TE Khadijah and Rodrigo de Montoya TE Khadijah and Rodrigo de Montoya

Stallari Minutes from Coronation 4/9

Present: TRM, Seneschal, Polaris, Webminister, Exchequer, KEM, Chronicler, Laws Clerk, Sefa- as outgoing Exchequer,  Marwen – Council Secretary Substitute 

Exchequer: Exchequer policy has been approved by society exchequer it has gone to the BOD will be voted on in 2 weeks. After it passes, need to print all changes in Northwatch. May require a special edition, may include in a laws issue. 
Discussion of new NMS language and possible policy adjustments that it might require.

TRMs and Herald: Need to adjust wording on a law - unnamed award, written as an augmentation. Recognition for group service. "Gems of Northshield".
Has been on the books since Hrodir and Anne II, needs to be adjusted.
Stallari determined the changes to be non-substantive, as it is required to comply with Society heraldic rules. Goal is to have revised wording prepared for July Stallari meeting.
Grant level award name is in registration process with College of Heralds.

Herald: Award names are working through College of Heralds with no issues so far.
Chronicler - list of themes for upcoming Northwatch in progress. Need to publish change to Non Member Surcharge language.

Webminister - Stallari list and website will be updated with new officers, Royals. Also working on fixing bugs.

KEM - Society is changing archery and thrown weapons handbooks. Need to make sure that language around minor participation is clear and does not become a Youth Activity.

Seneschal: Updates on group issues and TANG activity. Reporting has gone well. Starting the search for a successor. Thank you to Sefa for her hard work as exchequer.

Posted by: Elis Godbeare Kingdom Seneschal on 4/28/2016

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