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Minutes from 4-19-2008 - Coronation



Lars Wolfsblut

Mike Luthner

King of Northshield


Mary of Carrigart

Kate Luthner

Queen of Northshield


Katriona ni Chonarain

Katherine Kretchmar



Innokenti Rublyov called Kenya

Heather Cushing

Exchequer (Outgoing)


Kim Sumi Choe

Karen Kacsmar

Exchequer (Incoming)


Tristan von Eisig

Darren Chermack

Earl Marshall


Osric of Fayrehope

Wayne Morris



Tarrach Alfson

David Horvath



Aleksandr Vasilevych Lev

John Patrick Kowal



Caradoc Llew Du ap Morgan

Ross Quinn-Davis

Law Clerk


Marwen de la Rivere

Gretchen Burnham

Council Secretary





  1. Their Royal Majesties
    1. During Their Majesties reign, no decisions will be made without the responsible officer’s input
    2. While Their Majesties’ value the collected experience of the Stallari members, they are specifically asking each member to speak primarily for their own area of responsibility
    3. Possibilities for Order of Bridget’s Flame and Order of Tyr to do more order activities.
  2. Seneschal
    1. Pavilion Use Request for Border Skirmish Event – Approved
  3. Earl Marshal
    1. Handbook Revisions – Currently in process to revise handbooks to minimize information duplication between handbooks and to align with background check policy.
      1. Will separate boffer combat from armored combat
      2. Will clarify the status of 16-18 year olds (not “youth”)
  4. Chronicler
    1. Warrant Extension Request
      1. Currently due to changeover in December 08.  Would like to extend until Spring/Summer 09.
      2. Not currently in danger of burning out.  Would welcome the opportunity to serve longer in order to get the recent format change well-established.
      3. Not currently training anyone as a replacement.   Will be running an ad for interested parties in next Northwatch
      4. As term currently goes into the next reign, this will be returned to the agenda after Crown Tournament to determine the status for next reign.
    2. Northwatch Sponsorships – Currently have sponsorships lines up for the next six months.
  5. Chirurgeon
    1. Warrant Extension Request
      1. Currently due to changeover in Fall 08.  Requesting extension until Jan 09.
      2. Has currently added Regional Deputies.  Would like an additional reporting period to evaluate the possible candidates and their willingness to serve at Kingdom level.
      3. Holding more classes at events to get more volunteers (currently 31 warranted chirurgeons in Northshield)
      4. Warrant extension approved for the current reign.  This item will be returned to the agenda after Spring Crown Tournament to determine status for next reign. 


Posted by: Marwen de la Rivere Council Secretary (KLO) on 4/24/2008

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