Ihashi Hidezo (Pennsic 24) Ihashi Hidezo (Pennsic 24)

April Missive


First and Foremost, we must thank our generousand admirable predecessors, Toyaoka Katsuoand Æthelflæd. Their hard work and love forthis Kingdom shone through their every action.We are thankful they were there to help guide usduring our time as heirs.

As we are writing this, Coronation has not yethappened so we cannot yet release the list ofentrants in Our Crown Tournament in May.Please look to the Northshield website, theNorthshield Hall, and the Northshield Facebookpage for the names of those who would contendfor the Crown. It is shaping up to be a very goodtournament and we encourage everyone to comeattend and watch as our history is made and theroyal line of Northshield continues.

We are focusing on the Vendel and Viking age forour clothing and decor, but we encourage all tofollow their inspiration wherever and whenever itstrikes. We love to see people enjoying themselveswhile pursuing their interests and sharing themwith others. The joy of our Society is in thedifferences and the scope of our interests and howthey enrich us as a whole.

What inspires you in the Society? What have youfound that is new and interesting? We would liketo hear what you are looking forward to and whatyou are excited about for the upcoming season.

Though Spring has been temperamental, wehave high hopes of it being a glorious summerfor Northshield. We look forward to meetingwith our Kinsmen at events around here and theKnowne World. As the schedule is still takingshape, please check the Northshield calendar orcontact our Chamberlains if you have questionsabout our planned attendance.

Rhys and Gwenhwyvar

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Posted by: Rhys and Gwenhwyvar Their Royal Majesties on 4/11/2016

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