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July Missive


The summer season is upon us and it is time to go a-Viking. Come, join us as we travel the lands of Northshield and the Knowne World. What do you get out of it? Word fame, friendships, stories that will last lifetimes.

Join us at Warriors and Warlords to visit with our Kinsmen, as we learn new skills and demonstrate the prowess of our Kingdom in all aspects. Then we travel to Pennsic, to spread the word fame of Northshield to the Knowne World. This year, the Griffin will be adding its sword, rapier and talents to the mighty army of the East Kingdom. We will return home to Northshield until we head west to Battlemoor to visit with our neighbors in the Outlands and help them celebrate 30 years as a Kingdom.

For those that the longboat isn’t up for that extensive of a travel plan, there are also a lot of smaller, but no less engaging, gatherings that will be happening here within our borders. We will be looking for you all there as well.

While we are out and about, our Heirs will also be traveling and visiting places that we are unable to attend. They are graciously aiding us by holding regency courts so that We may continue to honor and recognize our populace. Please take a moment to get your award recommendations in, as far in advance as possible, so our talented scribes will have time to create their works of art.

Gwenhwyvar and Rhys

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Posted by: Rhys and Gwenhwyvar Their Royal Majesties on 6/17/2016

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