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April Missive

Greetings, from your friendly neighborhood EarlMarshal—

Currently there seems to be confusion on the needto present your authorization cards to the list tableprior to fighting. In the past we have allowed forauthorized combat without an authorization cardin the fighter's possession to be vouched for bya warranted marshal. Concerns over this practicewere brought to my office, and I myself had togo re-read the Society Governing Documents toclarify if this practice is allowed.

Per the Society Governing Documents:IX.A.6.

A Combat Authorization Card shall be issuedto each authorized participant in a SocietyCombat-Related Activity. This card shall bepresented to the Lists Official at a Societyevent to register for such activities and shallestablish that the person is authorized. Thiscard must be shown to any marshal or listsofficial upon request. The Society Marshalshall establish procedures for the notificationand registration of authorizations and theissuance of the Combat Authorization Cards.

My interpretation of the above rule is that ourcurrent practice of allowing marshals to vouch forother combatants who do not have a card withthem is in conflict with Society. This needs to enduntil further notice. I will clarify my interpretationwith the Society Marshal in my next report.

If you do not have your authorization cardon you at an event, you will need to either notparticipate in combat activities or perform aquick re-authorization to provide you with the"temporary authorization card" until you caneither locate your card or request a replacementcard (digital) from the Clerk of the Roster.

A re-authorization should include a round foreach weapon style you wish to participate withand are previously authorized in.

Regarding reporting to the list table: It is upto each fighter to ensure that they report tothe list table. If you have a copy of your digitalauthorization card in your possession this may beused in place of a signed paper card provided thatyou sign a waiver at the list table.

Any questions or concerns can be sent to me atkem@northshield.org.

Yours in service,

Ansila the Goth

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Posted by: Ansila the Goth Kingdom Earl Marshal on 3/14/2016

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