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Stallari Meeting Minutes - Warriors and Warlords 7/8

Stallari Meeting – Warriors and Warlords, 8 July 2016

Present:Their Royal Majesties, Their Royal Highnesses, Exchequer, Cy as signet, Webminister, Laws Clerk, KEM, MOAS, Chronicler, Seneschal

Regrets:Polaris Herald

The Tarkhan reports that the current draft of the boke of ceremonies is in current use consistently by the herald community and has been deemed an improvement on the previous version.

Webminister– The website is currently stable. Abelard relayed the challenging conversations with the provider and that the issue has now been resolved. The actions of the host however support an investigation of other hosting options. This investigation will begin shortly with the Webminister working closely with the Tarkhan in the near future to seek options. At present there is approximately$596 in the webpage fund. Options will be discussed including the possibility of moving to a dedicated server which may materially change the skills needs for future Webminister candidates and/or support team members.

The Middle Kingdom has recently rolled out a standalone fighter database model that they are willing to share with us. This will track information and provides the option of providing printable authorization cards. The Midrealm is sharing based on goodwill and the offer is greatly appreciated. Roll-out to follow.

Master of Defense icons and references have been updated on the website.

Kingdom Earl Marshal – the rapier handbook overhaul is nearly complete.  At this time, Cut and Thrust specifications are separate and it is intended that they remain so to facilitate future updates.

No major injuries have been reported in this quarter.

Currently no applicants for the position to replace Ansila however several have expressed interest and the deadline is at the end of the third quarter.

Chronicler– Medallion order is still pending. She has been having difficulty reaching the owner of Drachenstein Treasures to have him invoice for payment and delivery. Belle will send details of the proposed purchase to TRM who can then complete an in-person purchase at Pennsic for reimbursement.

Northwatch articles needed. Approximately 500 words in length though that limit is quite flexible.

There have been some ongoing challenges with receiving event information in a timely way for publication. Interim solution to have the Event Information Office email address point to the Chronicler until an acting appointment can be made and the position opened to applications.

Seneschal –Request for the second weekend in January for Noiregarde event. All in favour.

Discussion of candidates for Seneschal to replace Eilis. Resumes to be shared with the group and further discussion to take place via the e-list.

Event Information Officer – Due to ongoing challenges, the council is in favour of ending the tenure of the current incumbent and appointing an emergency deputy(Chronicler). An interim acting appointment may be made until the position can be advertised. A future discussion will take place regarding the reporting structure of this position to encourage the easy flow of information. Further investigation as to the reasoning to the current structure is needed before action. Seneschal to follow up with the individual(s) for a possible interim acting assignment for this position.

Exchequer –The financial policy revisions have been approved by the Board of Directors.

Paypal policy has been submitted for consideration. It is closely modeled on an existing model from Trimaris that has previously been approved. Related to this, an account is being created at US Bank to facilitate the funds transfer.  Amalia has agreed to be the current PayPal deputy and a team will be created to support this initiative once approval to proceed has been granted. Discussions surrounding additional needed policies on where and how to offer this service (website, international payments and mobile payment options) require additional discussion and will be held via the e-list and future meetings.

Some signatories on the accounts still in process though it is expected to be fully transferred in this quarter.

TRH – no official meeting at Coronation, there will be 15 minutes allotted to sign warrants. Next meeting date and location to be determined.

Posted by: Kolbrunna Gisladottir on 7/13/2016

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