solely to me. We have a very successful submission rate in Northshield because the commentary I receive allows me to help submitters to resolve issues with their names and/ or devices early in the process, assuring success once the submission goes on up the ladder.
SO, please take some time to review and comment and help out our submitters.
Mira Fastova

Other missives from the Keythong Herald (Submissions Deputy)
Posted by: Mira Fastova Keythong Herald (Submissions Deputy) on 8/17/2016

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