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August Missive

From Their Royal Majesties
Our time upon the Griffin thrones may be coming to a close, but we still have a flurry of events and activities coming up. August is a very busy month, with travel spanning our Kingdom and beyond.
We will be starting out in Æthelmearc at Pennsic for two weeks of classes, fighting, shopping and camaraderie. While we are off to War, our Heirs will be keeping the Kingdom safe and visiting a few events. Then we will be traveling back into Northshield to rejoin them and the rest of you for a day of pageantry at the Pas de Armes, hosted by the Canton of Blachemere in the lands of the Canton of Nordleigh, in the Barony of Nordskogen. After that, we will be in attendance at St. Radegund’s Faire, learning new things at the wonderful and peaceful location in Rivenwood Tower.
It is then off to visit our friends to the southwest. We will be attending Battlemoor in the Kingdom of the Outlands to help them celebrate their 30th year as a Kingdom. After all of that, I think the road weariness may start to catch up to us, we will be stopping in the College of Svatý Sebesta for the Coronation of our Heirs on the way back to our personal estates, to be part of this next moment of SCA history.
It has been a joy and pleasure to meet and get to know even more people from the Kingdom and the Known World. It has been an honor to be able to recognize many deserving gentles with awards
and serve this great Kingdom of Northshield. Thank you to all who have helped us and taken care of us. It is good to be Northshield.
Gwenhwyvar and Rhys

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Posted by: Rhys and Gwenhwyvar Their Royal Majesties on 7/14/2016

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