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April Missive

Hello, Northshield! As the weather is getting warmer ::looks outside at falling snow:: it brings us into war season. A few short weeks Gulf Wars will be upon us and many of you will be on the road to fight alongside friends and reconnect with ones you have not seen since last year. (Editor's note: This was obviously written in early March.)

In prepping for your trip, I please ask that you check your cards to make sure that everything is up-to-date. If you have a .pdf version, please print it, sign it, and take it with you. There have been cases where just simply showing your Northshield profile has worked as proof of authorizations but please keep in mind that not all list tables and Kingdoms are the same. As of today, there is no rule set in place stating that all Kingdoms within the Society have moved to online proof of authorizations making paper cards invalid. So please, cover your bases and print off your.pdf card and bring it with you. The purpose of the .pdf card is to make it easier for you to get a replacement quickly if you were to misplace, accidentally wash, or wear out your card. Insteadof having to wait for days or weeks for a newone to be sent to you through USPS, you couldsimply print it at home from your computer. Thecard still states that, in order for it to be a validform of proof, you need to have it printed andsigned. Digital signatures are not yet an approvedform of signature by the Society, but please knowthat this option has been brought to the attentionof myself and Ansila and it is certainly underconsideration as an option in the future. But thatis something that will take some time. So again,please, print off your .pdf card so you can sign itand take it with you to war.

If you look and see that your card is not up-todate,please contact me with the pertinentinformation and the corrections can be made.The information needed to update your card orprofile are these:
• Photo of your current authorization card (ifavailable).
• Authorization paperwork.
• The name of the local group you live in/participate with. (This is so I can quicklylook up whether or not you have a newlysigned waiver on file.)

I plan on being at Ides of March this weekend andat Coronation in a few weeks. I will have my laptop with me and be set up to help those who needto update their authorizations or get a completelynew card.

Thank you.

In Service,

Gaia Aurelia

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Posted by: Gaia Aurelia Clerk of the Roster on 3/14/2016

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